Phir Subah Hogi 15th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 15th March 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 15th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Vickram at the Khota in deep thought. Amma brings tea for him and ask what he is thinking about, she tells him how come he married Chubuuli knowing she is already married, he says at the time he did that to stop people from pointing fingers and humiliating her, and after he did fill her Mang no one deared look at her. Amma says what will happen when she remembers. She says that right now chubuili is happy, as she sees in her eyes her dreams of a marriage and her family as she thinks she is getting married but what will happen when she gains her memory. Vickram says he is thinking the same, but what to do. He says that of all the hurt and pain he gave her , all he wants now is for her to be happy even if that means laying down his life for her. Amma says well let’s not think about tommorw , but do what will make her happy now. We will commit two sins in the name of love, you will marry her, with all the celebrations and I will give her away. And when she regains her memory we will deal with it when the time comes . For now we will keep Chulbuli happy.

Aama starts Shoutiing for Bunty as Chubuli awakes and Aama brings her tea, Bunty comes to the room and Amma tells him there is alot of work to do as today is Chubuli’s Mehendi ceremony. Chulbuli happily huggs amma and says Amma looks more happy than her. Amma says all she wants is for Chubuli to be happy. Vickram is at the door as Chulbuli sees him and smiles happyli, he smiles back a bit sadly..

At the temple Suman’s look alike is , dressed as Suman and Reva asks her if she is ready for the role. She saysshe is Reva tells her to go in the temple befor Suman gets there. Just as she is walking up the Real Suman comes with Maa Thakur. Fake Suman thinks to herself if she is doing the right thing she has no enimity with this woman, but she did see how every one is afraid of her. She thinks why should I get involved. She is about to leave when Reva Stops her and ask what happend. Fake Suman says let me go I can’t do this. reva tells her fine she will fine some one who can act better , because Obviouslt you can’t . fake suman ego gets hurts and says she can do it. She goes in the temple.

Amma is busy preparing for the mehindi , while Bunty is watching TV , they promote Dastan. Later in the eveing every one is dancing and two laadies comment that this is the first time they see Aama dancing for her daughters happiness, and 1st time they will witness the wedding of a Khota Vali.

Reva stops the real Suman and says the Pundit says she sould wait outside for 5 minutes. Reluctantly Suman agrees, In the trmple Fake Suman says it is false news that she will perform the Maha Shivratri Puja , as that right belongs to Godahvari (MT) . Maa thakur sits to do the puja and thinks it is a sign that all will go well from now on. Reva spots Real Suman coming and sends fake Suman away , telling her that was the end of the scene. Suman sees MT doing the puja but stays quite when the Pundit praises her for clearing up the false news , about her perfroming the puja.

NO Precap : Promo of PR.1000 epi.

Update Credit to: Vinnie79

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