Pavitra Rishta 15th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 15th March 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 15th March 2013 Written Update

The epi starts wid purvi. She s tensed abt onir’s situation. Onir asks her 2calm down. Purvi says dat she’ll inform d whole family abt baby swap. But onir stops her.. He den asks 2hav dinner n he’ll get. Onir gets d dinner.. Purvi feeds onir n he too feeds her. Next scene manjusha brings ruchi’s laptop. Punni checks d cd. But it s company’s cd. At last she ll play 1cd. It s above to play when mital calls her n asks her abt d cd’s. She says it’s wid her. He asks her 2cum soon. She rushes out.

Next scene shifts 2hospital where manav s recallin abt how mital was accusin onir. He says 2archana dat he trusts onir. He says dat i’m alone in dis situation.
Next purvi s goes 2ovi’s room slowly n takes off d baby. Whil she goes she hits a toy which was in d floor which makes sound n ovi s awake 4m it. Ovi asks purvi 2giv pari back 2her. But purvi says dat its her baby n she ll never give her. Ovi begs her. Ovi screams out. Den she realises it was a dream. She finds d baby s not der. She rushes out. Arjun calms her meanwhil teju cums in wid pari. She goes 2pari.

Mital s waitin 4ru punni. She cums. Mital scolds her 4takin cd widout informin him. He says dat he gave keys only 2take money n nothin els. She says dat she thought it was songs cd n she took it. He says der s a proof against onir in dis. Punni s shocked. He moves in takin d cd. Its morn now. Onir s gettin ready 2go 2court. Purvi says dat she’ll also cum but onir says dont cum. He ll manage alone. But purvi says 2onir dat u supported me in all my difficulties, so i cant leav u alone now. She says him dat v’ll fight together 4d justice. Onir agrees. Sulo cums in d middle wid sugar. She feeds onir n says dat god s wid him.

Next scene s in d court. Every1 of d family s der. Mital’s lawyer says dat onir s involved in organ smuglin n he also says dat if onir makes a mistake he hides it very carefully by swappin d babies. He says dat he have a proof against it. Kundan gives d cd. He plays it. Onir s tensed as well purvi. A bollywood song s playin in d cd n mital s shocked while all d family members r happy. Judge accuses lawyer 4wastin d valuable time of d court by dis nonsens. Mital’s lawyer says sorry n asks 4sum time. Judge gives 2days of time. All r extremely happy. Punni thinks 2herself how dis happened. While mital s above 2go arjun cums on his way n taunts him. Manav hugs onir. Purvi and onir r walkin outside of court. Purvi says how did d cd got exchanged. Onir says dat he did it.

Epi ends.

Pre Cap: Sulo & Purvi is talking about PR 1000 episode.

Update Credit to: Anu

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