Amrit Manthan 15th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 15th March 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 15th March 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Agam and Nimrit praying , Nimrit turns and she see agam , she become angry and was leaving . agam stopped her and said that i want to talk to you , nimrit did not listened to him and said that at least honor this place ,i don’t want any fight now , and she lefted .

Gurbani and Jyoti were sitting , Jyoti said that uncle had not come yet so Bani said that i know the uncle is a very good good uncle … vishal and yug were watching all this , vishal said to yug that agam was right these kids are so innocent , so yug said oh , not you , this all is nimrit’s plan , vishal said anyways but i am going to cal nimrit now and tell her everything ,.
Nimrit was talking with tej in phone and told him as soon she’ll finish her work she’ll pick up kids from their friend’s house . after that vishal call nimrit and told everything that what bani and jojo are doing . nimrit got shocked and angry too …

agam comes home he gets out of his car he was walking while he saw bani and jojo , he went to them . they both were sitting and sleeping , agam wakes them up and said you have not go yet , so bani said that uncle untill you will not promise us we will not go , so agam said to himself that yug lied to me , he shout and called yug , yug come he said to yug that why did you lied to me , so he said that i thought i can handle those kids , but they are soo … while jojo asked bani that didi can i drink water now , agam heard this and went to his car took out the water and went to them , he said to drink water but bani refused and said but first you have to promise me , so agam at last promised them , then he fed water to both of them ,

he told the girls to come with him in the home , while a car comes in the house , nimrit came out , the kids became scared and hid behind agam , nimrit came and ordered the kids to come out , she scolds them alots

after that agam and nimrit went to the house she told agam that you knew that and you did not told me , so he said in the mandip i was trying to tell you this but you did not hear to me , so she said only and only because of you , my kids today lied to me , so agam said oh don’t be so curious over all this was your plan , so nimrit said that you don’t have any respect for any one , you don’t know any relatuions you don’t have feeling you have not loved a person , agam kept his hand on nimrit’s mouth and quite her , and said not a word ow , he said what do you thing don’t i have feeling , don’t i respect relations hav’nt loved a person .. hh .. i loved but what did i get inspite of all this ,? only cheating , nimrit left .

Agam was sitting he smelt nimrit’s smell in his hand , he told yug this , and went to wash his hands , after he leave yug said to himself about agam that i will do this and that , i will take revenge ,

Agam was washing his hands at the same time nimrit was washing too , they both dry their hands , go to sleep , both could not sleep and went to see the star …
Bani was not eating food and said when mama will eat then i will eat , Nimrit comes and bani said that mama i am sorry nimrit hugs her and then bani took out two smiley faces one was sad and other was happy , and promised her will not do any such thing

Morning scene : Nimrit go to agency man , and while a man was discussing about sehgal family restaurant , nimrit said this restaurant was been about to closed so he said no , agam comes to know he go to the man and said i don’t want to build any restaurant , and when he was turning he saw nimrit and nimrit too saw him

Precap : Agam and nimrit were in mandir and were praying , agam turns and see a snake coming in nimrit’s way …

Update Credit to: Mehak

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