Peshwa Bajirao 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Peshwa Bajirao 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Khaas telling Balaji that baji is following his order and haven’t lifted sword. He says I feel that obedience is not good sometime. Balaji says Baji have risked his life and have forgotten that he is a helper here and not soldier. Baji fights with Pale Khan without touching the sword. Pale Khan says you can’t attack weapon less man. Baji says I am alone enough for you. Malhar comes and hits on his chest. Baji gives sword to a soldier. They recall Pale khan beating and torturing the people of Daulatabad. The soldier cuts Pale khan’s hand. Naser is angry and asks his soldiers to kill his own soldiers who got defeated from marathis. They fire arrow and kills their own soldiers. Baji is shocked and says they are not hesitant to kill their own people, this is not bravery, but cruelty. Baji tells Malhar that Qamer Uddin and Naser will send their big team and then we will work on our plan. Qamer Uddin says his sena will be divided into two. Balaji says one team will fight with us and other team will attack on us from back side. Khaas says our trishulvuy plan will not work.

Balaji says we have just strength now. Malhar tells Baji that their plan can destroy only 1 team now. Baji says we will try our best. Khaas says I wish we would have agreed to Baji and thought of unique plan. He looks for Baji and says he is not here. Balaji worries. Khaas says I will go and search him. Balaji refuses to Khaas go and says Baji has ignored my orders.

Radha prays to Goddess and asks her to give double strength to Baji and says until my son returns safely, I will not have water and food. She hears a woman asking other to remove her mangalsutra and sindoor and tells Radha that their husbands will not return back from war. Naser smiles and says Balaji’s son have escaped from the war.

Just then everyone see Baji on a bull and wonders what he is going to do now. Balaji says what Baji and Malhar are going to do. Radha tells that nothing is impossible and tells that Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had defeated even big teams and tells that if Tara Rani Saheb have broken her relation with this land after her husband’s death then we would have been in Mughals rule. She tells that she has faith that they will win, and says jai bhavani. Others say jai shivaji. Radha smiles.

Kam Baksh comes to is kaneez. She asks what do you want? He stares her and says I want you. Later he wears his clothes and says you might haven’t thought that you will get me, and asks her to make Aurangzeb have poison. He says after his death, I will become king and you will become my khaas bandi/special servant. She says I can’t do this, if I get caught then he will kill me. Kam Baksh threatens to kill her. She agrees. Khaas says what Baji is going to do? Balaji wishes that Baji’s trick shall defeat Mughals and not them. Baji shows the red cloth to Bull and plays shank. Qamer Uddin thinks what marathis are going to do. They see many bulls coming towards their team. Mughal man thinks how to back off, if we move forward then Naser will kill us, else these bulls will ran over us. A fb is shown, Baji plans to use the barood/gun powder which he had stolen from Naser’s vehicle and says we will bury it in the land and if anyone steps on it, they will die. His friend asks how we will take Mughals near there. Baji hears someone saying Chaupayi and tells that they shall take bulls’ help.

Baji is riding on the bull and tries to destroy Qamer Uddin’s one team without using his sword. The bull ran over the Mughals’ soldiers. Baji falls down from the bull. He somehow gets up and plans shank again. Malhar is ready with fire arrow and releases the arrow. Qamer uddin is shocked to see half of his soldiers dying. Naser says our half soldiers die with our own barood. Baji comes victoriously. Har har mahadev plays. Naser is angry.

Balaji tells Baji that now he is not a sevak, but rakshak of the matrabhoomi and asks him to fight in war, and also ties the band on his arm. Qamer Uddin asks his other team to kill all marathis. Baji fights with mughals using his sword.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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