ISHKARA and shivika a new story of ishqbaaaz – EPILOGUE PART 2

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Thank u so much guys for ur comments plz do comment on this part as tht will be my parting gift by u all

Part 2

The Obros along with their wives go back to oberoi mansion where they all r welcomed with open hearts and performed all rituals the day ended for the elders but for youngsters it was party tym they drank and partied hard and again consummated their marriage

Two years later …

At singhaniya industries head office

Ishana was sitting in her black formal bodycon dress in her cabin getting bored
Ishu- when will om come back from hia business trip I’m missing him like hell and getting bored without in this office
Om calls
Om- looks like someone is missing me like hell and us also getting bored in that office without me right ishu wifey
Ishu- how did u know om hubby
Om- because i love u i can even read ur thoughts even if I’m away from u
Ishu- ok leave tht where r u
Om- guess it wifey
She hears some voice behind him
Ishu- I’m coming to my hubby right now

And ran out shivika and rumya saw this along with veeka
All- looks like lovebirds were missing each other very much

Two crying voices are heard
Veeka- Vikram beta why r u crying mom dad r here na
Shivika- awww wht happened to anshu baba
(I think u all guessed it )

Anika picks up ansh
Shivay shouts- anika put down ansh right now see ur condition ur 8 months pregnant and picking up ansh can harm our unborn ishita put him down at once
Veer- our u serious shivay u guys r naming ur second baby after our mother
Shivay- it was anika s wish
Veeka rumya- but wht if it is a boy
Shivay- then his name will be Aakash
Veersumani hv tears but they quickly wipe it off

Ishana reached the lawn of head office
She sees om
Ishu shouts – om
He turns and they voth rum towards each other
Om picks up ishana and revolves her and then hugs her sge smiles and laughs both r happy
Ishkara- i missed u
Both kiss
Ishkara- i love u
And hug each other

2 months later
Ishana comes back to oberoi everyone see her
All- arrey ishana u came plz help us with ishitas naamkaran ceremony
Ishu remembered the day when Ishita was born and how om was nervous as he was going to hold a newly born for the first tym and shivay was smiling happily but was nervous and scared for both his wife ans his unborn baby but ishu helped anika in delivering ishita and everyone was happy by hearing her cries and when she brought ishita out in her arms on was scared then shivay took ishita and shushed her and gave her to om who was crying with happiness
Om- i was never there when rudra or prinku or even ansh was born but i promise my angle tht i her chachu will protect her from everyone including her father
Everyone chuckles

Fb over

Ishu- everyone tell me where is om
All- at the pool side on a call
She goes to pool side
Ishu- om
He turns at once and cuts the call
Om- ishu is everything alright wht were reports u were not keeping well i am scared tell me na
Ishu- om shhh
She takes his hand she has tears and om is scared she makes him touch her stomach he feels something and is shocked
Om- ishu is this true
Ishu nods in yes
He cries happily with her and lifts her
Om- omg ishu we r going to be parents u will be a mother and i a father I’m so scared and nervous but we will break this news at once to the family
They tell everyone tht ishu is pregnant veeka and rrathores r happy and bless her

3 months later …
Ishkara go for sonography and it is revealed that ishu is carrying twins they both hv tears if happiness and when they return back they inform the family who r now very excited

4 months later…
Ishus water breaks and she screams om rushes to hospital she delivered a boy and a girl
Om went to her room and took both his babies she smiles
Om- our daughters name will be ishika ishana s ishi and omkaras ka
She smiles
Om- and our sons name will be Akash
She has tears and hugs him family enters and they all tease rumya and khanna clicks a family pic with shivika ansh ishita veeka vikram rumya ishkara akash ishika rathores ans rest of the oberois

The end ( a happy one)

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  1. Alekhika20

    Beautiful epilogue

  2. Beautiful Epilogue….Its Best

  3. Pratha

    Ishu I’m gonna miss u yaar, ur writings, every moment of ours, jokes, comments, emotional talk everything..
    The epilogue was amazing but I think so by mistake u delivered Ishkaras baby in 7 months, yes I no it can be possible they can be premature but no problem…

    U just tell me when u r going to be back again with d lovely ISHKARA story as ur name says which I’m gonna miss “ISHANA OMKARA KI WIFE”


    BYE BYE ? ?

    1. Ishanaomkarakiwife

      Even i will miss u pratha our talks on ishkara will be missed and about my returning it will happen exactly 1 year later

      1. Pratha

        Why???? 1 year

  4. Niriha


  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is best one dear sweetie…. Come soon.. I am missing you…

  6. Beautiful epilogue… Superb..

  7. Ishanaomkarakiwife

    pratha i will be back after 1 year because i hv to study but dont worry u wont even know when this 1 year will fly and then we wil meet again n my another ff on our very own

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