Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (Continuation FF) Episode 194 (1st December’s Episode) (44th of this FF)

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Episode No: 194
Episode Date: 1st December 2016

Scene 1: Hospital
The episode begins with Shravan, Suman Nirmala and Kamini coming to the hospital after Aditya drops them there. They see Pushkar standing there tensed. Shravan comes to him.

Shravan: Chotte, don’t worry?

Pushkar hugs Shravan.

Pushkar: Bhaia, Preeti will be fine right.

Shravan: Of course she will be fine.

Everyone is worried and waiting at the hospital. Suman is worried.

Nirmala: Suman beta, don’t worry, sit down.

The entire Tiwari family are also there.

Mamiji: Preeti? I hope my child is fine.

Kamini: Preeti beta?

Pushkar: She has been taken inside.

Mamiji gets worried.

Later, the doctor comes. Pushkar rushes to the doctor.

Pushkar: Doctor?

Doctor: Congratulations, it’s a baby boy! You can meet your wife and son.

Everyone gets happy. Suman smiles. Shravan hugs Pushkar.

Shravan: I am happy for you.

Suman congratulates,

Sumo: Congratulations, Monkey for baby Monkey.

Pushkar: You don’t dare call my son a monkey.

Sumo: Yes, yes.

Pushkar goes in and Suman smiles.

Scene 2: Preeti’s cabin
Preeti is shown happy as she is carrying her baby in her arm. The baby is crying.

Pushkar gets emotional seeing this.

Preeti: Pushkar, our baby!

Pushkar: Yes our son, looks like our son have went on you!

Preeti smiles.

Preeti: See your champ is here , now speak as much as you want to.

Pushkar takes his baby in his arms and plays with him. The baby cries.

Pushkar: What Preeti our baby turned out to be a cry baby.

Just then everyone comes in,

Kamini takes the baby in her arms.

Kamini: My cute grandson!

Kamini carasses Pushkar’s face.

Kamini: Now my son have become a father,

And she pulls Pushkar’s ear.

Pushkar: Mom! Ouch! Leave my ear!

Kamini: Don’t you dare call my grandson a crybaby!

Preeti also hits Pushkar.

Preeti: Yes Pushkar! I agree with Mummyji.

Pushkar: Baby, now you already have your grandmother and mother on your side. I see!

Sumo: I am also on his side.

Pushkar: That’s good everyone is on his side already!

Lalaji comes and takes the baby in his arms.

Lalaji: I am your grandfather.

Vandy: Such a cute baby!

Vandy takes picture of the baby.

Vandy: I will post it in social media right now.

Pushkar: Okay before deciding, someone can stop him crying.

Everyone takes the baby and tries to make him stop crying. But the baby doesn’t stop crying. Mamaji, Mamiji takes the baby in their arms but he still doesn’t stop crying.

Suman takes the baby in her arms and tries to stop him crying.

Sumo: Areh my baby, I am your Mausi here.

Shravan: And I am your Bade Papa.

Sumo: Pushkar’s son this is your Mausa and also I am your Bade Maa too. You can call us whatever you want to.

Pushkar: What Sumo, just now you were teasing my son and now totally opposite.

The baby is still crying. Suman is making faces and uses her bangle to stop him crying. The baby finally stops crying and smiles.

Preeti: Dii, you have made my baby quiet. Looks like my son will be bonding with his Mausi.

Sumo: Obviously!

Preeti: Then when your baby comes, you no need to worry.

Sumo: Preeti, is nothing like that. And your baby looks like he went completely on you.

Pushkar: For the first time, you said the right thing Sumo!

Sumo: I know right.

Preeti: What are you both trying to say?

Pushkar: Nothing.

Sumo: Don’t be so scared Pushkar, we are trying to say that baby will be just cute like you. Right Pushkar?

Preeti: That is true. After all I am very cute.

Shravan smiles and nods seeing all these.

Pushkar pulls Preeti’s cheek.

Pushkar: After all PrettyPreeti you are so cute.

Preeti: Ouch Pushkar it hurts when you pull right that.

Pushkar: That’s how I feel when you always pull my cheek.

Preeti: Aww Pushkar.

Pushkar kisses Preeti.

Sumo: Both of you see who are you romancing infront of, your baby is here and you both are impossible!

Pushkar: Now here she goes, Kabab Mein Haddi.

Sumo: Yes, yes whatever. But there should be some privacy while romancing also.

Preeti: Pushkar? See!

Suman feels a bit pain, and she keeps the baby in the cot.

Sumo: Baby, Mausi will come later, okay.

Scene 3: Hospital
Suman is drinking water, and Shravan comes. The Tiwaris are playing with the baby.

Shravan: Sumo,  we should leave now.

Sumo: Shravan, can we please stay back at Malhotra Residence. Now Pushkar and Preeti’s baby also came! I want to spend some time with the baby.

Shravan: Sumo, we will come to the hospital daily and after Preeti gets discharged sometimes. And anyways we are still here for a few days.

Sumo: Shravan, please

Shravan: Sumo, you know my answer very well.

Suman unwillingly agrees.

Shravan: Let’s go.

As Suman is about to get up, she holds her belly as she feels pain, and she holds Shravan’s hand and closes her eyes.

Sumo: Shravan? Ouch?

Shravan sits down and gets shocked.

Shravan: Sumo!

Sumo: It’s paining. Ahh! Ahhhhhhhhh!

Shravan: Sumo, relax. Let me ask the doctor. Don’t worry.

The doctor checks Suman.

Doctor: Mrs.Malhotra how many weeks is it?

Sumo: Doctor, it’s the 10th week.

The doctor asks her more questions, and then comes out.

Shravan: Doctor, is everything fine?

Doctor: Don’t worry Mr.Malhotra these pains are really common in pregnancy. That’s why Suman had some pain.

Shravan: There is nothing to worry about right?

Doctor: There isn’t anything to worry about, but yes you must keep your wife happy and stress-free, even happy at the smallest of reason. It will be better, as she has some complications in her pregnancy.

Shravan gets worried.

Shravan: Complications?

Doctor: It’s not some serious complications, it’s just a minor one and don’t worry. If she hale and hearty then everything will be completely fine.

Shravan: Doctor, Sumo?

Doctor: She is fine now, but she is a bit weak for this, that’s why she is having frequent dizziness and pain. But I have prescribed some vitamins so she will be fine. But you need to take extra care of her and also her low blood pressure problems.

Shravan gets worried.

Doctor: But don’t worry , it’s the first trimester that’s why she must be extra cautious.

Shravan looks on.

Doctor: Come with me?

Shravan: Me?

Doctor: Yes, you Mr. Malhotra!

Shravan comes and finds Suman lying down.
Shravan comes and caresses  her face.

Shravan: Sumo, are you fine?

Suman nods.

Sumo: But there is still some pain.

The doctor comes to Suman.

Doctor: Mrs Malhotra get ready!

Sumo: Me? Why? Doctor is everything is fine!

Doctor: Yes, yes everything is fine. We are going to do sonography. You told me you didn’t get it done!

Sumo: Sonography? Doctor that means I can see my baby in my womb right!

Doctor: Yes!

Suman gets really happy, Shravan also gets happy.

Doctor: But you must drink  a lot of water first.

Sumo: Doctor I did drink a lot of water today. Really!

Doctor: Are you sure!

Sumo: Yes!

Doctor: Just drink more water.

Shravan helps Suman get up and makes her drink water.

Sumo: Shravan we are going to see our baby! I can’t believe it!

Shravan smiles.

Shravan: Yes.

Doctor: Are you ready?

Suman nods. The doctor does her ultrasound.

Doctor: Here is your baby.

Suman looks at the monitor and holds her belly as she gets emotional. Shravan also gets emotional seeing this.

Shravan: (in his mind) I promise baby, I won’t let anything happen to you or your mom no matter what!

Sumo: Shravan, our baby!

Shravan smiles.

Shravan: Yes, Sumo our baby!

Doctor: Do you want to listen to your baby’s heartbeat?

Sumo: Doctor we can do that?

Doctor: Of course you can do that.

Suman and Shravan gets emotional as they listen to the baby’s heartbeat.
And they smile looking at each other.

Doctor: Do take care of yourself and your baby Suman.

Suman nods.

Doctor: And Mr.Shravan makes sure she have her medicine on time.

Shravan: I will take note of that.

Shravan takes Suman back to Preeti’s cabin.

Preeti: Dii, what happened? I heard that you…

Sumo: Doctor said it’s very common in pregnancy. You know right.

Preeti: But still dii…

Sumo: Preeti, you know today I got to see my baby! I just got my ultrasound done!

Preeti: Really! I want to see!

Suman shows Preeti her ultrasound scan reports and she takes Preeti’s baby in the arms and smiles. Both the aunt see their nephews/niece.

Preeti: Dii, looks like my baby really likes you.

Preeti: Me and Pushkar are thinking of names but we didn’t get it? What name should we give the baby?

Sumo: Name him Shivin.

Preeti: That will be good,

Sumo: From now one he is Shivin Malhotra.

Suman smiles as she looks at the baby and Shravan remembers what the doctor told him.

Sumo: Shravan, it’s late now, I think we should leave.

Shravan: Wait a minute. Let Maa come.

Just then Nirmala and Kamini comes,

Nirmala: Shravan beta? Suman beta? What is it?

Shravan: Yes, Maa there is something I need to say.

Nirmala: What is it?

Scene 4: Malhotra Residence
Ramnath smiles as he sees the picture which Vandy posted on social media.

Ramnath: Pushkar’s baby is so cute and lovely. May God Bless him.

Ramnath sees more picture, and then he sees Shravan’s picture and gets emotional.

Ramnath: (in her mind) It have been a month since I spoke  Shravan. He didn’t even speak a single word to me.

Tears escape from Ramnath’s eyes.

Just then Suman and Nirmala comes there,

Ramnath: Nirmala! Suman beta! You both came!

Sumo: Dad, now we came back here forever.

Ramnath gets really happy,

Ramnath: Really! And how about him?

Sumo: Shravan, right!

Shravan comes. Ramnath gets emotional.

Ramnath: Shravan beta?

Shravan comes to Ramnath, Ramnath smiles.

Shravan passes him an envelope.

Shravan: This is the rent of one month I here.

Ramnath becomes sad as he realises Shravan is yet to forgive him.

Suman and Nirmala gets surprised and disappointed.

Shravan: Don’t worry I will pay you the rent every month! I will be regular!

Ramnath: But Shr…

Shravan goes upstairs. Ramnath is having mixed reaction.

Nirmala: Ram you don’t worry!

Sumo: Yes dad, don’t worry.

Ramnath is happy.

Ramnath: Today after many days my Shravan spoke with me! Even if he is still angry at least he said something!

Sumo: Dad, don’t worry very soon he will forgive you, I am telling you. Just see.

Ramnath: I don’t think that day will ever come!

Nirmala: Don’t say like this Ram! Just keep faith on God.

Ramnath looks on.

Nirmala: Suman beta you should go upstairs and rest and moreover you were quite unwell today, even the doctor told you, that you are weak and need rest.

Sumo: Maa?

Nirmala: Suman.

Ramnath: What happened to Suman beta?

Nirmala: She took stress and then she got pain.

Sumo: But doctor said I am fine now.

Nirmala: Suman go and rest, if not I will tell Shravan.

Sumo: Okay, okay I am going. And maa you explain to dad! But before going I want to show something to both of you!

Nirmala: What is it?

Sumo: The picture of your to-be grandchild. Today I got my ultrasound done too!

Nirmala and Ramnath gets happy as Suman shows her the ultrasound report. They get emotional.

Sumo: Okay I should leave now!

Nirmala: Beta, let me take you to your room.

Sumo: No, no it’s fine.

Scene 5: Shraman’s Room
Shravan changes back and Suman hugs him.

Sumo: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Shravan: No worries, I did that only for you.

Sumo: Really Shravan, I am so happy. So happy you finally agreed to stay back here!

Shravan: I did it for you, Pushkar and Preeti.

Sumo: Shravan, why are you still angry with dad?

Shravan: Look Sumo, I am saying this for the one last time, I don’t want to talk about that guy at all. Don’t even mention his name infront of me. And you shouldn’t be taking any stress at all in this condition! Just think that I don’t know him.

Sumo: Shravan please?

Shravan: But Sumo this much you can do for me? Right? Thank you.

Sumo: Shravan but dad?

Shravan: Sumo, I think we don’t speak for a while.

Shravan gets to his laptop angrily and gets angry.

Sumo: (in her mind) Now if I tell him he won’t agree. I must give him some time. If still he doesn’t talk to dad, in these few weeks, then I have to do something. But I don’t know what. Now this Khadoos got angry also. How to convince him?

Suman changes back and sits besides Shravan. Shravan is still angry and he angrily works on the laptop.

Sumo: Angry with me?

Shravan doesn’t replies. Suman thinks what to do. Suman starts shaking Shravan.

Sumo: Shravan, please. Please listen to me.

Shravan doesn’t.

Sumo: Shravan, I am craving for chocolates. I want chocolates.

Shravan: Sumo, not again! Yesterday it was pickles and today it’s chocolate!

Sumo: I want chocolate right now.

Shravan is still working on the laptop.

Sumo: Shravan, please bring some chocolate for me.

Shravan: Ask Vandy Bhabi she must be having some chocolates.

Sumo: No I am tired. I will just lie down here, and you bring chocolate for me.

Shravan ignores her. Suman angrily looks at Shravan.

Sumo: Are you ignoring me?

Shravan still works.

Suman holds her belly.

Sumo: Baby, looks like your dad is angry on both you and me. That’s why he is not bringing me chocolates.

Shravan: Baby tell your mom I am angry with her only not with you. And she can bring chocolate on her own.

Sumo: Shravan, doctor told me to rest and you are not obeying me? I just wanted a chocolate. A bar of chocolate, which you can easily bring with your hand.

Shravan ignores her.

Sumo: Baby let’s do this.

Suman smiles.

Shravan: Suman why are you smiling?

Suman comes nearer to Shravan. Shravan gets surprised seeing Suman’s naughty face.

Suman comes closer.

Shravan: Sumo what are you doing?

Suman doesn’t reply and she lifts his chin up,

Shravan: Sumo, I know you want to romance with me but you are pregnant. Have you forgotten that?

Sumo: Not me, you have forgotten that. I told you that I want chocolate that means I want chocolate. Will you give me chocolate or not?

Shravan: Okay, I will give you chocolate. But please calm down.

Sumo: Will you give me or not? If not I will,

Shravan: You will?

Suman tickles Shravan.

Shravan: Sumo, what are you doing?

Suman keeps on tickling him and Shravan starts laughing.

Shravan: Sumo, sumo stop it! It’s enough now.

Shravan manages to get up from the bed, Suman gets up too, and then Shravan pulls her close.

Sumo: Shravan… what….what are you doing?

Shravan: Romancing with my wife.

Sumo: What if anyone sees us like this?

Shravan: Let them see.

Shravan gets closer.

Sumo: But Shravan, I…I am pregnant, how can I?

Shravan gives her a bunch of Crunchie . Her eyes widen.

Sumo: Chocolate! And that too Crunchie! London Wala Chocolate! Where did you get it from?

Shravan: I know you very well I don’t know when you crave for something.

Suman takes the chocolate and she starts eating it happily.

Shravan: Will you give me some or will you both finish the entire thing?

Suman smiles and gives him a bite of the chocolate, Shravan eats it.

Shravan: One more.

Suman makes him bite the chocolate.

Sumo: Okay this is last bite.
Shravan happily takes a bite of it.

Shravan: (in his mind) Keep Smiling like this Sumo!

Scene 6: Malhotra Residence
After a few days, Preeti is discharged from the hospital. She is brought home and then Suman welcomes her and the baby. Everyone is happy.

After that, even Aditya comes to Malhotra Residence. Ramnath brings him there.

Aditya: Ramnath Uncle is there anything you need? You brought me here all of a sudden.

Ramnath: Nirmala!

Nirmala gets happy seeing Aditya.

Nirmala: Adi!

Aditya and Nirmala hugs each other. Shravan brings Suman downstairs. Suman is now 5 months pregnant, and she now has a baby bump.

Shravan: Sumo today is your appointment.I will bring you to the doctor and then drop you to PCT okay!

Sumo: Okay then later, I will inform Preeta if I get late.

Shravan and Suman gets happy seeing Aditya.

Sumo: Aditya!

Shravan: Aditya you and here!

Aditya: Ramnath Uncle brought me here.

Shravan is still furious on Ramnath and he ignores him.

Shravan: Oh.

Suman looks at Shravan and nods no and denies him to do anything. Shravan agrees.

Shravan: Sumo, let’s go now we are getting late for your appointment.

As they both were about to go,

Ramnath: Shravan, if you stay here it’s better, it’s about Nirmala.

Shravan: Okay I am staying here but that’s for Maa. But whatever you want to say, quick! And it’s for your daughter, I need to bring her to the doctor.

Ramnath: Okay thank you.

Just then Lalaji, Preekar and Vandy-Varun come downstairs.

Lalaji: Bhaisaab you called us?

Ramnath: I have something to say.

Kamini: Say Bhaisaab.

Ramnath brings Aditya,

Ramnath: I have decided that Aditya will live with us at Malhotra Residence.

Nirmala and others get happy. Even Shravan smiles.

Aditya gets surprised.

Aditya: But Uncle?

Ramnath: Not Uncle beta Dad! From today you will call me dad, if you dont have any problem with that. I understand your situation Nirmala told me about your dad.

Aditya: No, no uncle. I mean Dad. I am happy. I am happy you accepted me in the family.

Aditya hugs Ramnath.

Aditya: Initially I was really angry with you, but after I saw you still loved my mom and apologised to her for all your deeds I already forgave you.

Ramnath: Now I have two sons, Shravan and Aditya.

Aditya gets emotional.

Shravan: Not two sons, one son dad and that is only Aditya because I am not your son.

Sumo: Shravan, don’t say like this!

Shravan: Sumo, we should leave now, it’s time for your appointment, we are already late.

Shravan and Suman leaves.

Nirmala: Thank you Ram, thank you so much!

Ramnath: You no need to say thank you, I know how much you missed Aditya that’s why I brought him here.

Aditya gets happy.

Kamini: Aditya beta, looks like we will get along very well. Now let me give you some food.

Kamini feeds Aditya and Aditya gets happy.

Aditya: When I came to this house for the first time, I already had the ‘own’ feeling.

Kamini: This house is like that.

Pushkar: Looks like Maa forgot about me.

Nirmala: Pushkar beta, your Badi Maa is here, why to worry?

Pushkar smiles.

Pushkar: Yes totally right.

Ramnath is about to say something and he gets silent and leaves. Pushkar pats his shoulder.

Pushkar: Why don’t you say anything, Sir?

Ramnath: Pushkar?

Pushkar: My Bade Papa and Bade Maa is here so why should I worry?

Ramnath: Pushkar you forgave me?

Pushkar: I already forgave you long time back! And yes sorry I couldn’t speak properly too you these last few days!

Preeti smiles.

Nirmala: Pushkar, Preeti have some food. Vandy, Varun Lalaji you all also come.

All comes in the table happily.

Lalaji: Aditya have food from Kamini happily if not she rarely cooks.

Vandy: See, even Papaji says so Mummyji.

Kamini: Vandy Puttar, Nirmala Bhabi is also there right?

Vandy: Right! Good Idea!

After Aditya gets into the family, Shravan, Pushkar, Varun and Aditya bond with each other very well and they drink together at night and enjoy. Aditya talks so much that the others three fall asleep while he speaks as he doesn’t drink.

Aditya: So what happened was….

Lalaji: Wow Aditya you made everyone sleep!

Adi: Mamaji you want to talk with me?

Lalaji: Sure! I love talking!

Lalaji and Aditya talk and the next day Shravan, Varun and Pushkar wakes up and they find Aditya and Lalaji sleeping.

Shravan: They both don’t drink how did they fall asleep?

Pushkar: Bhaia, you don’t get it! Dad finally got someone of that type.

Shravan: Which type Chotte?

Varun: Dad is like once he starts he never ends type.

Shravan: Seriously, this Aditya’s talks are even more effective then the drink to get us into sleep. Let’s wake them up.

Shravan wakes them up.

Shravan: Aditya, Lalaji wake up! It’s morning.

Aditya and Lalaji yawns and wakes up.

Lalaji: I am still sleepy.

Aditya: Me too.

Shravan: You both go and sleep in your rooms.

They go to sleep.

Scene 7: Shraman’s Room

Shravan: I don’t know what to answer to Sumo. She will taunt me and ask me millions of question. First of all she is my wife, and second she is Sumo. She will spare me only after she take my class. It’s like I either have fire on one side or water on the other side. God save me from Sumo.

Shravan opens the room and is surprised. He finds the room messed up with Suman’s clothes all around, and he finds Suman standing on the mirror.

Shravan: There she is!

Suman holds her belly.

Sumo: I so happily agreed to take the presentation of PCT which dress should I wear? Baby you help me. I don’t know where your dad disappeared, which dress to wear?

Suman looks at herself.

Sumo: Sumo, by the way you gained a lot of weight. Aren’t you looking fat? No, no you are pregnant. So getting fat is normal. This is what you are saying Sumo? You! But one thing is true, I really got fat. Even my dresses are not fitting, what to do?

Shravan tries to laugh.

Sumo: Whatever dress I wear will tear, really Vandy Bhabi maybe dumb but her questions have a point? Why does women gain weight in pregnancy? Really!

Shravan couldn’t control his laughter.

Sumo: Sumo, looks like you have to take tips from Vandy Bhabi or just do something.

Shravan laughs. Suman looks behind embarraseed and realises Shravan has overheard everything.

Sumo: Shravan you were listening to my talks silently!

Shravan: Sumo, you are too good! You said gaining weight doesn’t matter to you? And Vandy Bhabi, seriously! You are going to take tips from her.

Shravan starts laughing non-stop.

Shravan: Thank you Sumo, after many days you made me laugh.

Sumo: Laugh. Laugh as much as you want too.

Suman takes the pillow and throws at Shravan.

Sumo: If you were at my place, you would have understood.

Shravan: Sumo, I am really sorry. But really you are still the same.

Shravan and Suman gets into a flashback,

Scene 8: Suman’s Room
Teenager Shravan and Suman are getting ready for the party.

Sumo: Shravan today is Preeti’s birthday, and I am going to wear the dress you gifted me on Prom.

Shravan: Sumo, that’s fine, but will that dress fit you?

Sumo: If it fit me last time why won’t it fit me now!

Shravan: You have gained some weight!

Sumo: Shravan! How dare you tease me on my weight!

Suman gets angry.

Shravan: No, no I am really saying. You have gained weight.

Sumo: Stop saying that. Stop it.

Shravan: I am saying what is true.

Sumo: There is no use of talking to you. You wait outside and see how my prom dress doesn’t fit me.

Shravan goes outside. Later, Suman comes with the prom dress on.

Sumo: See, I told you it will fit me.

Shravan: But how? Anyways good for you.

As Suman looks behind a sound of her zip torn is heard. Shravan tries not to laugh. Suman gets embarrassed.

Sumo: I will see you later.

Suman quickly goes into the room and locks the door. Shravan starts laughing. Suman changes back to normal, and comes back.

Sumo: I will have to lose weight, happy.

Shravan: Sumo, I was just saying like that.

Sumo: Yes, yes I won’t spare you now.

Shravan runs and Suman chases him.

The flashback ends.

Scene 9: Shraman’s Room
Suman and Shravan smiles thinking about that.

Sumo: But this time I have got a valid reason. After all I am carrying your baby.

Shravan: Yes Sumo, I know. Did I say anything?

Suman nods no.

Shravan: And quickly get ready, and this mess, I will do something.

Suman goes and get ready. Shravan picks up the clothes.

Shravan: My Sumo is really one kind.

Suman comes.

Sumo: How am I looking?

Shravan looks at her and stares at her lovingly as she is dressed in blue.

Shravan: Lovely!

Suman smiles, and then she holds her belly and smiles. She comes to Shravan.

Sumo: Shravan?

Shravan: Now what is it?

Suman makes Shravan feel her belly.

Sumo: Shravan, can you feel it?

Shravan: What is it?

Sumo: The baby, the baby just kicked. It’s the first time.

Shravan: Are you serious?

Suman nods.

Sumo: Shravan you can’t feel it!

Shravan: Sumo, no I can’t.

Sumo: Really the baby kicked.

Shravan: What Sumo it must be your imagination, Jaan.

Sumo: This time the baby really kicked.

Shravan gets happy as he feels it, and he bends down and puts his ear.

Shravan: Baby, I am your dad here.

Shravan: Sumo, the baby again did it!

Suman gets emotional.

Sumo: The baby really kicked! I told you!

Shravan: Okay Jaan I believe you now. And I am so happy and lucky today.

Suman smiles.

Scene 10: Malhotra Residence
After 2-3 months, Suman is now 8 months pregnant.

Shravan: Sumo, we are getting late for the Puja quickly come.

Suman comes and she is dressed in red with a huge baby bump.

Shravan helps her out.

Sumo: Just one more month, after that our baby is going to come. I can’t wait.

Shravan: Me too.

Everyone is there.

Lalaji: Let’s go.

Ramnath comes to Shravan,

Ramnath: Shravan you should have wore some kurta instead of shirt we are going for a Puja? And what kind of hairstyle is this!

Shravan: You no need to tell me what I need to do.

Ramnath: Why? I am your dad.

Nirmala: What Ram you are treating my Son as if he’s a little kid!

Ramnath:  He should be more responsible now! He is going to become a Father soon! Who will say that!

Shravan: There is no point talking to you! Let’s all go now we are getting late.

Shravan: (in his mind)I wonder what’s wrong with dad these days, why is he behaving weird these days? Anyways it doesn’t make any difference to me I still won’t forgive him.

Scene 11: Tiwari Killa
Sumo: I am missing Mamaji, Mamiji and Daboo so much!

Shravan: Sumo, it’s been a few days since they went to US. And Rachana Mausi and Mausaji are here. After they go back to Benaras, and then we will bring Nanu back!

Later, at Tiwari Killa

The entire Malhotras get happy as they come to Tiwari Killa. Rachana hugs Suman and Preeti. Rachana is also there.

Sumo: Mausiji!

Rachana: How are you beta? I am so happy for you.

Suman hugs her and then hugs Nanu.Rachana takes toddler Shivin.

Sumo: Nanu!

Nanu: How are you beta?

Sumo: I am fine and yes after a few days you will stay with me and Preeti, right?

Nanu: Right!

Sumo: I must tease Daboo about this he will get so angry.

On the other hand, Shravan is talking on phone.

Shravan: Okay that will be done.

Shravan keeps the phone.

Ramnath: Shravan do the work I gave you! I have been telling you for the last few days!

Shravan: Mr.Ramnath Malhotra looks like you forgot that I don’t work in your company anymore. So tell Pushkar.

Ramnath: But you didn’t give me any resignation letter, so that doesn’t make any difference.

Shravan: I have gave you last week as you said.

Ramnath: But you need at least one month notice, so you are still serving your notice,

Shravan gets angry and had no other option but to agree with him.

Ramnath: (in his mind) Sorry beta, I am a bit harsh on you but that is find a chance to apologise to you and so that you can forgive me, this is my one last chance.

Shravan: (in his mind) How did that resignation thing clicked Ramnath Malhotra’s mind and he’s behaving with me strangely these days? Something is fishy.

Mausaji: Now we should do Puja!

Mausaji conducts the Puja and everyone prays.

Sumo: (in her mind) I hope everything becomes fine between dad and Shravan soon.

Later after the prayer,

Suman is sitting with Shivin in her lap, and she smiles.

Ramnath is sitting in a corner sad. Suman gives Shivin to Rachana and goes to Ramnath,

Ramnath: I scolded Shravan for no reason!

Sumo: No you did that for a purpose. So that he can listen and forgive to you. This is the best chance!

Ramnath: I am just waiting for the day Shravan forgives me.

Sumo: Don’t worry that day is not very far. And very soon everything will be fine.

Ramnath: I hope so, but Shravan, he won’t agree.

Sumo: Why won’t he agree?

Ramnath: He doesn’t even speak with me. And I did wrong with him and I am behaving with him like this!

Sumo: But it’s me who told you to do so! Why are you feeling bad!

Ramnath: No beta, it’s not your fault you are helping me instead! What if Shravan gets to know?

Sumo: Dad, if you talk to him he will be happy. I am telling you talk to him like you always do. Irritate him and then he will give in, like the last 2-3 months you have been doing. And Shravan won’t get to know about it!

Shravan overhears this.

Shravan: Oh so this is Sumo’s doing I told her not to interfere and she!

Shravan gets angry.

Suman sees Shravan overhearing everything.

Sumo: (in her mind) Shravan? Oh no looks like he overheard everything!

Sumo: Dad I will be coming in a while!

Suman follows behind Shravan.

Shravan: Driver, let’s go back home.

Sumo: Shravan?

The car leaves.

Sumo: Oh no I have made such a blender! Now?!

Suman is about to take her car and go, Preeti comes to her,

Preeti: Dii, see Shivin is crying so much, I want to go home too. And also Mummyji is at home.

Suman and Preeti goes home. Suman gets worried, and she holds her belly as she feels pain. The episode ends.

Precap: Suman gets into labour pain, and Preeti panics and calls Shravan. Shravan gets shocked listening to that and he rushes to Suman.

Hey all, hope you all liked this episode. Well I tried to add as many Shraman scenes as I could and of course scenes you all may like. Hope you all liked the overall episode.

And please do comment in my ff it really means a lot to me.

And yes, 1 more episode to go!
I am already missing writing this fan fiction but what to do classes and part time and also trip on the 6th May. So that’s why I had to end this as it won’t be possible to commit 5 days a week for this ff. Hope you all understand and hope fully you all will love the last episode too.

Love u all ???

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