Pavitra Rishta 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 9th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Archana and her whole family coming back to their Mumba’s home. Archana performs pooja and enters the house with her whole family. She remembers the moments spent here and her marriage with Manav. She looks at the whole house emotionally. She sees Ganapati idol and goes near it. She takes an envelope and goes into flashback where Soham had given his first salary and Manav kept it near Ganapati’s feet. She gets emotional and looks at Soham’s photo. She starts crying and thinks the whole world can forget him, but she cannot. Archana thinks Soham can leave the world, but cannot leave her mom’s mind.

Soham wakes up and thinks today is some special day, what is it. He thinks it is alcohol drinking day. He sees Shashank and Mansi carrying suitcase and says he bought it with his hard work. He asks Shashank money as it is his birthday. Mansi says she knows when is his birthday and cannot give money for his alcohol. Soham asks where are they going. Shashank says he rented a chawl and will shift there. Soham hugs Shashank and says he is old now and will need money, he asks him the chawl name as she will come if he needs money. Shashank says it is Anand Nivas. Soham gets tensed and says why are they going so far. Shashank says it is very near. Soham says he will come there for money. Soham then thinks Anand Nivas is his chawl, he used to stay with his parents. He thinks what if his parents see his kids. He then thinks his parents are out of India, so not worry.

Naren is doing yoga in the morning. He is distracted by crow’s sound. He tries to shoo it away, but it does not go. Archana comes and asks why is he tensed. He says he is distracted with crow’s sound. She says it is a good sign, someone will come to their home. He says whole family is here, then who will come. She asks Naren to go and get ready.

Ovi comes searching for Soham/Raghav Mhatre. Soham is busy playing cards with his friends. He heard door knock and this his other friend has come. His friend says that other friend has gone out and will not come here. He asks who is on the door. She says Ovi Deshmukh. Soham hears her and hides. He asks his friend to tell he is not there. Ovi comes inside and asks where is Raghav Mhatre. He says he is not here. She asks about Prashanth. He says he is also not there. She says she has brought something for them. He asks her to keep the gift there and go from there.

Gaurav says Neena he cannot stay in this house, it is so suffocated. Savita hears them and asks what are they talking about. They say nothing.

Pia calls Ovi and says she is in India and asks her to meet her. She asks Ovi where is she. OVi says she is going to Arjun’s house. Pia says Archana let us go there. Archana and Pia go to Arjun’s house. Ovi sees Archana and they both hug emotionally. They ask each other how are they. Archana asks Ovi why did not she come to her all these years. OVi says she was afraid that they all are hating her. Archana says why will she hate her daughter. Ovi asks her to come in. Archana says Pia brought me here. Ovi asks Archana if she came alone. Pia says she brought all family members and calls Manav. Manav and his whole family come inside the house.

Ovi sees Manav and hugs him emotionally. He asks her how is she and says he missed her a lot. She says even she missed him. Ovi then hugs Savitha. Pushti hugs her. Pari comes in front. Ovi identifies her and hugs. She then hugs Sachin. Teju slaps Ovi.

Precap: Archana collides with Soham unknowingly. They both identify each other. Ovi informs about the time slot change from 15th April at 6:30 p.m.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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