Jee Le Zara 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 9th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Dhruv telling Saanchi that he does not want kid now. Saanchi says she is aging and cannot wait much. They start fighting. Dhruv pushes her on bed says he will give her kid right now. He feels guilty and asks sorry to Saanchi. Saanchi says he told her a lot today and goes from there.

Saanchi remembers Dhruv’s words of not wanting kids and telling their marriage is a mistake. Suparna comes and asks if everything is alright. She asks if Dhruv scolded you, his important presentation went wrong, so his anger his valid. She says whatever happened is not good. Saanchi says yes whatever happened is not good and what was done was not good. She says Suparna she changed the CD. Suparna says Saanchi you spoilt Dhruv’s presentation. Saanchi says you did wrong by spoiling

presentation and it is a loss for her whole family. She says you made Dhruv hate Ankita and tried to arrest Arvind. She says she is harming the whole family and herself just for 2 people. She says to get the people out of house, nobody burns the house. She goes from there.

Dhruv thinks he scolded Saanchi than usual and she is hurt, he should console her. He tries to speak to Saanchi, but she says she is not feeling fine and will speak tomorrow. She goes and sleeps on the sofa. He thinks Saaanchi used to tell we will not fight and sleep alone, today she is sleeping alone. Instead of coming together, they are going away.

Dhruv gets up in the morning and does not find Saanchi. She comes, gives him coffee and smiles. He says you slept on the couch, but you said husband and wife should not drag the fight till the bed. Saanchi says she was wrong. She says she sent him wrong CD and it was her mistake. She says if he is not ready for kids, she should not pressurize him. He says he should not have scolded her and hugs her. She says it is ok and asks him to get ready and come for breakfast.

Dhruv speaks to Mehta. Anvay listens to him and asks if it was Mehta’s call. Dhruv says yes and says Mehta wants to give us a second chance. Anvay asks if Mehta wants to insult us again. Dhruv says everything will be alright this time and says Anvay will give presentation this time. It is a matter of Goyal family’s pride and elder son should be doing it. He says you worked hard to bring up the company and elder brother is like father. Anvay says dad asked you to run the company. Dhruv says dad said this to make me realize the responsibilities and he knew you would be helping me. Anvay agrees to do the presentation. Dhruv gets happy and hugs him. Anvay sees mom getting emotional. He asks her why is she crying. She says she got emotional seeing each both brother’s love. Dhruv and Anvay says let us make mom more emotional and they hug each other again and share a happy moment.

Saanchi calls Dislhad and informs about the wrong CD and kid. Dilshad says her worry is right as she is aging. Saanchi says she does not want to lose Dhruv for kid and gets emotional. Dilshad asks if she okay. She says she is not okay, she loves Dhruv a lot and cannot live without him. Dilshad asks her to control herself and everything will be alright.

Suparna comes and congrats Anvay for getting back the project. Anvay says she should thank Dhruv. Suparna says she should thank him as she changed presentation CD with kid’s morphed CD. She says how she changed it. Anvay is shocked to hear that and says if she mad, it was not only Dhruv’s presentation but their company’s presentation and their company’s reputation is at stake. He scolds her for doing it. Suparna says she did it for him. He says because of her hate politics, even he sometimes fall into her sugar-coated talks. He asks her to live in peace and let everybody live in peace.

Saanchi sees kid’s pic on laptop and gets emotional.

Precap: Dhruva asks if his dad was ready for kid. Mom says he was not ready, but once he took his kid in hand, he accepted his responsibilities.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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