Dil Dosti Dance 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 9th April 2014 Written Update

VP sir tells them to come to this meeting must. He tells Kriya to meet him before leaving for New York. Kriya shouts ‘what the hell is this guys?’ Rey takes her out by saying he will explain everything.

Sharon tries to talk to Swayam about Ruhi
Sharon asks Swayam to go somewhere else as she wanted to talk to him. They were coming out when Sharon tells him feared if he would judge her wrong. He asks since when Sharon Rai Prakash has started to worry about others judgment. She tells she only cares about his judgment. She asks doesn’t he think Ruhi was getting over with him? You don’t think she can go to any limits. Swayam gets annoyed at her that she is making a false judgment about Ruhi. By taking care of him in the hospital, or inviting him alone to the birthday or giving him a present, she is just trying to let go of her loneliness. He says he has disappointed him. They have an argument. Sharon tries to make him listen but he leaves.
Rey and Kriya are on the road. Kriya shouts at him what they have done to her, first they hacked the ID, the called her here and never bother telling her the truth. Rey tells her that Sharon’s dad had apologized to help and they were left with no other option. She shouts at him ‘Please grow up now. He always does such stupid things.’

Ruhi black-mails Sharon about the hacking.
Sharon was standing in front of the mirror in locker room thinking why she and Swayam always quarrel about Ruhi, though we have been best friends, then why are we fighting because of her? What shall she do now? Ruhi comes there, says Hi to Sharon and asks what she was doing here? Sharon yells at her ‘Get lost from front of me. I don’t want to see you.’ She smiles at her saying right now he went away in anger. If she continued behaving like this, she will lose her forever. Sharon tells her that when he will get to know about your reality, it will not happen then. She turns to the lockers, and starts finding something, thinking she will show the prescription to Swayam. Ruhi asks what she was looking for, showing her the paper and asks if she was looking for it. Sharon shouts at her again that she had stolen this from her locker; she will report college authority about it. Ruhi asks patiently; ‘is it as illegal as hacking the VP’s account? Why are you quiet now, I can also complain to him. Now you have to decide you love yourself or your friends more.’

Rey tells Kriya the truth
Rey explains to Kriya that this was the only solution they could think of. She says this is not the permanent solution, but he tells her that finding a permanent solution would take four to five years, and we do not have this much time. Rey insists that it their last chance and asks her to stay. She says that her reputation will be affected at both places this way. Rey says ‘Please, please I need you! Say something’. She says he has left her speechless. But where will we do the dance-rehearsals? Rey say in Vicky’s garage. He hugs her but she doesn’t hug back.

Nil was sitting in the class-room. Simmi brings a pile of notes and drops them on the table. Nil tells her to remove them from here as he is working. She tells her these are the notes, the printer made two copies of. Nil tells her he doesn’t need them but she asks her to keep them if someone else will need them. He wonders who will. She says someone who was absent then, or was on leave. He remembers Vicky was on leave that day. He tells her he returned his wallet first and now these notes! We had a happy conversation after a long time. Simmi hopes this gets better. Simmi gets a reminder message about the meeting with VP. She asks him to leave.

They were at VP’s office. He says that they should now forget about what has happened. The exams are near and their group should now concentrate on the studies and attendance. When they were about to leave, he tells Swayam and Sharon to stay. He asks them to give ideas about farewell party.
Sharon was standing in cafeteria, when Swayam comes in. he wants to talk to her. He says he wants to talk about farewell. She says ‘excuse me, I am too occupied, we will discuss about it later.’ Swayam turns around but comes back again asking was she still angry about Ruhi. She tells him he does not know what she could do. He tells her he is not saying to be her best friend but at least not hate her. She tells him he does not understand her.

PRECAP: Kriya and Rey were in clothes shop. Rey annoys Kriya, lights go off and they fall upon each other. Sharon tells Rey Ruhi has known all about the hacking and now she was blackmailing her. Ruhi hears this.

Update Credit to: Niki

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