Pavitra Rishta 7th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 7th November 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 7th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Arjun calling on Archana’s number. Manav picks the call, Arjun hesitantly tells him that he called to inform Aayi that Purvi had an accident and she is admitted in the hospital. Manav asks is she alright? Arjun says she is fine and asks him to relax. He says he is there for her and will take care of her. Manav says they will come to India. Arjun says he will take care of her and asks him not to tell anything to Pari as she will think Purvi is staying with him. Pari tells Manav that her aayi isn’t picking the call. Manav says she is busy in meetings and says she will call her soon. Pari says she is so relieved.

Arjun comes to check on Purvi but doesn’t find her. He enquires about her from the doctor. Doctor says she has left from the hospital. Arjun calls Purvi but she didn’t pick his call. Arjun thinks she is upset with him. Purvi rejects his calls. Arjun worries for her and tells please pick the call, don’t avoid me..

Archana gets tensed to know about Purvi’s accident. Manav says she is fine now. She asks Manav to call Purvi and put the call on speaker. Manav calls her, Purvi picks the call and says she is fine. Archana asks why she is lying and says they knew about her accident. Purvi says actually… Archana says you are grown up now, you don’t need your aayi and baba. Purvi says she had an accident and she couldn’t call as she got injuring on the chin. She says she is fine. Archana smiles. Purvi asks, how she came to know about her accident? Archana replies that Arjun called her. Purvi tells herthat Arjun came to the hospital. Archana asks Did you talk to Arjun? Purvi says no and says that Nurse informed her that Arjun waited for her entire night in the hospital. Archana asks her to talk to Ovi, Pari and Arjun. Purvi says she will get weak if she speaks to them and says she will return home after finishing the work. They disconnects the call.

Prashant wonders why Shashank isn’t picking his call since he came to their house. Mansi says he will not pick our call and cries. She tells Prashant that she is responsible for the problem and tells him everything. She tells Prashant that she is repenting today and how could she do a mistake of loving the same person her tayi also loves. Prashant says we do not know that she loves him. Prashant says you did a mistake by not letting us know. Mansi says she thought to tell them after tai gets settled. She says that tai is ready to sacrifice her love and happiness for her. she says it is their responsibility that tai should get marry to Shashank. She says she is happy to see her sister happy. Prashant says he is happy and proud to call her sister.

Archana tells Manav that she talked to Arjun to enquire about Purvi. Manav says but why you called Arjun? Archana says because she feels that Arjun and Purvi are at the same place where they were in the past. Manav says Arjun can’t be like me as I loved only you and Arjun married Ovi forgetting Purvi. Archana says she needs to talk to Arjun and says purvi needs a second chance. Manav says he don’t want his daughter to get trouble.

Ankita tells Mansi that education is important for them to sustain in life. Prashant asks her to come in the hall and asks, what you have thought about Shashank. Mansi says you should marry him. Ankita says she will marry after fulfilling her responsibilities and it will take 10 years. Mansi asks, don’t you get tired thinking about us. Prashant asks, what is the problem as Shashank wants to share her responsibility. Ankita says she doesn’t like to share her responsibilities with Shashank as his aayi and baba will not like it. she says she wants Shashank to move on in life. She says she is not the right choice for Shashank and Mansi is the one. Mansi says she don’t want to marry him. Ankita asks don’t you love him? Mansi cries and says she don’t love him. Ankita asks Prashant, how can she marry Shashank after knowing that mansi loves him.

Arjun is thinking about Purvi, Tina comes and asks him to have dinner. Arjun asks her to have food and says he is not hungry. Tina’s grand mother asks her not to trouble him. Arjun calls Archana and asks whether she talked to Purvi. He says Purvi left the hospital without talking to her. Archana asks him not to worry about her. Arjun asks her about Purvi’s address. Archana says she can’t say as Purvi asked her not to say. Pari comes and hears it. She asks,who is in the hospital. Manav makes an excuse and takes her away. Archana tells Arjun that she will talk to him later.

Ankita is on call with Naren, she greets him good morning. Naren asks her about his file. Ankita replies that it is in the cupboard and its keys are in her drawer. Naren asks for the key number. Ankita says she doesn’t remember the key number and tells him that the key have blue ribbon attached to it.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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