Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th November 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jia’s residence
bani is shocked to see the groom, with the sehra slightly aside. As she goes towards there, while he is adjusting, the lights go off, and she isnt able to see, and in the meanwhile, parmeet adjusts it back. Jia’s uncle asks the relative to get the generator working. After asking parmeet if he’s opkay, the uncle asks bani to get jia. She complies and starts

parmeett hinks that he maybe saved by now, but at pheras he would have to take off the sehra, and then bani would surely see him, and he would have to do something really fast. As the uncle asks parmeet to sit on the mandap, he says that he wants to freshen up and would come in two minutes. the uncle permits. He leaves after bani. As bani is walking, she is pinned to a awall, and gagged to stop from screaming. she is shocked to find parmeet doing this to her. She is shocked to see parmeet standing before her. He takes off his hand, and she asks parmeet how is he here, and then suddenly realises his attire and asks if he’s the groom, marrying jia. parmeet asks her to shut up. Bani says that about her plans, and isnt still able to believe what he’s doing. Bani says that he cant do this, and cant get married to jia, as he’s her husband. Parmeet says that he was her husband but no more. Bani remembers his last words to her to come to the station. he says that now he’s getting married to jia, and he’s her would be husband. He asks her if she understood, and asks whats she doing here, and whats her relation to this family, and whats she doing here in delhi leaving punjab. bani breaks down, and says that the person that she was searching for, is standing here for getting married again, forgetting him. she relates her torture to him, as she had done earlier too, and also tells about her faith in him, and on his helplessness that stopped her from disbelieving him. She asks him why he did this to her, and asks if he never felt this was wrong, when he got her dressed as a bride. He is unfuriatede, and she goes on telling how she landed in delhi, to find if parmeet was in trouble. She says that she wants to ask the lord why he did this to her, as the person who asked her to be a bride, is now marrying someone else. She tells about the ironical situation that she is in, with ther Chopoda taking off ritual, and finding this today. She says that she searched him everywhere, with posters, in the hope that somewhere she would find any evidence of him. She says that she couldnt sleep, as every knock made her think that he has come. She asks whats his complian, and wher did she lack, and get this betraytal from. He asks her to let go of his hand, as he hates woman like her, who are emotional, chatterboxes, and emotionally dramatic. she is shocked and asks if he thinks all of this is a drama, as she doesnt know what to do now, what face to go back with, to Punjab, and what to tell her family. He says that he doesnt care anything for this. He asks her to go way, and if she stays here, then he threatens that she wont say a word of his past life to anyone. Bani is distraught to hear this. she says that she wont be quiet now, and wont let this marriage happen. parmeet is shocked. she says that she would tell jia about his betrayal, and tell her the true face of him. He holds her and asks her to shut up, or else. She asks what else, as he can only hit her. She says that nothing would stop her from preventing him from destroying jia’s life. An an uncle cals her, she is about to shout,. but parmeet gags. after the calls subside, he takes off his hand, surprising bani.

In her room, jia is becoming hassled with the unending rituals. Anu asks her not to be so impatient, that the rituals seem a burden. jia asks her not to get sad, as she isnt leaving her forever. Anu says that she doesnt feel that, but felt till today, that only she owed her, but now he too does, and maybe more than her. She gets emotional and hugs her.

Parmeet goes on to fabricate another story, that he’s stuck terribly, and all of this is fake, and her belief on him was completely true. She asks whats he trying to sya. He takes her aside despite her protests. she shoves his hand away and asks him whats this problem thats bothering him. Parmeet tells her that he would tell her about the problem that become unbearable for him now, that forced her to do this. Bani is emotionally waiting for him to say, being understanding. He says that the problem is her. she is shocked to hear this. he throws her inside the store room. She tries to run, but he slaps her, and she fals on the floor. Before she can recover, he takes a rope, and ties her up, slapping her again, as she tries to call anu. He ties her compeletly and gaga her mouth too. He warns her that she shouldnt move, as she had caused much trouble and those who dont move, he knows how to get rid of them. bani is distraught. He locks the door, and thinks that now this would open only after the wedding. He composes himself and starts with the rituals again. meanwhile, bani tries to get herself free frantically, oblivious that jia is descending down the stairs, along with anu, to marry her husband. she sits beside parmeet. bani thinks that she has to get out somehow and stop this wedding, as she wont let parmeet spoil jia’s life. She desperately tries to free her ties, but finally gives up, exhausted. Bani wonders what to do to stop this wedding. Meanwhile, the kanyadaan begins, and anu performs the ritual with jia and parmeet. she goes on with the gadhbandhan.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s place
Angad keeps prodding soham wht he did to upset her so bad. Soham says that there was one mistake but it wasnt this big. while they are discussing, rajji again comes out with the suitcase along with simran and kuki. Angad asks rajji again. simran asks him to let be as they wont ask needless questions, as if she has decided then they wont stop her. angad agrees. Soham is tensed. Angad says that the doors to this house are open for her, but the doors to people’s hearts are closed. Its on her to choose now. He asks her to wait till morning to leave, as he cant give her permission right now. he asks her to do what she feels like and goes inside. All are tensed, while rajji is stern.

Scene 3:
Location: Jia’s residence
A butler comes in for some stuff, from the store, and overhears some noises that bani is trying to make, to grab his attention. But he thinks that it must have been a rat, and doesnt pay attention to it. He leaves, locking it again, disappointing bani. The screen freezes on her exhausted body.

Precap: Parmeet promise to jia that wherever he is, she would be with him, and he would always take care of her, and keep her happy. He says that he would fully accept her as his wife, and give her the love, care and respect that she desreves. Anu and jia look on happily. They proceed ahead. But before they can take further steps, bani screams to stop, surprising everyone, and shocking parmeet. she descends saying that this marriage cant happen, and hence they should stop rightaway. Anu and jia are boggled, while all are shocked to see bani running down dishevelled, desperately trying to scream to stop this wedding..

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. boring i was hoping to c only rajji

  2. boring i was hoping to c only rajji and what wil happen to her

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