Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th November 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Anuj singing oh dad aap ne sikhaye jo na kabhi hum bhool payenge…. He stands infront of Nanu’s photo and sings. Everyone gets emotional. Adi and everyone looks at Nanu’s photos and recalls the moments spent with him. Adi, Pankhudi, Avantika, Harish, Preeti, Anuj, and Dadaji recalls him. Dadaji says it is the rule that old generation have to make the way for the new generation. He asks Adi and Pankhudi not to make their nana disappointed. Dadaji sings the song yeh jeevan hain yehi hain rang roop….. Chachaji joins him and sings as well. Everyone smiles and enjoys the old melody.

Suddenly light goes off, Anuj says what happened to light. Shanky goes to check. Sheela suggests they shall play Antakshiri. Adi takes Pankhudi to a corner to give her a gift. He shows his palm on which P is written with Mehendi. Pankhudi feels happiness and says people will laugh on you while the song Pyaar ka Dard hain plays in the BG. Adi tells her that his heart beats for her laughs. Pankhudi thanks him and both of them looks lovingly at each other.

Rubel comes to check the electricity and says he forgot to bring the torch. Some girl is passing by, he asks for the mobile. She repairs the junction box with her hair clip and tells Rubel can’t you do this. Rubel is surprised to see her beauty and her intelligence. Govardhan mama comes and calls her Payal. He asks Rubel, what he is doing? Rubel says he was checking the fuse. Govardhan mama tells him that she is Payal, his mami’s niece. Rubel greets hi and forwards his hand. but she just says hello.

Govardhan mama asks him to come inside. Kaira performs on the song chand saa bhai mera… chandini si bhabhi meri…. Everyone enjoys her dance and applauds for her. Kapil and Rubel plays the drum. Sheela, Avantika and Nirmala joins her. Pankhudi’s chacha’s and chachi’s talks with them through video and says they have sent someone special referring to Payal. Payal sings on the song shaadi ka ladoo… hum unka na bulayenga jaise sab bulate hain… Rubel looks at her.

Adi tells everyone that he is getting married and tells Pankhudi that this is for her. He sings and dances on the song Hai re hai yeh tere haath me tera haath naye jazbath meri jaan balle balle. Pankhudi joins him and sings as well. Adi tells everyone that they have made us feel so special. Pankhudi thanks everyone and says that their love couldn’t be completed without them. Rubel, Kapil and the girls sings on the song Diktana Diktana Diktana….Family members sings the song and poses for the group photos.

Pankhudi enacts Sheela and says she is beautiful in Dholpur and when she comes out, people talk about her. everyone looks on.. Sheela looks angry. Pankhudi keeps quiet..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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