Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 7th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 7th November 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 7th November 2013 Written Update

Parvati asks  Ganesh
& Kartikeya about other surprises they’ve planned for her besides Mahabhoj?Kartikeya says in their absence, they were missed a lot at Kailash. So they
want a memory touched by them, which can be always present. He directs them to
an aasana, requests Shivji to be seated in their Kalyansundar form. Shivji
agrees. With Paravti he sits on the aasana. With their combined energies a
Shivling appears. This Shivling will have both mine & Parvati’s energies.

Vishnuji after a long time is back with Lakshmiji on
Ksheersagar. He says, this was asked by Skand, so this Shivling will be known
as Skandeshwar Mahadev.

At Kailsh, Indra gets angry, feels insulted by Diti showing him his mistakes. He
raises his voice to show his displeasure. But is stopped by Shivji . He tells
Devraj Indra, Diti is not only your mother’s sister but also rishi Kashyap’s
wife, Daitya’s mother. Like Prithvi, she too has suffered a lot with patience.
She is a woman too. She should be respected. Diti says it’s her fault too, even
she should have scolded him in his childhood for his mistakes though even now
it’s not late. Indra & other Deva’s looks down. Parvati, says if realsed
one should not hesitate in asking forgiveness for his mistake.  Ganesh, Kartikeya comes there. Ganesh
addresses all saying they have gathered here to celebrate the presence of Mata
& Pitashree. Paravti asks Nandi what is the surprise planned by him? Shivji
understands, tells all they will meet very soon again.

Naradji asks Nandi what has he planned? Nandi says he was
buzy preparing for Mahabhoj, so couldn’t get time to even decide what shoud he
do? Naradji suggests you always want to see Shivji in a happy mood so do
something for that. Nandi gets  excited,
leaves. Naradji is wondering what has Nandi understood form his advise?

In Kashi people worshipping are lured to give it up for
money. Daksh is praying. Ripunjay’s minister comes with a bag full of coins,
tells him Ripunjay has requested him to, stop worshipping & sstart a
Gurukul with this money & teach people to work towards materialism &
contribute in progress of Kashi. Daksh takes the bag full of coins. Shivji is
watching this.

In Ripunjay’s  palace,
Daksh comes with that bag, tells him if he would give him more money then this
& ask him to give up his principles, aim of life, will he do that? Rupnjays
denies. Daksh tells him, similarly in Kashi there are some people, whose aim is
to worship God. You remind me of my past that’s why I am telling you, those who
have taken money will be satisfied temporarily but later on dissatsfaction,
conceit will increase, it may lead to decline of Kashi. Ripunjay  asks him to guide. Daksh says, if Devas are
pleased they will help you in your progress, Kashi’s progress. Use power of
Bhakti of your citisons for progress. He leaves , Ripunjay is thinking.

At Kailash, Shivji tells Diti, he is extremely happy seeing
her after a long time. Diti says it takes many births to come to Kailash. She
was invited so she is here. After years of darkness, it’s good to be at Kailash
who treats everyone equally. This brightness makes her happy.

Precap: Bhang party is going on . All are happy, except

Update Credit to: mnx12

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