Pavitra Rishta 7th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 7th June 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 7th June 2013 Written Update

Purvi walks out of the hospital. She is looking weary and is crying . She remembers many occasions when her mother supported her , fought for her and always said that she had more faith in Purvi than anyone else n the world .

She remembers how her mother told her that she is her mother’s life and then painful memories how her mother broke down after hearing about her and Arjun having a baby come to her .How Archana told Purvi that Archana is dead now and she wants Purvi to go away …
Arjun comes after Purvi when she is walking away from the hospital .
It starts raining . Purvi is thinking that today she has really become an orphan as Archana has left her .
A car is about to hit her but Arjun pulls her away .Purvi starts crying and breaks down in Arjun’s arms .Arjun is trying to calm her ..

Suddenly someone starts clapping .It is Purvi’s husband Onir who is looking at Arjun and Purvi , he is looking furious .

Purvi tries to say something but Onir is very angry .He questions her as to what she expects of him ? Does she wants him to just her in the arms of her ex lover and just trust her .That he should just see all that love that they have in their eyes ( Arjun and Purvi ) for each other and still try and understand …He says that she is the one who came to him saying that she wants to give her relationship with her husband a second chance .
Arjun tries to intervene but Onir tells him to shut up .

Back in the hospital, Ovi is crying in her mother’s arms and Archana is trying to console her .Archana remembers baby Ovi and baby Teju how she and Manav used to look after them .She tells Ovi that as baby Ovi was always more demanding than Teju .
Archana says that she and Manav had dreams that they wil leducate their children, give them good values and one day get them married to life partners who will be good for them but destiny had other plans .
Archana says to Ovi that she always knew that Arjun was not meant for Ovi but Ovi’s stubborn behavior and zid got her married to Arjun .She says that what happened to Ovi is wrong but Ovi is herself to be blamed for this .

She says that She is always there for Ovi and will support whatever decision Ovi takes regarding her marriage now .
Ovi is crying a lot and she tells Archana how much it pains to be in this city as she keeps thinking of Arjun and the way she was deceived .She says that she has to go back to Canada because it is impossible for her to live in India .
Archaan also is crying but she hugs Ovi and tells her that if going back to Canada is what she wants then she will not stop her .

Archana also tells Ovi that her family is always there for her and she can always come back when she is ready to come to India . Ovi leaves and Archana starts crying as she sees Ovi walk away .

Purvi and Onir come back home .Purvi is shocked to see that Pari is not there and neither is Shalini .She starts panicking that she should not have left Pari with Shalini and wants Onir to call Sahalini and check where she is . A neighbor knocks on the door. She has Pari with her , she gives Pari to Purvi and tells her that Shalini has left home and wanted Pari to be given to her mother when Purv comes back .Purvi is very surprised that Shalini just left without saying anything to anyone .
Onir tells Purvi to change her clothes as she is all dripping with rain water .Purvi gets a towel but she goes to Onir and affectionately tries to dry his hair but he is irritated and tells her to stop .Purvi tries to give explanation of what he saw outside the hospital but Onir is not in a mood to hear any explanations .

It is very late at night but Manav is still in the hospital .He checks on Archana .She is pretending to be sleeping but she is actually crying .Manav tells Archana that she has cried so much and she must stop now . Archaan says that she cannot stop because of what has happened with Purvi, she has no one to blame but herself .
She tells him not to blame Purvi for what happened but blame her because she failed to give good values and good sanskaars to her daughter . She tried her best to give Purvi a good upbringing and good good morals but she failed .

Manav says that it is not Archana who failed but it is Purvi who failed in following the good values that her mother had given her .He tells Archaan to stop blaming herself .
Archana says that she is the one who has lost the most as today she has lost both her daughters .She says that she is feeling so confused .One one side is Purvi and on the other side is Ovi and she just does not know anymore who is right and who is wrong .
She again breaks down crying ..

Next morning ,Dr. Gauri is going in Archana ‘s room but Soham stops her .He says that after what happened , he is not going to let her come anywhere near his mother . Manav tells Soham that he will allow Gauri to see Archana .He tells Soham that Archana is his wife and as her husband he is the one who takes decision regarding her

Doctor Agarwal comes to see Archana in her room .He gives her flowers and tells her that she is well enough to go home now . He tells Manav that as an outpatient , Archana will be checked by Gauri at her home every now and again .
Manav tells Archana that he is going to phone at home that he is bringing Archana ome from the hospital .
When Manav leaves, Gauri goes to Archana’s bed and apologises for what ahd happened yesterday because of an unintentional act by gauri .
Archana tells Gauri not to blame herself and tells gauri that she has a good heart and cannot hurt anyone knowingly .She says that she is glad that she found out the truth or else her family had gone on to hide these facts from her for a long time .
Archaan tells Gauri to come home to see her as she is now getting used to seeing Gauri every day . Gauri says that she will come as she has to do the check ups .
Manav also comes in the room .He gives gauri his ashirwaad, thanks her for taking such good care of Archana .He says that if she ever needs anything then she should come to him and he will be only too glad to help .Gauri is very happy and she tells both Manav and Archaan that she feels very emotionaly attatched to them even though as a doctor she is not supposed to be .She wishes Archana all the best and leaves the room .

Manav tells Archana that Gauri reminds him of the Archana he saw many years ago .Gauri has the same goodness in her that Archana used to have when he first saw her .
Even though he is giving her a compliment . a sad Archana tells Manav that she would never wish Gauri to ever become anything like her …

Precap : Purvi is excited , just now she heard on phone that Archana got discharged .She plans that she will buy a gift for Archana .Suddenly she hears Onir talking to Shalini on the phone . Shalini is telling him that she is around him and will not leave till he tells the truth to Purvi .
Onir is looking fed up and tells Shalini that he cannot tell anything to Purvi right now .Purvi is quietly listening to him talk to Shalini .….

Update Credit to: Tanyaz

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