Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th June 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th June 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with sandy thinking abt meena & chavi. Bhabho asks everyone to work fast. Everyone does something or the other work. Suraj prepares sweets. Sweets making classes going on boss. Suraj’s work is applaudable. He is working with two hands. I mean he is making two ladoos at the same time. Chavi to helps him by frying. Vikram calls sandy to check those things given by the pest control officers. Bhabho asks her to wahs those clothes too. Meena makes a comment on the stinky smeel. SAndy smells that to be emily’s oil & remembers her wordss saying that she made it the whole night & sandy wonders how can she make without gas & concldes that emily too went to the shop last night. Sandy wonders who left the shop last

Suraj says that the sweets are ready & they need to pack it. Chaturi offers help to bring those boxes. Suraj remembers that his packing machine is in his shop & sandy tells him not to worry & they can make it by using candles. Sandy searches the whole kitchen but she doesn’t get. SAndy informs the same to bhabho. Emily tells that she has got candles & brings those. They start packing.

When emily brings the candles she drops the same. Meanwhile the pest control offivcers inform sandy that they have finished their work & they can close the door. Sandy goes with them. The officers ask sandy not to use anything from the shop for the next two days. Sandy closes the small shutter kept open. She finds some candles there same as emily’s candles. Sandy thinks that emily mst have come here after the light gone yesterday. So concludes that chavi must have come by 11.30 & before that meena & after 12.000 emily. Sandy concludes that she must have left it open becoz of no current & thinks that the loss is due to ems carelessness. She locks the door & leaves..

Bhabho asks suraj to go with care. Suraj thanks her saying that everyone helped him today. Chotu asks him whether he can come with him Suraj agrees. They both leave.

Bhabho sits down with a big relief. Meena tells some proverb like unity is strength & applauds that suraj could deliver the sweets on time. Bhabho tells that it is not a help to suraj but it si their duty to help & ads that suraj does that everyday. Bhabho asks report card / status report from sandy. Sandy thinks that she can’t tell bhabho abt emily without solid proof. Sandy tells bhabho that she is near the culprit & tell the name by evening. Meena wonders why sandy is not taking ems name. Bhabho asks her to inform soon so that she can look after them.

Ems leaves the spot by making excuse that she has to take some paapad out. Babasa asks sandy to get him some medicine as his hands are paining. Meena offers bhabho tea but bhabho denies saying that she will not get sleep until she punishes that culprit. Chavi tells that it is a family member & tells that they might have eft the shop open unknowingly. Bhabho asks her whether she did that. Sandy puts a bandage on babasa. Chavi blurts saying that why would she do that. Sandy leaves the place.
Ems in her room is very tensed. Sandy comes & calls her name out. She quickly picks up the laptop & starts watching the marriage video & tells that the door is open. sandy enters.
Ems calls sandy to look at her marriage video. Sandy tells that she has sfound the culprit of surajs shop vandalism. Emily gulps.
Episode ends at the stern face of sandy..

Precap: Sandy while leaving suddenly something gets her attention in the laptop & looks at that. Sandy gives a shocked look.

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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