Dil Dosti Dance 7th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 7th June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 7th June 2013 Written Update

The next team starts their performance in the stage.The team is in their green room all nervous.The comperer calls for St.Louis team and they form a team round.Swayam seems a bit worried and they all cheer up and move.Taani comes and ask if they all are ready and they move.The enter the auditorium.Each one gets in when Swayam and Sharon see each other.Sharon says I will not tell Best of Luck as I know more than luck you need inner strength.She says God will not leave him as he has never let him down.Swayam asks you prayed from me.Sharon says no for you for me(us).Sharon moves and Swayam says that he can do it loudly to himself and move.The team performs on Tashan mai After the formation is done Swayam falls down on the stage.The team panics.Rey and Sharon tell him that nothing will happen and ask him to take deep breadth.Taani comes and asks the team to bring him to first aid room.The asks Swayam to speak once.He is taken by the team to the first aid room.Rey remembers his routine when he said that he has planned it with Swayam in the group.He feels if something happens to Swayam he will not be able to forgive himself.Taani remembers when Rey said Swayam’s injury.She thinks that due to insecurity may be Rey forced Swayam.Taani blames herself.Sharon remembers the physio incident and thinks may be if I had left he would not have felt ill.Sharon blames herself.The doctor comes out and says Swayam is fine.Why are you guys so tensed.This is normal at this age.Rey asks can they once see Swayam.

The doctor says sure they can but only one.The doctor say its the rule.Taani says she will go.Rey asks Sharon to move.Taani says she said she will go but Rey continues saying Sharon to go as she had to speak something with him regarding his injury.Sharon stands for sometime and moves to see Swayam.The team moves and Taani comes and stands in front of Rey.The team says the war in about to begin and countdown begins.Rey says when you stare nothing is going to change.Taani asks why did you leave Sharon in.Rey says she had to speak about the event.Taani is like her brother is unwell and he wants to speak about event.Are you so selfish.Rey turns to a side and says don’t repeat the same question as the question will get bored.Simmi asks are wars allowed in hospital.

Sharon comes inside the room when Swayam was feeling the pain.She comes near him and ask him to take it easy.By this she holds his shoulder.Swayam remembers few of their moments.Swayam ask Sharon why is she hear.Sharon says she is hear to see him and ask him how is his injury.Swayam asks Sharon to send Rey.Sharon thinks Swayam says at this moment he only wants to speak with Rey.

Precap: The team is seated in rehearsal hall.They are in deep thought.The team comes to VP room.Swayam says its cause of him.He must not have participated.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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