Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 7th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 7th June 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 7th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1

The episode begins with Prabhu telling Mayank that he wants to talk to him. Prabhu tells Mayank that what he did was not right and that Seema is forgetting all her relations in the joy of becoming a mother-in-law and asks why is he supporting Seema. Mayank says that Seema was upset. Prabhu asked what about what she has been doing getting influenced by Mausiji’s talks and has been treating Shail badly. Prabhu says that Seema keeps differentiating the bride and groom’s side and makes Shail do all the work. Prabhu says that Seema is behaving like a queen and that he has been quite all this while because of the guests and he won’t once the wedding is over. Mayank notices Shail doing all the work and is shocked at what is happening. He tells Prabhu poor Shail. Rachana in front of the mirro and is combing her hair and Gunjan wakes up and is deep in thought. Rachana asks her what is she thinking about. Gunjan says she can’t believe its her haldi and that she will be putting the haldi in Mayank’s name and says she feels like its a dream and asks if its true and Rachana says it is because Mayank and Gunjan love each other so much. Gunjan says she has a strange feeling which is unexplainable. Rachana says she looks happy and it can be seen on her face. Rachana goes down as Shail calls her. Shail wonders what is taking Mandy so long. Rachana asks Shail about the ritual where water is poured and Shail explains it to her. Mandy apologizes for being late and complains for it being hot

Part 2

Haldi is starting with a partition of cloth between Gunjan and Mayank. Gunjan comes in a yellow saree. Shail says Gunjan will glow with the haldi. Shail asks Mandy if they should start and she corrects Shail saying to call her Mandy not Manorama. Mayank looks at Gunjan and Bua teases him saying to look at the other girls surrounding him also. People start putting haldi on Gunjan. She gets emotional thinking about Sneha and how her mom said she will be a bride. Akash also gets emotional and sad. Gunjan starts tearing up and Shail tells her not to cry. Mayank sees Gunjan crying and call Dholu and whispers something into his ears. Dholu opens the partition and throws a flower at Gunjan. The flower hits Gunjan and she turns and looks and Mayank signals to her not to cry as Kabira plays at the background. Gunjan then leaves her hand imprint on a cloth and gives it to Akash saying that daughters like the haldi colour leave their mark at their parent’s house. She says she also is leaving her mark and tells him to take it along with him. Mandy says its cute. Akash takes it with him. Gunjan is brought up. Maasiji tells Seema to put the haldi on Mayank. He asks for Shail and says he wants her to be the first person to put the haldi on him.

Part 3

Sangeetha says that Shail is Gunjan’s aunt but Mayank says that doesn’t mean that his relationship with Shail has changed. Mayank calls Shail to come and says she forgot him and that he was born before Gunjan so that way he gets his right over Shail first.
Shail says she always took him as her son and has loved him like that. She says she has been waiting for this for a long time and is very happy. Mausiji signals Seema to smile. Shail puts haldi while all put haldi on Mayank. Rachana tells Shail to change into her new saree that Dayal gave her for Diwali for the mehendi ceromony. Shail says she will and goes. Rachana takes a basket of flowers and turns but bumps into Bobby and the flowers fall on him. DDLJ tune plays and Rachana says she is sorry. Bobby says not sorry but his name is Bobby and she must have heard before and she says no not at all. He says never mind what is in a name and asks her name. She says her name is Rachana and leaves. He says its a nice name and that its a wedding so the bravehearted will take the bride away. Mandy is happy to see Bobby and Bobby tells him that Benaras girls all look at him and shower him with flowers. She says she knew it and will put a black tikka to ward of the evil eye but he stops her saying his face. She says she will bring him to meet Gunjan. Seema, Sangeetha and Mausi see Shail and Seema decided to go and put haldi on Shail and ruins her outfit spilling the haldi on her saree. She pretends to apologetic to Shail for spilling the haldi and says its her mistake and that the stain won’t come out. Rachana asks Shail how did her saree become stained. Seema tells Shail to change to another saree but Shail says its ok that she will clean it up. Rachana looks suspicious. Seema walks away smiling.

Part 4

Mausi and Seema laugh at Shail’s state. Mausi tells Seema now that she has the keys the people of the house will dance to her tunes. Prabhu calls Seema and she is about to go to him when Mausi tells her if he wants he will come to her and Seema agrees as she is angry with how Prabhu told her off. Prabhu comes in and she asks if he came to apologize for his doings. He says he is embarrassed about his action adn then asks her where are the keys to the cupboard and she panicks as its not on her waist. He then asks is it this and takes it out. She asks how did he get it and he says that he was keeping it safe as she left it on the bed. Seema snatches the keys. Mausi says that its a husbands duty to support his wife and that she just became a owner. Prabhu says Seema and owner that makes so many mistakes. Seema says he always picks on her mistakes. Rachana is walking and trips and Bobby catches her. He smiles at her and she looks taken a back.

Episode Ends

Precap: Gunjan is decorated with flower jewellery. Seema tells Shail that a married couple usually gives the bride away and she wishes that instead of Akash Shail and Dayal should do it. Shail and Dayal look angry.

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