Pavitra Rishta 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 6th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shekhar getting ready for engagement and asking Naren about his opinion. Naren says he is looking very handsome, and if Pari will see him, she will cancel the engagement and directly marry him.

Manav is driving his car to reach Pari’s engagement venue. His car stops in the middle of road. Soham’s boss sees him checking his car and asks him to come to his garage till his mechanic repairs it. He asks Soham to go and repair his car. Soham sees Manav and gets tensed.

Shekhar’s parents are busy getting for the engagement. Engagement’s aarti thaali falls on the floor.

Archana calls Manav and asks him why is he late for the engagement. Manav says his car broke down and he is getting it repaired, will reach engagement venue soon. Archana says she is missing Soham a lot. Manav says if Soham would have been there, he would have fulfilled mama/uncle’s rituals in Pari’s engagement. Soham gets emotional hearing Pari’s engagement news.

Manav asks howmuch time he will take to repair his car. Soham says he needs 3-4 hours to repair it. Manav informs Soham’s boss to get teh car repaired and send it to his house. Boss agrees and asks Soham to keep Manav’s items in a taxi. Soham covers his face and keeps items in taxi. Manav gives him 500 rs tip and leaves. Soham goes into flashback and remembers giving his first salary of 250 rs to Manav and he cribbing on him.

Manav reaches engagement venue. Archana sees his hand with grease and cleans it with her saree. Manav asks her not to do that. Archana says she used to wipe grease on his body when he was a mechanic with her saree, even now she likes doing it.

Shekhar’s parents reach engagement venue with Ankita and Naren. Archana does aarti on Ankita and Naren. Ankita asks Archana about Pari who informs where she is. Ankit goes to meet Pari.

Soham brings khichdi to Shashank’s mother. She eats and scolds Shashank for preparing such a bad khichdi. Shashank comes there and asks Mansi why did not she get ready for Pari’s engagement as Archana insisted them. Mansi says she will be with his parents but agrees on Shashank’s insistence. Shashank’s mom starts acting as getting headache. Mansi says Shashank that she will stay with his parents and to go with her siblings.

Sulochana says Shekhar’s parents that she is happy that Pari is getting married to Shekar, Pari is lucky to have Shekhar. Shekhar’s mom says she is lucky to have Pari as bahu. Sulochana asks her to forgive Pari if she does any mistake. Shekhar’s mom says not to say that as she thinks Pari as her daughter.

Shekhar is tensed about his engagement. Naren says he will give him tip. Savita comes and says she will give him tip of her 50 year marriage with drunkard Damodar. Damodar comes and says he is unlucky to have her. they both start fighting. Shekhar and Naren take them away from there. Naren says they fight so cutely, he loves them. He says aaji is impossible, and azoba is next to impossible. He will be like azoba and Archana will be like aaji in their childhood days.
Ovi gets Pari ready. Pari asks Ovi sorry for her misbehavior. OVi asks her not to cry as their misunderstanding has cleared and consoles her. Ankita comes there. Ovi asks Ankita to take care of Pari and she will go and help Archana. Ankita sees Pari not wearing bangles and gives bangles to her. She says she knows the importance of mangalsutra, sindhoor, etc., they change a girl’s perception. She says has changed since her marriage, relationship between 2 hearts is very important and starts praising Naren. She says she will also understand it once she is married.

Precap: Pia gets out of the car and is shocked to see Naren/Aman standing there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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