Nadaan Parindey 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 6th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher having her haldi ritual going on. Mehendi hai rachne wali……………….plays………………Everyone dance around. Even RV’s mum applies him some shagun mahendi. Bebe hears them and says mehandi started, Meher waited for this day a lot. Bebe cries. She says Meher be happy, your Bebe will be here. Meher misses Bebe. Bebe says atleast your dream got fulfilled, you wanted to go to Canada, see Lord heard you. Sameer packs some childhood toys which he wants to return to Meher.

He thinks how Meher returned him the souvenirs. Nadaan parindey ghar aaja…………………plays……………Sameer leaves from home. Purab comes and checks Sartaj. He comes to know he attacks his men and does not eat food. He meets Sartaj. Sartaj looks at him. Purab asks did you not like this food. Sartaj says even animals won’t eat this food. Purab asks his men to bring biryani for Sartaj. Sameer comes to Meher’s room and gives her the souvenirs. He is angry and says what about these things, even I don’t want any memories, take this. She asks what are you doing.

Purab gives biryani to Sartaj. Sartaj doubts on him. Purab says don’t doubt, its not drugged and poisoned. Purab leaves. Sartaj says they are thinking to sacrifice me. Purab says he will not tell us anything if we scare him, if we give him wish to live, then he will be scared to death, we have to spoil him. Meher sees the things and holds it. Sameer tells her about their childhood instances. They have a talk.

Meher remembers everything. He says you named me Pajama Singh when I was 10 years on o=my birthday. He says see you wrote it with your bad handwriting. Meher smiles. She teases him. They both end their fight and have a laugh talking about Bebe. She shows him bangles. He says give it to me, I will throw it somewhere. He puts all the things back in the bag saying everything is important for him. Meher smiles looking at him.

He says Bebe said that memories don’t end like this, they are in heart, and they don’t go from heart even if you try to erase them. Meher says Bebe is right, I should have not fought with you. Sameer starts leaving. She stops him. He asks now what, if you want anything, tell me, I will bring. Meher hugs him. Sameer is stunned. She cries. He asks are you fine. She says yes. He leaves. Purab calls Nimmi and asks about Meher. Nimmi tells her that his mum brought proposal for Meher and they agreed. Purab is happy misunderstand. Purab says I will come in marriage, else how will it happen.

Nimmi says Meher is very happy. Channi comes there and Nimmi says its Purab’s call. Channi is shocked. She takes the call and lies to him. She says don’t call here again, we will talk when you come here. Purab says fine and ends the call. Channi wishes Purab does not come till marriage as its more two days. Sameer is upset going to his home. His friends meet him and asks why is he upset. Sameer says yes, I m upset and scolds them. They ask what happened. Sameer leaves thinking about Meher.

Sameer sees RV much angry and throwing his phone. Sameer feels restless.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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