Sadda Haq 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 6th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vardhan shouts at everyone asking where the hell Sanyukta is. He asked to assemble whole Dream Team. Kastuki says she was not informed. Vardhan asks what she means, do they need a month period for a notice? Or should he start putting announcements on notice boards now. He gives them till evening time and leaves. Vidushi taunts that Sanyukta put them into problems every time. Kastuki calls her, but she is not near her phone and doesn’t pick up. They wonder how they will get her here now. No one knows where she is. Randhir says he will go and get her.

Sanyukta comes out in Ghagra choli dress, but its all messed up. She tells the teacher, she wore it first time by herself. The teacher corrects it for her. Randhir sees it. He says she really needs these classes. The teacher opens up Sanyukta’s hair and asks her to get ready properly. She goes somewhere. Randhir says to himself, Vardhan gave 2 hours, but he will show Sanyukta how to reach college in 10 minutes from the grooming class. He comes to Sanyukta. Sanyukta asks him what he’s doing there. He says he came to get her. She says this is not college’s hostel that he would enter it from any place. The teacher sees them together.

The teacher asks Randhir who he is. Randhir says he works in a Canadian’s investment company and they want to invest in this grooming class. The teacher asks him to sit. Randhir says before they invest, he will need to see if there is really any growth in this company. How it helps others. The teacher tells him he can check it out. Randhir starts checking out things there. The teacher tells Sanyukta and other girls to serve Randhir and asks them to behave properly with him. Sanyukta says in her mind, she won’t spare Randhir. She brings snacks for him. The teacher gets a call and she goes outside. Sanyukta puts snacks in Randhir’s mouth. Randhir says he thought she comes to a boring grooming class, but she is on right path of becoming an ideal daughter in law. She steps up on his feet. He says, she’s pressing legs wrong way. She says, she feels like pressing his neck. He checks time and says, they have to leave now. Vardhan and Dream Team are waiting for them. He gave them 2 hours. She asks why he didn’t tell her that earlier. He was doing timepass with her teacher and all. She’s changing, but he says they are getting late. She just goes like that in Ghagra choli.

In college, other Dream Team students wonder what happened to Sanyukta. Vidushi says, looks like she came running from her marriage. They go to Vardhan. Vardhan shouts at Sanyukta asking what she’s wearing. Parth gives their idea for the project to Vardhan, but he’s not impressed. He gets mad telling them what is that. They need to research properly. He asks them to leave. All wonder what happened to Vardhan. Why he got so mad all of a sudden.

Randhir and Sanyukta are in the corridor. She tells him, he must be very happy today. Because of him, Vardhan shouted at her yet again. She asks why she’s even talking to him and starts walking. Her dress gets stuck in his shirt’s button. She turns back angrily, but then sees that and pulls her dress angrily. Randhir’s shirt’s button comes out in that. She’s leaving. Randhir pulls her back to him. Both have eye lock. Randhir holds her hand and puts his books in her hands. He removes his shirt and gives it to her. He says, she removed his button and now she will fix it. She must have gotten expert in that now. She tries to say something, but he tells her not to argue. She throws shirt back on his face and leaves. Randhir gets angry. Sanyukta blames Randhir for what happened. She decides to change quickly and then go to library. It’s not her dress in the bag, but she decides to wear it as it’s better than her Ghagra Choli. After changing, she comes to the library. She recalls Randhir’s and Vardhan’s words.

Randhir’s friend, Lucky, comes to see him. Randhir asks him how his coaching class is going. He shows skatedrive that kids made and asks Randhir to do something to double its speed. Randhir says, anything for his brother. A boy is skating. He falls down. Sanyukta goes to him and asks if he’s okay. The boy says, he can manage on his own. Someone comes to Sanyukta and tells if someone’s goal is clear, then nothing can stop them. YoYo comes there and says he’s his big fan. He’s a director and came to promote his upcoming film Hawa Hawai. Other hand, Randhir finishes working and gives it to his friend. He calls Randhir genius and leaves.

Parth comes to Prof. Rao’s room. He says, he must open this door else how he will find out. He is sure the reason for Vardhan’s problem is in that room.

Precap: Sanyukta is washing clothes. Randhir takes her pictures. In college, students look at something and gossip on it. Randhir comes to Sanyukta and smiles. Parth tells someone on phone that he has to open this lock and gives its description. Randhir comes there and seems to have heard that. Parth turns and is shocked to see him.

Update Credit to: Tina

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