Ek Mutthi Aasman 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 6th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ek Mutthi Aasman and Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke updates are mixed today due to Maha Sangam episode on Zee TV.

Scene 1
Ubtan is being done on Kalpi by kamla and Gunjan. Kamla says don’t go out in the sunlight. Vitthal comes and gazes at her. Kamla says what are you looking ? Our daughter has grown up. Its Vitthal’s priness’s wedding. She is about to build her home. All our dreams havr fulfilled. He smiles and goes out. Kalpi gets a call from Raghav. He asks how are you ? Kalpi says I am good. People are applying ubtan on me. Everyone here is so happy. Vitthal asks what about u=you ? he says I called to congratulate you. Its the first ritual of our relationship. Kalpi says congratulation. He says thanks. He says I am so happy but no one is here. Kalpi says don’t mind but can I ask you something ? Do have a little idea where you Ai is? Raghav disconnects the phone. he tries to tell himself that she should not ruin his mood today.

Scene 2
Kamla comes with Vitthal in the ground to look for the arrangements. Vitthal says its Ganesh pooja Pakiya go and take a bath.
The pooja starts Gunjan comes there too. Pihu is looking out from the window. She says there is only one way to get out. thats Vicky. I have to win his trust. I will steal my photos. She goes to Vicky and asks to remove the tape. She says I am feeling so bad its suffocating. He says thats your mistake. I wouldn’t have bound you if you didn’t scream. Pihu says I realize my mistake. My only benefit is in living with you. He says stop this drama. Pihu says no I know that my family won’t accept me. Its only you whom I can live with now. He opens the rope. She says can I go and fresh ? He says yeah go. She opens her bag and takes out some clothes. Vicky stops her and hides her face with dupaata and says this should always be covered. She nods and leaves. Vicky wears his fake mustache and turban.

The pooja is on going. Everyone is participating. Gunjan is there too. Pihu comes after bath and sees the people doing the pooja. Vicky comes out and says I asked you not to remove this dupatta. He her face and goes in.Gunjan turns and sees the dupaata that pihu has hung on the rope. She realizes that Pihu had the same dupaata.

Scene 3
Rachna gives tea to Dayal. He says because of last few days there had been trouble in this home. Well now they are on holidays. Its all better now. I just pray that you find someone like murli who can keep you happy. He asks are you thinking that you would end up your career ? i will find a guy who will understand your whims. Rachna says i know you will do the best for me. Your decision will be mine. She leaves and goes in. she wonders why she feels weird with the name of wedding. Seema chachi was saying why I keep on going to KT’s home when I don’t work with him anymore. Do I miss working with him ?

Scene 4
Gunjan comes forward and looh for the dupatta. Manda says why are you staring at my clothes do you wanna steal ? Keep your eyes to Kamla’s room. Shayl calls gunjan and asks did you meet pihu . She says no but i saw vicky tomorrow. Shayl asks did you meet pihu ? She says no but i will find her as soon as possible.Shayl says everyone is so happy here to know that pihu is on holiday with mirlu.
Seema comes in and shayl pretends like she is talking to someone else.
Gunjan says there are two grooms. Kamla says no the other one is his friend. The name of groom is Sammy. Gunjan says I though the other one is the groom. Kamla says he is the groom of my other daughter. Kamla asks Pakh to bring Kalpi. Kalpi comes out and sits in front of Raghav. Kamla asks pakhi to come and sit as well. Sammy asks why Pakhi ? Kamla says its a ritual that unmarried sister sits with the bride. The rituals start and Sammy’s mom gives Kalpi the stuff. Kamla says Sammy come and sit here . kalpi, Raghav and Sammy’s parents are dazed why she is calling Sammy ? his mom asks why sammy ? Kamla says just like pakhi sat with kalpi. SAmmy and Raghav will sit together. Sammy and Raghav smile and sit on the other side. Kamla makes them both eat the sweet. Vitthal says all the rituals have been done. I invite you all to the ring ceremony. Gunjan says don’t know why but that dupatta is still on my mind.

Scene 5
Rachna gets a call from KT. He says miss Rachna i know you don’t work with me anymore but can I ask for your help ? She says yeah what help ? He says I am designing a dress for someone special. I want your help in it. She wonders is he designing the dress for his girlfriend.

Scene 6
Nettu asks Pakhi where is she going ? She says I am going for the dress alteration. Its kalpi’s engagement tonight. She says I have different plan for you we are going to paris with your dad. Its ben long since we went together. We have to talk to Raghav when we come back and you will shop for your wedding from there. Pakhi agrees and says let me inform Kalpi. Nettu calls the maid and asks her to look after mummy ji and don’t forget to give injections to Gauri.

Scene 7
KT says Rachna nothing feels good without you here. Suddenly he sees Rachna in a white dress there. He presses a button and some rose petal sprinkle on her. He shows the design of dress. Rachna asks whom is this for ? He says for the girl I love. She is so beautiful. Rachna says I think Kt black outline would suit more. Kt gazes her she is in her simple clothes. He says I called you here to add your touch in it. She says this is for your girlfriend. Can I ask who she is ? He says I will make you meet her. You will like her a lot. All the materials are ready you just have to help me in making. You will give this dress to her so you can meet her. Rachna is so shocked. She says I have to go out. she goes out and is in tears. She wonders why is she upset. She should be happy for KT.

Scene 8
The engagement is about to start. Raghav and Sammy sit together. Kalpi meets everyone. Kamla asks Pakh to sit with her. Pakiya says i welcome you all and lets start the lavanni for today.
The dance starts, Gunjan is leading the dance. She is enjoying the dance a lot. Pakhi joins her. Gunjan looks at the sardar and feels like he looks like Vicky. Kamla asks whats wring ? She says nothing. She rejoins the dance. Kamla is dancing as well. Gunjan goes towards that side. Pihu is looking out from her window. Vicky comes and closes the window. He says what were you looking at ? There is no need to go down. He goes out and locks the door. Pihu is crying.

Raghav says to Kalpi to come on a side. They go on the backside. Manda sees them and says there is something going on. Kalpi asks where are you taking me ? He says to complete the incomplete. Your ai won’t come here. We are about to be husband and wife you can kiss me now. Kalpi goes on the other side he says you look beautiful. I can’t loo kanywhere else. He kisses her forehead. Manda is looking at them. she says love story is on going her. let me call everyone. Kalpi hugs Raghav. He is about to kiss her but Kalpi stops him. Kalpi is going Raghav holds her hand. Manda goes downstairs and says how stupid this boy is. His wife is enjoying with his boss.

Pakhi says to kamla I am leaving for paris. Kamla says won’t you attend the wedding? Pakhi says its just for a weak obviously i will. Manda asks the man to throw the light at the terrace. She announces that this light will be on the terrace and you will see something you have never seen before. Everyone wonders whats going on. She turns the light to them and suddenly fireworks blow. Everyone starts looking at them. Kalpi leaves.

Gunjan goes to the room and says this is the best time to see who is here. She bring Pakiya there and says look here is the lock on the door and we can hear some voice. He says yeah there is something. He says let me bring a stone and break this window. Gunjan looks in. Pakiya says there is nobody in someone would have come on the noise of breaking glass. She says yeah you are right. They leave and Pihu comes out to window. She sees Gunjan but gunjan has left.

Kamla gives the ring to Gunjan and says you will give it to Kalpi. Rghav gives his to sammy. Kamla asks them to start the wedding.
Kalpi goes in an gets reday. Suddenly flame touches her dupatta. She is so busy in thinking about Raghav. Her dupatta is on fire.She realizes when its too late. The door step is on fire as well. she shouts for hep but no one can hear her. Raghav and gunjan see some smoke coming out of kalpi’s room/. Raghav goes in running in to save her.

Precap-Dayal asks shayl where is Pihu ? Tell me the truth whats going on in this house ? Or you will see my dead face. Shayl stops him by putting her hand on his mouth.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  6. I have read somewhere that kalpi is going to marry Sammy and raghav pakhi

    1. that’s BS.

  7. sasy i hope u are not right……..hope kalpi and raghav will be together
    pakhi go away……..

  8. there r many spoilers bt no suspense wld cleared till end

  9. Don’t believe dat crap

  10. impossible it shud be ragna

  11. When confussion will clear?
    Can’t wait anymore

    1. ikr its getting too much

  12. i enjoy today’s epi……smwhre luks me weird when raghav kalpi & sammy sit on single sofa…….

  13. hi every1…..well told u guyz raghav kalpi ko bachalega…..i thnk 2morrow gunjun must knw about RagNa…..means their relationship…..

  14. EK MUTTHI AASMAN- the name itself going to be meaningless if RAGHNA not married. it is a Story About KALPANA -maid servants daughter.translation EMA- a fistful of sky- for kalpana.her hand always empty- without her mother’s love, failing in her exam just because of kapoors,now love of her life RAGHAV – if he snatched away from her – for rich girl PAKHI = what is left in her hand- empty hand. writers wake up.dont make thousands of children =whose parents are – push cart wendors,maid servants, auto rickshaw drivers,coolies , more famous mumbai dabbawalas children will have no faith or dare to dream big.The intention to start this serial EMA which affected us most -mentally.physically – in all age groups from 7yrs to 70yrs. if it is going the way other serial goes – there is no point to watch this any more

    1. I am soooooo tired of writers making love seem so insignificant. Love is the most important emotion for ALL of us. If Raghav & Kalpi do not marry, I will definitely stop watching this story, just like Qubool Hai. The writers are ruining BOTH of these programmes.

  15. hi mon miss u today…… also miss u girija AP…….

  16. I m right here
    Think so gunjan will be the one will know about raghna
    Hope confussion get clear tomorrow

  17. hey frnds its true even i read dat kalpana will marry sammy and raghav with pakhi

    1. where u read that?

    2. i searched at net dat whom will raghav marry kalpana or pakhi there i read kalpana will unknowingly marry sammy and raghav will be forced to marry pakhi

  18. I saw a clip of the filming when paaki is upset at Kamla so I know that confusion will be cleared soon. Definitely gunjun will help Kamla realize. I think the writers love us suffering and guessing BC all the spoilers so far haven’t come true. No where did we hear about a fire. These people should know by now who the groom is and of course manda will also shoot her mouth!!! She will tell neetu and then neetu may do it!! Too much suspense. I want them together now!!
    I think he will see his mom in the mandap and leave!

    1. Yes ! I have read about it also 🙂 that Shayl and Gunjan will make Kamla realize that Kalpi and Raghav are really in love
      “Kamla is caught in a dilemma of choosing the happiness of Kalpana & Pooki but with the timely intervention of Shail (Vaishanavi Mcdonald Mahant) & Gunjan, she is convinced that Raghav & Kalpana truly love each other and should get married.”

      See : http://www.india-forums.com/tellybuzz/news-releases/19577-a-five-day-mahasangam-special-episode-of-ek-mutthi-aasmaan-sapne.htm

  19. Im just upst with 2d epi ,stl cnfusion not cleard yt.why dn’t knw im real disapnt by watchng 2d epi i dn’t think ragna ke shadi hoge so bad.and muge tho yeh samagh nhe ata sahil kapor ne kaha tha raghav is his son and pakhe ka bhai dn how brother sistr reltn bcms husbnd and wife .writer r not dng gud yar kuch tho rishton ka lihaz karo.i knw khoon ka rishta nhe he but yar ek br bol kar dusre time apne convenient ke mutabiq rishty badalte he kya.

  20. Hai frns i donot think there is any marathi custom in which unmarried girl or boy sits with bride n groom why writers showing idiotic n meaningless things kya yeh jaroori hai ki daily sop mai itni misunderstandimg crate karna aur kal bhi only gujan will come to know abt raghna

  21. How kamla and paji will know about raghna,?
    This week is only maha sangam for 2 show (sslk &ema) or hamare raghna ka bhi sangam hoga??

  22. Neetu ne paji ki bola ki sagai hogi Saadi to kalpi ki week ke baad hogi to phir ye maha sangam me raghna or paji wala pic kyo?
    Cvs making us fool and also they’re playing with our emotion
    Pawandeep kaur is another ekta kapoor
    Can’t belive this PD

  23. Don’t care paaji go hell or Paris
    Agar pura madap jaale but I just want raghna 2gether
    Can’t c any prob with them
    I haven’t c today epi just read update

  24. Episode was nice…. I bet all my Trini Dollars that Gunjun will tell Miss DUMBO about Kalpi and Raghav love story…….. I love you Gunjun…… U r always helping others…..

  25. Mss DUMBO is the Whole confusion in this show

  26. Hi Trini
    H r u??
    Dumbo award goes to kamla dumbo

  27. Hey Guys AP here…. did not even feel like logging in today after reading updates but could not help saying hello to all… looks like EMA is going down the drains like all other ekta serials… if PD stop Ragna marraige . she is also going to get into my list of Cvs whose serials you should not watch like ekta… today’s epi was a let down!!

  28. Hi mon & AP
    Hey mon waited for u all day
    Are u dere

  29. i luv toh watch raghna moments but other stupid things hapening is irritatinge so much like why samy was siting with raghna he knew the the trurh

  30. Hi Ragna friends,

    I think there are too many stories / theories roaming around on the net.

    Did you guys notice – Raghav gives the ring to Sammy – I hope this does not lead to any problems 🙁

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