Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gauri starts her bungie jumping task and completes it successfully. Everyone claps for her. Coach praises Gauri for completing the task. Radha says Tripti that their plan failed. Tripti asks her to come tomorrow to finish their plan. Kokila sees Tripti and Radha/Mani talking and goes near them. Tripti takes out a knife seeing her. Kokila asks remembers Tripti and says she knows her well but does not know where she met her. Hetal comes there and asks Kokila why is she standing here. Kokila asks Hetal to check if they know this lady. As soon as she turns, Tripti escapes from there. Radha says she was camp’s coach. Hetal says she will check tomorrow as today’s camp time has finished and takes Kokila with her. Tripti signals Radha to go with Kokila and Hetal and she follows them.

Coach makes an announcement that mothers will participate in games with their kids tomorrow. Kids happilyl clap hearing this announcement.

Urmila and her family disguises unconscious fake inspector in a saree. Kinjal informs them to do it fast as Jigar is coming with Prateek. Jigar just comes there. Prateek asks Kinjal to let them in. Prateek sees fake inspector in saree and asks who is this. Urmila says she is my relative and will go today. Jigar greets fake inspector/urmila’s relative, but does not get any reply. He then touches feet to take her blessing and sees boots in her feet. Urmila says she has pain in feet, so she is wearing boot. Kinjal asks Jigar to take Prateek with him as he has to come tomorrow again to pick him up. Jigar takes Prateek with him.

Radha thinks Kokila has made her life hell by making her work continuously. She thinks she will send her jail, but with her losing memory, she is making her work continuously instead of jail. Kokila sees Radha standing still and asks her to work. Tripti calls Radha and asks why did not she pick her call. Radha says Kokila came here, so she did not pick phone. Tripti asks if anbody doubted them, if they doubt them, then they will not send their kids to camp from tomorrow. Radha says they did not identify them. Tripti then informs her about tomorrow’s plan.

Urmila and her family take fake inspector out of the house. She asks her husband to stay there till they take fake inspector out from there. Urmila’s neighbor comes and asks Urmila why did not she come to her daughter’s engagmeent and asks who is this lady. Urmila and Kinjal say she is our aunty. Kinjal says she is Urmila’s aunt, so she also calls her aunt. Neighbour asks Urmila to dance with her as her daughter’s engagement would be incomplete without Urmila’s dance and asks to switch on the lights. Urmila and her family get tensed.

Gauri prays thanks god for sending her to boot camp and says she went because of Gopi and Ahem. She informs about falling from the ball, but enjoying it. Gopi hears her conversation and says if she enjoyed it, then she also enjoyed it and asks her to go and rest now.

Ahem talks to someone who asks him to meet on 17th. Ahem remembers Meera will be 11 year old on 17th. Gauri starts getting hiccups. Gopi goes to her to get water and sees Ahem crying remembering Meera. Gauri also sees him crying, gives him water and wipes his tears. She asks him not to cry and to believe in god.

Urmila’s neighbours start dancing with Urmila and her family tensed standing stil. Kinjal asks Urmila and Dhaval to get fake inspector back to their home. Fake inspector falls down. Neighbour asks her why did she fall down. Urmila says she slept and will take her back to her room.

Gopi serves juice to kids. Prateek drinks juice and says he got more energy with juice. Vidya and tolu/molu say they want chai. Gauri says she will drink juice and will get more enery for today’s games. Vidya and Tolu/Molu drink juice then saying they will get energy. Gauri says she wants to drink green tea like Ahem drinks. Gopi thinks Ahem must not have finished his breakfast and calls Meethi to check. Ahem also picks call and asks Gopi not to worry about him, he will take care of himself as he is doing since 8 years and asks her to keep away from his life.

Precap: Jigar takes Rashi’s video while she is asleep and goes near her. Kokila sees him and shouts at him.

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