Pavitra Rishta 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 6th March 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 6th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Purvi coming out of her. She sees Sulo and asks her, haven’t you slept yet? Sulo says, she is missing a lot. Purvi goes and sits down beside her. Sulo says, I feel like calling Manav, but he’s sad already and my call might make him sadder. Sulo says, Archu had got injury on leg in her childhood.. and I got more scared than her. Purvi says, we also have so many good memories with Archu aai. They talk about good memories now. Purvi says, we spent so much time with aai (Archu). When I was 7th grade, I got low grades and aai didn’t talk at all whole day. I also kept crying entire day. But in night, aai came and quietly slept beside me. The way aai loves everyone is so unique, right? She sleeps in Sulo’s lap now and asks her, aai will come out of the coma, right? I can’t live without her. Sulo just cries and doesn’t say anything.

Punni is on her way in the car and thinking about what she saw. She wonders why Purvi got scared when Ovi came. She says I will have to discuss this with aai. She enters the house and gets surprised seeing Ovi. Ovi says, I came here for aaji.. I thought if we all stay together then she would be happy. Punni says, that’s right. Ovi then says, Purvi is also here.. she will be happy as well if she stays with the baby. Punni says, I wanted to talk with you, but I don’t know if you will be able to hear it or no. Ovi says, let’s go inside and talk about it. Punni pulls Ovi outside and closes the door. She asks Ovi, don’t you think Purvi is coming extra closer to your baby? I mean she is mausi.. she should stay as mausi. She’s trying to become a mother.. and I don’t think that’s normal. Ovi says, no no.. you’re wrong.. I think more my daughter stays closer to her, she will be happier. In end she has lost her child. Punni says, even Varsha mausi lost her child, right? Ovi asks from where did Varsha mausi come in between? Punni says, even she had miscarriage and she couldn’t come out of it. that is why Archu gave Soham to her. And you know what happened after that. Ovi says, I don’t know why are you telling me all this. Punni says, I am just concern for you.. otherwise you’re smart. You know everything. She goes inside now.

In jail, Varsha is begging police to release her from the jail as she wants to see Archu who is in the coma. Police say, we have appealed in the court and they approved it. We will take you there tomorrow.. but I don’t know what you will do there because she is coma. Varsha remembers all her good memories with Archu. She says to herself, I never wanted anything happen to you. Today you’re in coma and maybe I am responsible for that. I want to apologize to you.. but I am not even worth to say sorry to you anymore.

Next morning, Ovi is looking in the mirror and says, it’s time to get up for my baby.. baby will drink milk and then we will go outside. She then can’t find her baby. She searches for her. Manju says, Punni was playing with her. Punni says, she is with Purvi. Ovi runs outside. Purvi and Onir are playing with the baby. Onir tells Purvi, her eyes are so like you. Onir has brought doctor set for their baby. Purvi says, you will maker doctor like you.. no.. she will be a lawyer. Onir says, our daughter.. and gets quiet. They look at each other. Onir puts the doctor set away and tells Purvi to give baby to him and he will give her to Ovi. Purvi asks him to let the baby stay with her for some more time. Onir just stares. Purvi says, fine.. I will go and give her to Ovi. Right when she is going in, Worried Ovi comes out and takes the baby away from Purvi’s hand. She tells Purvi, next time first ask and take her in your hand.. I won’t say no. Purvi and Onir are surprised. Ovi changes her tone and says, Purvi do you know.. I came out from shower and baby wasn’t there. I am asking everyone in the house, and no one knows. Please make sure you ask first before taking baby. Ovi goes inside with the baby. Purvi is crying. Disappointed Onir puts all the toys away and takes box inside. One sock is left on the table there. Purvi takes it in her hand and cries.

Manav brings bangles for Archu. He sits beside her and shows her the bangles. He says, you love green bangles, right? Here.. wear them. Please. I know you definitely will get up hearing bangle’s noise. Please get up. Sulo comes there now. She tells him, I can feel you.. you must be in lots of pain seeing your wife like this, but look at yourself too. Archu won’t get fine by you sitting here all day and night. Doctors are taking care of her and they will tell her when she gets conscious. Manav says, but I can’t live my Archana alone in this condition. Sulo says, I know but you will have to for your kids. Ovi has got so much happiness in her life. Her baby is 12 years old now. Surprised Manav asks, 12 days? I have no clue.. for me.. it’s like time has stopped. Sulo says, I met priest and he said today is very good day for baby naming ceremony. If our Archu was here, then she would have organized naming ceremony today too. Manav tells her, you can do preparations for the ceremony.. don’t know when Archu will be conscious. Sulo says, you have to come too.. and give blessings to the baby. You have to do everything that Archu would do if she was fine. Manav says, okay.. I will definitely come. Sulo now tells Archu that baby is going to get her name today and leaves.

Sulo is leaving and Varsha is entering. They pass by each other and at first, they don’t notice each other. Then Sulo feels as if she saw Varsha. She turns back and sees her. She goes to her and asks her, what are you doing here? Varsha says, I came here to see Archu tai. Sulo says, you came to see whether she is alive or dead? She is in coma because of you.. because of your bad “parvarish”, Soham became a goon and he came to kill her. Manav hears Sulo’s voice and comes outside. Varsha tells them, please listen to me.. I tried a lot to stop Balan and Soham, but I couldn’t do much as I was in the jail. Sulo says, don’t try to defend yourself.. if you hadn’t ran away with Soham years ago, then we wouldn’t have to see this day. Varsha says, I never wanted anything to happen to Archu and that is why I came here to see Archu tai. I want to apologize to her for all my mistakes. Manav says, I will never let you see Archu. He asks police to take her away from here. Police take her away. Varsha keeps begging to let her see Archu once.

Police give food to Soham. He remembers how Archu used to bring lunch box for him everyday. And then how she got shot by his hands. He says in his mind, please forgive me mai.. I didn’t want to kill you… and I didn’t shoot purposely. He now remembers beating from Manav’s hand and says, Manav Deshmukh.. you can’t be my dead. He is banging his hand to the wall and blood starts coming out. Police tell him, have you gone crazy? Blood is coming out from your hand. Soham looks at his hand and episode ends.

Precap: Sulo tells Purvi that she met priest and he said we can do baby naming ceremony today. Purvi is happy.

Update Credit to: DesiTVBox

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