Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 6th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 6th March 2013 Written Update

Madhav is ready to accompany the family for Puja…His mother is very pleased that Madhav agreed to come with them…Princey ma’am happiness is short lived when Madhav tells her that it is only because of Rahul convincing has he agreed to come with them…Princey ma’am stubbornly ignores Rahul’s efforts and tells them that they are getting late..Seeing the happy family, Rahul has tears in his eyes which is noticed by Madhav who asks Rahul as to what the matter is…Rahul dismisses him by being macho and tells him that water came to his eyes…They leave for the Temple..

AT the Temple

Both Madhav and Aaradhya’s family are present at the temple…Madhav notices Aaradhya…Both families take blessings from the priest…Princey ma’am tells the rest of the family to leave and will join them later…On the way out of temple, Madhav sister realises that she has left her mobile in the temple..Madhav tells Rahul that to look after Pallu (Madhav’s Other Sister) and that he will accompany his sister in finding the mobile..

Outside the temple, Pallu is looking at bangles in the market…Rahul tells Pallavi that he will come in a bit…Rahul and Aaradhya bump into each other…Aaradhya starts to create a scene by calling Rahul a stalker for following him and a psycho…She explains to her sister that this is the same guy who forced her to try to commit suicide…Both go into argument….Seeing the commotion, Pallavi approaches Aaradhya and introduces herself to them telling that she is junior in the same college…Aaradhya does not recognise Pallavi but Pallavi aware of Aaradhya’s popularity saves Aradhya’s blushes by saying that she may not know her but she knows everything about Aaradhya…She tells Aaradhya that don’t misunderstand Rahul as he is a great guy…

Little away from Pallavi and Aaradhya conversing, a group of housewives are praising one of the girls…Princey ma’am overhears the conversation of the women and assumes that they are praising her daughter Pallavi when in fact they are overpraising Aaradhya to the point of where jealousy seems to become Princey ma’am main emotions….The gossiping women continue to speak negatively on Pallavi by saying that the full family are ugly and dark and that there is a reason as to why the elder daughter remains unmarried…Princey ma’am pledges to her husband that she will never want Aaradhya as her Daughter in Law…


Princey ma’am still reeling from the taunting words from the ladies at the temple decides to make matter worse for Aaradhya and her friends…She calls them to her office and gives them more conditions in inviting Ahsaas…Aaradhya’s friends are worried as to how they will get Ahsaas on a budget but Aaradhya remains confident that Ahsaas will be there for the event…

Radio Station

Madhav’ s assistance tells Aaradhya that he has the perfect task for Aaradhya to do to get close Ahsaas…He puts her on replying to fan emails…Aaradhya gets jealous when reading all the love mail that Ahsaas gets..

Madhav’s Office

Madhav tells Rahul to stop making news whilst eating food…The assistant walk inside the office and is confused when Madhav asks about any new news…Assistant thinks that Madhav is talking about national news but in fact he is asking about the station…Assistant continues to be confused and is not helped when Madhav starts talking in riddles about any new hangama from Aaradhya…Rahul clears the misunderstanding by telling the assistant that he is inquiring about whether the new intern has created any new hangama at the station yet…The assistant assures them that he has put her on overlooking the emails…

Later, both Madhav and Rahul are checking the emails see that Aaradhya has caused havoc by replying to the messages…Both Madhav and Rahhul are enraged….Rahul vows revenge but Madhav tells Rahul that he will deal with Aaradhya himself…

Rahul is talking to himself and admires the fact that Aaradhya is very talented for making mistakes…Rahul believes that as a reward that Aardhya should finally meet Ahsaas…

Madhav sees his assistant and tells him that he has 5 minutes to fire Aardhya or otherwise his job is on the line…A frightened assistant tries to get Aardhya out of the office but stubbornly Aardhya refuses to go and questions why she is being treated in this manner…The assistant tells her that she has been fired from the station….

An enraged Aaradhya storms to Madhav’s office demanding answers as to why he fired her….A hesitant Mahdav is unable to give answers but Aardhya does not leave until she receives some answers….


Aaradhya gets a call from her sister (Aardhya is still at the station) telling her that Ahsaas is coming to their home…Aaradhya is shocked as well as excited…Later at home, the family prepare for Ahsaas’s homecoming…They get more excited when it is announced that Ahsaas has reached and is entering the house…We see a well dressed figure coming in but see no face or head of the man..

Update Credit to: Sheena

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