Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 6th March 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 6th March 2013 Written Update

Suhnaina tells Chacha ji that she took care of her family like a dad. If she didn’t have money then they wouldn’t have what they have today. Chacha ji I know how you fought with the struggle but you should leave past. Show everyone a soft side of you.

Sona is sad and thinking about Suhnaina’s scolding. Kanhaiya tells her Chacha ji will do everything fine. Sona blames herself for everything. She says, I couldn’t become a housewife and couldn’t even make Chicku pass his exams. No one will forgive me. Kanhaiya says, why are you blaming yourself? He tells her that Chachaji never talked this loudly ever before and what this means is everything will be fine. And it will be mainly because of your love for everyone. Sona hugs him. Kanhaiya gets happy. Sona says she is worrying for Chicku. Kanhaiya tells her leave Chicku. Sona then sees time and says she has to go to prepare dinner. To keep Sona with him, Kanhaiya says everyone is angry so they won’t be hungry. Sona says no everyone gets hungry more when they are hungry and she hopes for a new beginning from tomorrow. After she leaves Kanhaiya kisses his hand on which Sona had touched and says, yes new beginning from tomorrow.

At dining table, Dimple and Chicku are eating. Neelam is serving food. Dimple makes fun of Chicku saying he will work with Neelam tomorrow in the kitchen. Sona comes there now. Dimple says, not kitchen as he doesn’t know how to cook. He will help Sona in washing clothes. Sona tells Dimple, you’re elder and you shouldn’t be making his fun. Dimple gets quiet. Sona asks Neelam where is everyone. Neelam says no one wants to come down. Sona says so what.. we can take food to their room. They leave.

Durgesh’s mother is giving lecture to Darshana and she is annoyed. Darshana says she can just say that she is hungry and I will get the dinner ready. Durgesh’s mother says she is sitting doing nothing so she could at least massage her mother-in-law’s legs. Darshana says to herself, there is no point arguing right now otherwise she won’t get 2 times food that she’s getting now so it’s better to massage her legs.. later if you wish, then you can just press her neck.

Sona brings dinner to Renu’s room. Renu is angry and doesn’t want to talk with Sona. Sona leave saying her to eat.

Darshana tells Durgesh that she has put dinner on the table, go there and eat it. Durgesh’s mother says that she won’t eat go there, she wants to eat in the hall only. Darshana gets annoyed.

Sona now brings dinner to Bindiya’s room. Bindiya and her husband also blame Sona for everything. Sona says I tried my best. Bindiya says if Renu bhabhi had taught Chicku, then he would have passed it. Bindiya’s husband tells Sona to leave saying nothing is going right.. so there won’t be good words coming out of their mouth. Sona leaves.

Renu brings the plate in the kitchen. Neelam says she could have called her. Renu says this was so tasteless food. Neelam says if you didn’t like the food, then I will make new food. Renu says your food is always tasteless and I know you’re doing this purposely because of your best friend Sona. Renu says, people who are laughing now.. will know this pain when this happens to their child. She leaves.

Darshana is about to eat. Durgesh’s mother comes and tells Durgesh, tell her to clean the dishes first before eating. Darshana gets angry and makes too much noise. Durgesh’s mother tells him to tell Darshan not to take out her anger on their home stuff. Darshan comes out and says, enough.. I can’t take this anymore. Durgesh’s mother tells Durgesh to tell her to keep her tongue inside her mouth else she will have to leave this house. Darshana says, I am leaving. She asks Durgesh whether he is going with her or no. Durgesh is confused. Darshana just walks out. Durgesh follows her. Durgesh’s mother feels happy and speaks in her mind, your daughter and son-in-law are coming back to you, Suhnaina. My son is not going to leave your house this easily. Instead he will make everyone to go out one by one, and in end Suhnaina will have to make that house on his name.

Kanhaiya is polishing his shoes. Renu comes there searching for Sona. Kanhaiya shows her his polished shoe. She tells him everyone is laughing at me because of Sona. Whatever she did to me is not healthy.. and even with you.. you’re her husband and she is making you polish your shoes.. I don’t like this. She asks him where is Sona. Kanhaiya says what’s the matter? Why are you so angry? She complains him that Sona brought tasteless food to her room, but as she is teacher.. she understands everything and that is why she went to kitchen and threw the food in a dustbin. Kanhaiya asks her calm down. He says, why would we make fun of you and Manohar? We all are also worried for Chicku just like you and Manohar. Renu says, tell Sona it’s not too far when she will be a mother and then she will understand this pain. Kanhaiya smiles thinking about his children. Renu leaves.

Suhnaina is recalling Chacha ji’s words and asks to herself, whose freedom did I take away?

Kanhaiya comes downstairs searching for Sona.

Sona comes to Sunhaina’s room with dinner. She tells Suhnaina, you haven’t ate anything, please eat otherwise it will affect to your health. Suhnaina says, don’t worry about my health.. worry about your health. She asks her to leave.

Precap: Suhnaina is speaking in her mind, Chacha ji can say whatever he wants, but I don’t think I have made any mistake. I have done so much for this family, but still he’s trying to prove me wrong. Everything is happening after Sona came to this house.
On the other hand, Neelam tells Kanhaiya, I made dinner for everyone with so much love but Renu bhabhi came here and threw the food away. I don’t get what is my mistake. Sona hears that and feels bad.

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