Pavitra Rishta 5th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 5th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ranvijay’s mom seeing Ankita adjusting Ranvijay’s blanket and says Ranvijay slept in his room after many years because of you, I am happy that someone is taking care of him. Ankita sees her carrying clothes to dry and asks to give it to her. She says you are pregnant and should relax. Ankita thinks it is Naren’s birthday today, hope our baby is delivered today.

Manav asks Naren to attend business in a hotel. Naren goes to a hotel and is surprised a table reserved for him. He thinks Ahana/Pari has arranged it and gets happy. Ahana comes and asks where are their clients. He says if it is not her plan to celebrate his birthday. She says she does not remember and says Manav must have arranged it. She says Manav loves your work a lot and soon he will give credit for it. Naren gets sad that Ahana forgot his birthday.

Archana informs Manav that she met Ankita in Banaras and said she does not want to come in between Naren and Pari now, she is right in her way. Rushali reaches Manav’s office thinking of inviting Manav to Naren’s birthday party and thinks he is the only one who can help Naren get out of his financial crisis. She hears Manav and Archana talking about Ankita and her child and saying Ankita has her child but not love, Pari has her love but not child. She further says Ankita requested me to send Naren a birthday cake and arrange for a table at hotel. Rushali is shocked hearing Ankita is in Banaras.

Naren criticizes Pari for forgetting his birthday and says he joined her azoba’s company for her sake. She says she does not care for him and just wants to concentrate on her work now. Rushali sees them fighting. She asks travel agent to book Banaras flight.

Rushali reaches Ankita’s address. She sees her, but hides in car and thinks she wants to confirm first if Ankita is really pregnant with Naren’s child.

Ankita is brought to hospital for delivery. Rushali bribes doctor and asks him to check if child’s and Naren’s DNA matches. Doctor after child’s birth checks DNA and informs Rushali that child’s DNA matches. Rushali takes baby and flees from there. Doctor informs Ranvijay and his family that he could not save the child.

Ankita wakes up and Ranvijay and his mom about her child. Mom says child was born dead. Ankita is shocked to hear that and goes unconscious.

Rushali reaches home back. Kinnari asks how was her meeting. She says yes. Servant comes and informs that someone left a newborn baby outside our house. Naren picks the child, gets happy and says he is feeling complete now.

Ankita says Ranvijay that child was Naren’s last evidence. She hugs him and cries vigorously, asks him to bring back her child. Mom says they both have a same fate, god is uniting them now. Ranvijay runs out and also cries vigorously. Ankita sadly writes in her diary that she lost Naren’s last evidence/proof today. She says she is going away from him and this is her last letter for him.

Naren and Pari take baby in their hands and Naren says looks like baby is looking like me. Pari says dunno whose baby is this. Rushali says this baby is yours and god has sent it. Naren refers baby as boy, but Pari says she is a girl. Naren gets even more happier and plays with the baby while Ankita cries on the other side.

Precap: Pari sees Ashi spoiling he face with lipstick and scolds her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Omg!! Rushaliii u r a dayaan kyun ankitha ko aise painde rhi ho ekdum akeli hogyi ankitha

  2. omg!!! this is just disgusting!!! hw can rushali do dat….its so nt fair

  3. Omg how much suffering will Ankita have to bear.

  4. The precap is future ??

  5. Now i wnt see dis serial..never ever..nd also wnt see its written updates..

  6. Seriously people!!!!!!This show has just gotten worst than I ever could imagine. I read somewhere about Pari and Naren becoming parents and Ankita losing child and I thought they made an error but now I know it was not. I just cannot believe this crap. They take her husband and give it to this wretch and then her baby as well. Are these writers people with feelings? Obviously not. Must be all men who does not know what it feels like to carry a child for 9 months and then have it taken away. I hope the doctors in India are not like what is portrayed in all these serials. If they are then the country is in trouble.

    1. ya too blo*dy depressing

  7. This is so cruel, when will it end, I don’t think I am going to watch this show anymore, are doctors so cruel

  8. I wont watch this serial anymore

  9. Good morning Nalini please check out this episode and check this sh.. out, it is the same bull again what it is wrong EMA what they are doing here to Ankita, she give birth to her loving baby that she and Naren share with love, that darn OUT LAW mother in law rushali was listen to Archana and Manav and telling him she saw Ankita in Banaras and ask her to come home, rushali hop on are plane and went to Banaras and bribe the doctor for Dand A for sure the blood test matches and took the baby. ( BABY SNATCHER ARE DARN THEIF) I just can wait to see what Archana and Manav will do to her, he never like her I hope they throw her ASS IN JAIL WITH HER SON.Today episode read a kind are good and sad I hope Naren will Love His Baby that baby will bring back Ankita and Naren together, hope so .

  10. Dis s becoming ridiculous.poor ankita how many wil she bare and dat b*t*h rushali shld b put in s better 2 end dis stupid drama

  11. Wtf this is just bullshit!

  12. this scene is playing again in the beginning was with archana with her kids taken away as well

  13. Pls Ekta shut dis show down for Godsake it is becoming crazy. This is no more a soap but a horror serial. There is no moral teaching behind anything that’s been happening in this stupid story anymore. I find it difficult to believe that your creative team will use this kind of horrific twists to keep your show on and you allow it with your intelligence and experience in show business frankly Iam highly disappointed.

  14. Just as I expected, Rushali is a digrace for being called a Mother, just as I expected that Doctors ar Corrupted, they would sell themselveS for money!!!!!!!! How disgustin, I actually do not watch shit!!!! Like this anymore!!!!!!!!!! Degrading to human race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. How do these Writer come up wit these horrible stories, what is the Moral of the story here, teach another desperate to do the same to another,???? What is this teaching our younger generation that Evil is more powerful than GOOD, please this story is HOGWASH!!!!!!

  16. hell no! this can’t happen.

  17. WHAT?!?!? Wow this show is really going downhill.. This is TERRIBLE! I don’t even wanna watch the show anymore

  18. dhanna Sarjoo

    Same Ovi Purvi nonsense. So TERRIBLE!!!!!! Can;t the writers think f something else.
    The same nonsense again just in a different way.

  19. Hi my friends, these episodes are just going down the hills, this is going like when ovi had her 1st baby and the baby die, and sister parvi give ovi her baby pari, for a while and ovi got pregnant for arjun again, only this time the OUT LAW rushali THE BIG THEIF, I don’t know if the persons who are writing the script are all MEN. they don’t know to much women having babies please show us that Ankita coming back to her hometown.

  20. Hi friends I got side track on the phone I make a mistake (MEN don’t know how much pain and trouble women goes true for 9mths) to give birth to baby.

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