Sadda Haq 5th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 5th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
They are all fail they are very upset. Yo yo comes and says God listened to me I am failed. His friend says bhabhi and her friends are fail as well. Yo yo says how is that possible they can’t fail. Vidushi says face doesn’t show what worth is of the student yo yo. Parth says how can we all fail. Randhir says we have to ask vardhan sir. Students come congratulate Vidushi. SAhil says I put in my best effort can’t imagine I am flunked. Vidushi says in heart I only feel bad fro you parth I couldn’t save you from being failed and now even vardhan can’t.
They are all looking for vardhan. He is not anywhere. Radnhi says we are all fail in second year. Sahil says how is that possible.
vardhan says shut up all of you. I never judged anyone from n umbers. Sahil says what will happen our parents will be so angry. Vardhan says so you want me to talk to your parents. If your parenst judge you from marks not talent then its not my problem. Sanyu says but how can we all fail. he says you are my dream team and you are fights. Parth says but we have to do something about marks. Vardhan says so do it. I want you to do it for yourself. He leaves.
Sahil says wow he left us like this we did this all for him. Randhir says yeah he is right. He just scold us and left. Sanyu says he is right he has no concern with our marks. Parth says b7ut we have. Sanyu says we will go to the one who is concerned. Randhir says yeah lets go.

They all go to maya and say their has been some mistake in checking. maya says shut up this is my cabin you can’t come without any permission. get out, knock and come back again. You cam even be suspended. Come on go and come back in. They all go out sanyu says may I come in dean. Maya says yes you may.
Maya says you all have decided that you wanna send your papers for rechecking. SAnyu says we know we can’t fail. Maya says I know that but their is no point of rechecking.
She says this is your attendance list and none of you have more than 50% and you need 70% to clear. Sanyu says but it is from the first back then dream team was officially active. Maya says still, the rules were there.
Kaustuki says we didn’t know that out attendance will be counted.

Parth says vidushi was in drea team as well. Maya says she left it on right time and after seeing her dedication she deserves to be first. For me she is a ver smart girl she thought about her future. I can consider your result if you leave your team and you work for me? Randhir says what work ? Maya says I am planning on giving a leave to my staff. You will dusting and cleaning thins. They will go and you will work for them. Sanyu says we pay here for studying. Maya says and you can leave classes after paying the fees. Randhir says this is not right. Maya says I know what is right and what is not. You have one hour to decide. Now get out.
Sahil says we don’t have any choice we have agree to this or our cvs and everything is done. dream team is over. Parth says we have done so much for dream team we won’t give up. randhir says that’s right she wants us to give up and we won’t? Kaustuki says we don’t have any other solution. Sanyu says we have the solution.

vardhan goes to maya and says whom are you planning to fail now. Maya says life isn’t a plan. people get what they desrve. Vardhan says you know my students don’t deserve to fail you are just showing your power. Maya says they are fail because they didn’t follow the rules. Just because you don’t follow doesn’t mean that they don’t have a worth. He says why are you doing this ? She says because you know your team is still working.

SAnyu says we will work for maya and we will work on car as well. Sahil says we just have 24 hours. How will we do it.
Sanyu says we will paint library. We will work in timings of lectures and rest of the day we will work on the car. Parth says you are talking like you are going to make the lecture schedule. Sanyu says obviously we are going to make them maya has given us the work of admin too. They all smile.

Scene 2
All the students come back to maya’s cabin. SAnyu says we contemplated and we decided something. Maya says good speak up. Sanyu says we have realized that you have created a peaceful and balanced environment in the college. Parth says now we know that we were wasting time on something that was ruining our future. Sanyu says we will accept all the assignments you are going to give. Sahil says just clear us an d lets us go in third year. Randhri says yeah we all wanna go in third year. Maya says look vardhan your students learn so fast. Look they got the rules. Vardhan claps and says you all have made me proud, sarcastically. You all disappointed me. vVardhan says congratulations all of you. You sell respect and dignity do not ever dare to show me your faces again. Maya says enough they are doing this for their future. They have not loosen their respect and dignity. Stop yelling at them. He leaves in anger. Maya says anyway This is the list that shows what you have to do. only two of you will work on one thing. If you plan on playing any trick you will all miss the third year.

Precap-Radnhir says the love I have been waiting for all my life, I just got it. I canā€™t share you with anyone. I have decide something for you. Sanyu says what ? he takes out the ring from his pocket.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. @ samidha – it was shocking to read your y/day’s comment…

    i don’t know
    (1) if u really r a girl or a boy under the disguise of a girl’s name.. n poking fun at others here…
    (2) if u really r 7 —- just 7 years old.. tum abhi bachhi ho….
    (3) if yes, u r 7, u r too young, way too young to talk & think abt s**……. DON’T EVEN THINK FOR A MINUTE THAT YOU ARE ACTING SMART DOING THIS JOKER KIND OF STUFF…there is an age for it, u have lots more in this world to know and learn… do not dilute ur thoughts with these unwanted matters. It wl def spoil your life…. & certainly there is a place for it to be discussed.. THIS WEBSITE IS NOT THE PLACE FOR A/ONE TO DISCUSS SUCH THINGS.. No one here is narrow minded. I s/how feel, the others don’t even feel like retorting to your comments, u must be aware of the reason now.. HERE, v don’t get into such provoking matters, disgusting others.. U seem to be having loads of fun posting such vulnerable comments, which is truly not appreciable ….
    (4) if u still feel u r correct, go get yourself registered with a forum or fb whoever might allow such young kids to talk & discuss very freely about s** & intimate scenes elaborately……

    O/wise, U r most welcome to share your views on this serial SADDA HAQ in GENERAL…. Hope u u/stand.. SIT BACK, close your eyes, think for 1 whole minute, analyse yourself & u wl know that U r talking way too big adult stuff……

    Kahin aisaa na ho ki at the end, U become a laughing stock yourself……

    1. Gud lesson meera Di….. haan if u any problem in me calling u DI let me know I will not call that again

    2. no problem at all….

    3. ya meera…its tooo young for her to talk lik dis…me uski saari cmmnts padkar heran hoo…mere yahan 7 yrs ki grl hi wo tho chota bheem pe marthi hi

  2. real fast update atiba… precap – excited for tom…

  3. Same precap šŸ™
    ab samajh aaya jab rd sanyu ko ring de rha tha dono ke faces pe paint kyu laga hua tha as they were painting library

  4. Thnx for fast update ATIBA … keep it up.
    Kal 7 kab bajega can’t wait to read tmrw epi ….. tmrw also pls update fast

  5. sanyu plan bathane waqt rd ka smile n look….nyc epi…n atiba ur suprb yaar

  6. 2days epi ws gd…. sanyu smart thinking šŸ˜€ precap is same as y/day šŸ˜ I hope tht it will telecast in tmrrw epi šŸ™‚ n thanx atiba fr the update šŸ˜‰

  7. Guyz i just hv a question..kiya tumlogo me se koi mujhe ya bata sakta ha ki asa knsa eng clg hai jo kisi stdnt ko 9 yrs tk ek hi cls me rkhte hai..!! I mean i dnt knw any clg of dat type..nd dat dyan dean wht hpnd with hr..uski akal kya ghas khane gye hai

    1. r u referring to yoyo

    2. i racked my brains reg this much much earlier….

  8. @saddahaqrox pls post the fanfic

  9. Thnks atiba for ur super fast update. Nd also thnks saddahaqrox for postng the story yesterday…….bdw can i join u guys here???

  10. saw the retelecast of SH tdy at 4 p.m. Vidushi was looking damn cute in the earlier – starting episodes…. PSB, PSB, PSB…

  11. Fir wahi precaap..
    And gud lesson meera…she(samidha) is so young 4 talking like dis..

  12. She was actually not s-e-v-e-n years old
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  13. Whatever bt its bad to talk Like that…

  14. Yes guys samidha is toooo young to talk about that,i ws so shocked to read hr cmnt…usko bolo jake pogo n disney dekhe!!

  15. nice episode tdy… Vardhan believes his DT students… i think it was false anger…

  16. Hehehe…loll bt chhodona yaar…hame kya…ab is discussion ko yaha j khatam kr dete h…

  17. nice epi and rd was luking sooo cute in that new hair style !!! i too feel that vardhan is just faking the anger just to make maya releived … waiting 4 tmmrw !!!

  18. hi… friends… I ve been a silent reader….but tjought to comment once…. aaj fmc college ff kyon nahi aaya…It was really interesting. ..I love sdh n param. …
    n yhanks for updating the episodes. I ve no option to watch the tv..thank u guys.. .tc

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