Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani being shy seeing Yuvraaj. She feels he has held her pallu. She falls on him and music plays. She says you stepped on my Pallu. He says it happened by mistake, won’t happen again. She holds his hand and says fine. She says I m going home for Patphere rasam and you come to take me, I will wait. The bell rings. She says my parents came. He says get ready. I will greet them. He goes out. Pratima welcomes Lata and Pankaj. Lata gives them gifts. Pratima says what was the need. Dadi comes to meet them and says I think I m eldest here and should be give respect first. Lata apologizes to Dadi.

Dadi insults them and says she felt Suhani is Ramesh’s sister. Dadi says your daughter look so bad that I felt she is a maid. Lata says my Suhani does not like makeup. Dadi says this is mum’s heart, what will make up do, if she is not beautiful. Pratima asks Dadi to let that matter go now and asks her to see the gifts. Lata gives sweets to Dadi and Dadi asks Ramesh to take it and distribute in servants. Dadi says I eat imported fruits. Yuvraaj stops Ramesh and says I love this fruits. He asks Dadi to try it, as its fresh, its from a garden near Suhani’s home, I ate once and its tasty. Everyone smile.

Suhani comes and smiles. Dadi asks Rags to give her box. Rags gives her. Dadi gives a necklace to Suhani as a gift. Lata smiles. Dadi asks Rags to make Suhani wear it well. Suhani says I will wear it. Dadi says once she wears this diamond necklace, no one will think she is Ramesh’s sister.

Dadi stops Suhani and taunts her. Lata and Pankaj looks on. She says she got tired and leaves. Rags and Menka also leave. Pratima praises Suhani and says we are glad that she is our bahu. Lata smiles. Pratima says don’t worry about Suhani. Suhani smiles. Lata says we will go now, but Yuvraaj has to come to take her. Yuvraaj asks else what. Lata says else we will not send Suhani back. Suhani comes home and plays with the neighborhood kids. Saxena tells her the face cream which can make complexion fair.

Anuj asks is he for him. Pratima asks him to do its research. Anuj says sorry I m busy and goes. Pratima says Saurabh won’t agree too, what to do. Yuvraaj says shall I go. Pratima says but you have to go to take Suhani. Yuvraaj says I don’t want to go to pick Suhani. Sharad says it does not happen as we want. Pankaj smiles seeing Suhani happy and play like a kid. Lata asks Suhani is she happy in that house, about Dadi. Suhani says no, I m not happy. She laughs and says I m very happy. Yuvraaj is with me and he takes care of me well.

Pankaj says he got Amitabh’s coolie movie. Suhani hugs him seeing the DVD. She says you are best father of the world. Suhani says she will keep the necklace safe and keeps it in drawer. She misses Soumya and says I will call her. She calls Soumya and can’t connect. She asks Lata about Soumya. Lata says first have food, then talk. Soumya calls out Krishna. She misses Suhani and is happy. Krishna asks Soumya not to take Suhani’s call. He asks her to keep phone off till she gets the marriage certificate. Suhani says whats going on with her, is she in any difficulty. Krishna says I m sorry Soumya and hugs her.

Suhani thinks to call Soumya’s mum. She calls her and asks about Soumya. Suhani says where is she and asks her to make her talk to Soumya. Her mum says she went to her Bua’s house to study ahead. Suhani says but she did not wish to. She says it was my wish, when she comes back, I will make her talk to you. She ends the call. Suhani says why was she talking like this, she is hiding something. Soumya’s mum says she has to hide to save her reputation. Dadi looks at Soumya’s pic and thinks about Yuvraaj’s words. Menka comes and says this is Soumya, why are you seeing her. Dadi says Yuvraaj sent me this pic, saying he loves her.

Menka says yes, its true Yuvraaj loves her and wanted to marry her, but we don’t know why he married Suhani. Dadi looks on.

Dadi asks Rags about the matter. Rags looks at Menka.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. dadi ji aap makeup thoda kam kya karo…dekhke to lagta hai,tirth par nehi,itne din spa pe baithi thi…

  2. dadi makes me angry always.

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