Pavitra Rishta 3rd June 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 3rd June 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 3rd June 2013 Written Update

Mittal and Punni come to to the visit Archana in the hospital but savita stops them from going in her room . She tells them that Archana has just come out of coma and has no idea of what happened behind her .
She threatens Punni not to dare her to do anything .Savita takes their flowers but drives Mittal and Puuni away .

Baby Pari starts crying in Archana’s arms ..Purvi is about to go to calm her but she stops herself . Everyone in the family says good bye to Archana and they go home ..Only Manav, Savita and Purvi stay in the room with Archu. Archana wants to go home soon and tells Manav to try and arrange her to go back home ..She says that Ovi is going to come back after a week and she wants to be back home before Ovi gets back …

Suddenly Ovi’s voice comes in the background ..She is back and is here to see her mother .

Ovi hugs her mother and cries a lot .She tells Archana that she missed her a lot and really needed her ..Archana gets worried to hear this and wants to know wh yOvi needed her so much . if everything was good with her .
Te rest of the family look tense on what Ovi might say but they are surprised to see that Ovi goes to Arjun and takes Pari from him ..She tells Archana that she needed her because she is a first time mother and needed Archu’s guidance on how to take care of her baby .She thanks Arjun for being a good parent and taking such good care of Pari .
Archana is happy to see this …

Gauri comes in the room and tells everyone that Archana needs rest and they should go now ..Everyone leaves but Archana does not lets Manav go as she wants him to just stay with her ..
While Archana sleeps , Manav is worried about how long he can keep Ovi and Arjun’s problems a secret from her .

Mittal and Punni are going back home .They are feeling insulted and angry as they wanted to tell Archana everything about Arjun, Purvi and their daughter but Savita stopped them from doing so .
However they are determined tha they will tell this secret to Archana one day .

Ovi tells Arjun and everyone ( outside the room ) that she was only putting up an act otherwise she is not at all interested in either Pari or Arjun .She hands Pari back to Arjun and tells him that as soon as her mother is fine , she will go back to Canada .
Gauri is very surprised to see this .She feels that Ovi too is a bit difficult like Soham …
Gauri tells everyone to go home and also tells Manav to go home as she can take good care of Archana . Purvi asks permission from Manav to stay with Archana ..Gauri is again surprised to see that Purvi is asking permission to be with her own mother …she feels something is wrong between Purvi and her family.

In car, Teju tells everyone that she is going to decorate Archu’s room. She tells Ovi that she must help her. Manav says, your aai won’t be back home that early. Dr. Aggrawal told me that they will keep Archu in hospital for 2 more days because she just came out of coma and they need to observe her.

Manav is proud of Ovi and says she proved today that she is Archu’s daughter. Ovi says, but I can’t see Puvi or Pari.. if all this didn’t happen with aai, then I would have never came back to India. I have no interest in seeing all this and suffering. manav says, you will have to be strong.. Archu shouldn’t find out what happened in last 2 months. If you go back, then she might have doubt.

Savita says that is why I didn’t let Mittal and Punni see Archu. Teju says, we will have to be careful they don’t meet aai.. and one of us will always have to be with her.

Next morning, Gauri comes to Archu’s room to help her in walking. Archu walks holding Gauri’s hand. Archu asks her, where are you living? who is in your family? Gauri says about her family. Gauri looks at calender and gets worried. She distracts Archu so she doesn’t look at there. Soham comes there and then takes Archu back in her room. Gauri is relived and takes calendar off from the wall.

Soham feeds Archu. He tells her, you used to bring food for me everyday in jail. You wanted to feed me like this, but I didn’t let you and insulted you. I was mad that I kept myself away from your love. Archu says, but you came to me today and brought yourself back on right path.

Archu recalls his childhood and says, I used to run behind you to feed you, but you were always running away. She feeds him now.

Purvi returns home. She asks Shalini about Onir. Shalini says, he already left. I didn’t know when you will be back so I made him lunch box. Purvi says in her mind, he didn’t ask about aai even once. Shalini then asks about Pari. Purvi says, she is with my sister and she will stay there for few days.

Purvi then asks her, did you find any home to live? Shalini says, yes.. I will shift there in few days. Purvi then asks, do you know Onir from before? Shalini says, yes.. Purvi is surprised. Shalini says, I met him in Kolkata. Purvi says, why didn’t you tell me this before? Shalini says, I didn’t get chance so. Purvi asks, what’s your relationship with him? Shalini says, of a patient and a doctor. He did delivery of my friend.. that is when I met him first time. But why are you asking me this? Purvi says, I just felt like you know him from before. Shalini says, he may not even know when and where I met him before. So many people must be coming in his clinic. She leaves saying she has to finalize deal with landlord.

Episode ends.

Precap: None…

Update Credit to: Tanyaz

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