Amrit Manthan 3rd June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amrit Manthan 3rd June 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 3rd June 2013 Written Update

Tejam discusses that they need to find full details on India and Karan Chabbria.
Nimrit comes and hides behind Amrit Di saying that she is playing hide and seek with Bani.
Amrit tells her to hide somewhere that Bani won’t be able to find her. Nimrit along with Jo runs to
Karan’s room and hides in his cupboard. Tejam comes to stop as it is Karan’s room and not a hiding place but couldn’t find them as they are already in a cupboard. Bani comes and all 3 starts to search for Nimrit and Jo.
Bani finds Nimrit and they step out of the cupboard and in the event drops suitcase. Yug comes as he hears a noise and Amrit says that Karan’s suitcase is dropped while playing. Yug notices the same Glove with Scorpion sign while Tejam tries to put all the

stuff back in the suitcase.
Yug tells to Tej that this is the same glove which was left in his home when the thief escaped.
Amrit remembers the glove and wonders what it is doing with Angad. Amrit tells Tej and Yug that what if Angad and karan are same and Yug agrees that Angad is Karan and son of Indu.
Amrit brings the glove to Angad and asks him where he got this glove. Karan gets mad that they are checking his luggage. Amrit asks him not to change the topic and asks him if he was the one who is trying to hurt Nimrit.She asks if he is Karan Chaabra.Angad shows his license and tells that he is not Karan and the glove can be bought at any market.Amrit tells showing license doesn’t prrove anything as anybody can fake id’s and She and yug are experts in that.
Angad shows the receipt of the glove that he purchased the glove 2 days back. Amrit tells Tej that
Angad is very smart as he bought the glove so he is safe. Angad gets mad and tells that he won’t work here and goes to pack his bags.
Nimrit asks why he is leaving and is it because she slapped her or is it because she ruined his painting.Angad says that’s not the reason and Amrit says the reason is because she doesn’t want him to live in the palace.Tej tells Amrit that she might have taken a decision is haste and that he did check Angad’s receipt but Amrit says she cannot take any risk when it comes to her sisters protection. She tells no stranger can live in this palace until Indu and Karan are caught.
Tej gets a phone call and leaves. Police comes to palace and Amrit asks if they found any clue.
Th epolice says that they found the car number in which the lady escaped thru the CC cameras.
They say that the number is from a rental company and that company gave the address of the people who hired the car.

Tej requests Angad to complete the sketch he was making of the lady. Angad tells that he was insulted and will not complete the work. Tej tries to convince him and Angad agrees saying he will complete but won’t come to the palace. Tej phone rings and Amrit tells him that she found the address . Tej tells Angad that Amrit found the address and leaves with him (Seriously ..Is Tej really working in Military? where did he leave his brains. Amrit doubts the guy and Tej tells him that Amrit found address )

Yugam asking the details of the lasy at the address they found and Tej and Angad coming in a jeep and Angad takes him in a different direction telling that he saw the lady escape this way.
Amrit calls Tej and tells that the lady escaped and Angad shows Indu to Tej saying this is the lady and call the cops . Indu tries to flee from the scene nd both run behind her. Angad gets hold of the lady

Amrit gets a call from Tej that the lady is caught and Amrit is shocked hearing this.Angad tells cop that this is the same lady and Indu tries to deny. Amrit who is hearing through Tej’s phone tells Yug that this is the same lady who killed Agam. Amrit is excited that the lady is caught and hugs Yug that Nimrit is safe.

Cop take Indu away and she Warns Tej and Angad. Angad tries to shut her up saying how she can hurt Nimrit who is a nice person and inturn warns her that she cannot harm Nimrit .
Amrit gets a call again saying that Karan Chabra is caught and that too in palace. When Amrit arrives at palce she notice that security guard is none other than Karan Chabra.

Yugam slaps left and right and asks why he killed Agam. Cops come and take him away saying they will interrogate him in their own way. Amrit tells Nimrit that she handed over the lady to cops who hurt her. Tej says that they should be thankful to Angad as he was the reason in getting them caught. All thank Angad and Tej asks him to stay in palace. Nimrit also requests him not to leave.Angad says that he will stay on one condition and that is Amrit tells Sorry to him. Amrit says that she is Princess Amrit and she is always right and never told anyone sorry .

Precap : Amrit goes to jail and asks Indu why she targeted AgNi..

Update Credit to: Saina

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