The Buddy Project 3rd June 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 3rd June 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 3rd June 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with RV playing bb and Rukmini watching him and sitting on the stairs
RV to the camera: Panchi is just his bestfriend so what if she gives someone else more attention
He goes back to playing then suddenly stops and realizes that he is actually jealous
Panchi stops by watching RV play then notices Rukmini watching RV

RV to the camera: Jealousy is a very stupid emotion as there is no logic in it, Panchi is just his bestfriend and nothing else, he needs to talk to her (haan haan aur Pyaar mei log bahane bhi bohot bana lete hai)

RV turns to play when he notices Panchi on the second floor and calls out to her and throws away the ball and runs to her, by the time he reaches the second floor Panchi leaves from there
RV looks around at every room for her and then finally sees her talking to someone, he calls her from behind and tells her he has been calling her for so long and she didn’t even notice, Panchi makes an excuse that she didn’t hear him

RV tells her to leave that and says he wanted to say something, he apologizes for not giving her time from so many days, he tells her he is free today and asks her to come with him to have her favorite cheese pav bhaji, Panchi stops him and tells him she isn’t free today
Panchi tells him she needs to prepare for her Ms. Vista Contest and is about to leave when Rukmini comes to give RV his jacket which he forgot on the ground, Panchi sighs hurt and leaves from there as RV thanks Rukmini still looking after Panchi

Rukmini asks RV if he is worried, RV doesn’t reply anything
At KD’s house KD is on the floor laughing out looking at Piddi’s feet, he gets up to see the nail painted fingers and waxed hands and laughs out more, he takes off the veil form Piddi’s face and greeta him ‘Adaab’ still laughing out

Piddi whines to KD they were so bad, they attacked on his manliness that to direct wala attack indicating to his waxed hands, KD cant stop laughing, Piddi goes to fb of his waxing and screams out and tells KD who is rolling on the bed laughing, that Kiya was the one who did all this, he tells her he wont leave her even he will nail paint her and wax her, KD falls again laughing and Piddi realizes and says what will that affect her as she is already a girl and does all that (Bechara Piddi, Yo Yo Piddi-Man se kuch aur ban gaya)
Piddi tells KD he cant think what to do, he tells KD he wont nail paint and wax, KD laughs out again at him and Piddi sits down in despair saying everything feels weird and what will his mom think about him
At RV’s place he is playing games thinking about Panchi and her new found friendship with Avi, he keeps going to fbs
RV to the camera: why is he getting so worked up

Panchi in her room goes through all her pics with RV and then goes into fb of how Rukmini was watching RV playing bb, she thinks about how RV asked her out and she refused
Panchi to the camera: why is she getting so worked up, Nonu is just her best friend that’s it…
Camera moves to RV: there is nothing more then that and never will be, so what if her bestfriend wants to spend time with her new friends she can do that right, even he has other things to do like he has to prepare for the radio show

RV’s phone starts ringing and he picks it up, Panchi says the ring didn’t even complete and he picked up the phone, she tells him either he is roaming around the house in roller blades or he roaming with the phone in his hand waiting for someone’s call, RV tells her nothing from the two, he tells her phone was right beside him so he picked up
Panchi then hesitates and apologizes RV for refusing him for pav bhaji, RV says sarcastically no its ok he can understand that she has more important things than him to do and even has important friends than him, Panchi asks him why is he being so sarcastic, RV says not at all he is just stating facts
Panchi irritated tells him his name should have been ‘Ranveer Jerk Shergill’, RV says what, Panchi says nothing and tells him if he wants to remove the middle name then to come to her place for dinner as her mom wants to cook for him and even they will get to talk, RV says sorry he is a bit busy right now and asks her to apologize aunty too for him, Panchi asks if its any radio related work with Rukmini, RV says hmm

Panchi then apologizes for disturbing him and says bye and keeps the phone while RV calls out to her on the phone hearing her tone, RV then tells to his phone if he has to work with Rukmini then what’s his mistake in that and asks what’s her problem

Panchi thinks about all the moments she and RV shared and then thinks about RV-Rukmini friendship
RV calls Rukmini who picks up the call and whispers, RV asks her when did she become khuspusmini from Rukmini, she tells him because her friend is sleeping, RV then whispers if he will call later, Rukmini says no its ok, RV then tells her this is the best time to talk to her as she has taken off her slippers by now and wont keep on repeating her line ‘Chappal uttaren kya’, Rukmini smiles on the phone

Avi calls Panchi who asks her how is she feeling now as she wasn’t feeling well in college, Panchi replies she is fine now, he asks her if she went to the doctor, Panchi says no it wasn’t that bad and it was quite normal so she didn’t need to go, he then asks her if she’s coming to college tomorrow, Panchi says ofcourse and tells him that they will prepare for question&answer round tomorrow, Avi says sure and says bye while Panchi keeps the phone and says Omi looking at her laptop
Rukmini tells RV she was thinking of speaking English in the future on the radio as it isn’t important to speak hindi always, RV with the british accent says she says so much of hindi sometimes she should speak English too, Rukmini laughs and tells him not to make her laugh

RV says on a serious note he can help her out and teach her English, and as his hindi is bad so she can give him hindi and he can give her English, Rukmini says and if he gives her laughter then she will give him a slap, RV laughs and says so its done everyday they will have English and hindi lessons, Rukmini says pakka and says she will see him tomorrow, she looks at her friend who is sleeping and whispers she will keep the phone

Panchi is talking to Omi on skype, he asks her how is she feeling now, Panchi says better, Omi thanks God and says he actually prayed that if she would get better then he would give 100 rs boondi, he tells her he has learned to skype now and apologizes for what happened last time, Panchi laughs and says its ok
Omi says he learned how to skype and says they can even share pics and sends her a pic, Panchi says his wallpaper is of Salma Hayek, Omi gets tensed and shuts off his skype while Panchi starts laughing

Panchi’s mom comes and asks her what did RV say, Panchi tells her it isn’t RV its Avi and Omi her new college friends, her mom says that’s a good thing and tells her to invite the two sometime at home
Panchi to the camera: Avi and Omi both together at her home, No way
Next day in college in computer lab KD is busy doing something
KD to the camera: Everything is ready he just needs to upload the video, indicating to the pen-drive he says this has the song and soon they will get the video too and then his good samaritan task will be successfully complete

He listens to the song and goes to fb thinking about his moments with Kiya and smiles, Kiya comes to the lab and goes behind him and takes the headphones off him and puts on her ears, Kd gets up seeing her
Kiya to the camera: Kd was listening to her song, lets take his case (winking)
She clears her throat and asks him how did he have her song, KD mumbles and says that day he came to her house so he copied her song that time from her computer, Kiya shocked says without asking her and calls him a cheater, KD says him cheater and reminds her that he was the one who retrieved the file, Kiya reminds him why did he have to retrieve the file as he broke her cd, KD doesn’t say anything (Awww damn these two are such adorables)

Kiya tells him she doesn’t have time and asks him to give back her song, KD looks at her, she raises her eyebrows, KD says ok and turns to the computer, Kiya nags him he is taking so long to give her one song, she tells him to hurry up and KD irritated shuts her mouth with his hand, look look session begins
He takes off his hands, she tells him to delete the file and takes off the pen-drive and is about to leave when KD starts singing the song going around Kiya (OMGEEE KD ghata bhi haibut awww wow he was really good and i so luvd the song, i cant wait to hear it along with the music), everyone stands up listening to him singing and claps for him once he finishes, KD thanks them
KD tells Kiya her song is stored ‘here’ (pointing at his head), he asks her how will she delete it, Kiya starts laughing as KD looks at her confused, she looks back at him and laughs again, he smiles at her (Aaahh i love the scene where Kiya started laughing and KD looked at her like that awww it was beautiful)

Precap: Piddi sitting on the desk tells Kiya he has such super good ideas for the video, Kiya says even she was thinking about the music video, Kiya tells Piddi the outline for the video, a hero and a heroine(fb to KiSha memories), she says they will show how much the guy loves the girl, he is moving on skates but is so lost in her that he clashes with the pillar and falls (fb to KD staring at Kiya while on skates), and then one scene (they show the blind trust scene where Kiya falls on KD’s hands, Piddi exclaims sometime back KD also said the same to same idea, he says about love he thinks this is the best hero and heroine, while KiSha look at each other

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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