Pavitra Rishta 30th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 30th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rushaali asking Naren to have breakfast. Naren refuses. He says, I won’t go home. Rushaali asks him to stop thinking about Pari for sometime. Naren says, I couldn’t. Rushaali thinks, she did the wrong thing. She says, I wouldn’t have get you married to Ankita. Doctor said it was only an option to save you. We didn’t know that Ahana is alive. Naren says I can understand. You did it for my betterment. She asks him to eat. Naren drinks the juice. He gets a call from Shekhar’s mom. She tells him that he is marrying in court. Naren asks, with whom? Shekhar’s mom says, Pari Deshmukh. Naren gets shocked. He says, how can Pari do that.

Pari is in the car with Shekhar and Pia. She thinks, I am marrying Shekhar for Ankita. If I doesn’t marry him then Ankita’s life will be spoiled. She says, Naren is Ankita’s husband. I can’t let this happen with Ankita. Shekhar says, lets go inside the court. He go inside. Naren calls Pari. Pia asks, who is calling you. Pari says, Naren. Pari says, even Naren can’t stop this marriage. Naren reaches the court after walking a while. Pia signs as witness. Pari and Shekhar are asked to sign on the papers. Shekhar signs the papers and asks Pari to sign. Pari takes the pen and closes her eyes. She is about to sign, just then Naren comes and stops her.

He asks Shekhar, how can you marry my Ahana. You are taking advantage of my situation. Shekhar confronts Naren and calls him betrayal. He says, you have betrayed Ankita. He praises Ankita. Naren says, when I loved her I was mad. I just love Ahana. I love her and always love her. I will marry her. You can’t marry her forcibly.

Shashank’s mom taunts Mansi and threatens her that if this child is of Raunaq then no one will accept him including Shashank. She says, Shashank loves you a lot. If the child doesn’t belong to my son then you shall go to Raunaq. Pari says, I am marrying with my wish. I convinced Shekhar to marry me. Naren asks her to stop it. He gets angry. He says, I love you, please don’t cheat me. Pari says, I didn’t cheat you. Why you are punishing me. Pari says, you are married. Naren says, damn it. He says, I didn’t know. My marriage is not acceptable.

Pari says, I accept your marriage. She says, Ankita loves you more than me. Naren asks Shekhar, what did you do with Pari. You brainwashed my Ahana. Pari slaps him. Shekhar says, I am getting married to Pari with her wish. She praises Shekhar and Ankita. She says, Ankita married you when you was mad. She tried to make you well. You wants to leave her for me. I won’t come back to you. I will marry Shekhar anyhow.

Ankita comes and asks her to stop it. Ankita asks Naren, are you going to marry Pari. Naren asks her to go. Ankita says, do you want to marry Pari? She asks him to go ahead and agrees to sign as witness. Pari and Naren look confused.

Balan asks Soham, where are you going? Soham says, going for work. Balan says, you might be going to see your kids. Soham says, you don’t have anything to do with my kids. He warns him to be in his limits. Balan says, still you are Vishnu Lala. Soham says, I can become Vishnu Lala for my child’s sake. Ankita says sorry to Pari. She says, I lied to everyone. She says, we got married under contract marriage.

Pari says, what are you saying? Ankita says, I can’t love him. I just wants money. Shekhar says wrong. Ankita says, I just did my duty. She says, I couldn’t afford to lose the money and that’s why tried to get him well. Pari says, you are lying. Ankita says, I just sympathize for you. Ankita says, I don’t love Naren as I loved Shashank. She says, Shashank is my sister’s husband. She says, I thought to marry Naren when I got proposal from Naren. Ankita says, I belongs to middle class family and I did a deal with him for money. She says, why I would marry a mad guy. Pari says, I thought you cares for Naren.

Ankita says, I had to show my caring attitude towards Naren. She says, we are poor. I can act to love him. Pari says, I hate you for your thinking. Ankita says, I don’t feel pain. My father is drunkard and that’s why I took this step. Love is not my cup of tea. I don’t have time for all this. Naren looks on. She says, I worked for Naren since 7 months. She says, no one can stop me. I will get the money to fulfill my wish. Pari says, I was going to sacrifice my love for you. You cares for money. I would have given you money. She says, I love Naren. Naren says, it is a lie.

Archana asks Ankita, why did you tell that you married Naren for money. She asks her to tell the truth. Ankita says, I don’t love Naren.

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  1. Chiiiiii!!!!! Apavitr Rishta!!!!! Bakwaas…..dis show must end now….m i right?????

  2. you mean Anita lied all this time saying that she love Naren .
    she did this because she want money .
    that is so shame on her
    thank god that pari is marrying naren they make a good couple.
    anyway its a great story keep it up

  3. Oh god. Now pari will marry naren den will want ankita back gosh. Dis is making love n marriage into a big joke!!!

  4. bloody bakwaas , Ankita has inherited her aunty Ovi when Ovi blackmail Purvi in latting her marry Arjun and then she[Ovi] would unite Manav and Archina together so nothing new if the show need to end why not end instead of dragging

  5. this is fucking crap take this soap off air now ankita is a skunt and pari is a bigger one


  7. Antika you did the right thing. Naren will come back to soon.

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