Jodha Akbar 30th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 30th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
maham comes to her secret place, she ask soldier did she eat something, soldier denies, maham sits on sack and ask her secret person to eat, she says night isn’t peaceful without food, she says I got map but cant understand it, only you can tell me about it, she ask her to see and says I know love your kids, she beats her and says if you want your children to be safe then tell me about map, I am attached with this map, my destination is hidden in this map and only you can solve this map, she says you have to answer my questions if you want your kids to be safe, have this food I will come back soon to have my answers, maham leaves. secret women eats food.

Scene 2
ruks comes to shahi bath tub to have bath, jodha is with her, jodha checks beauty cream and ask dasi to apply these creams to ruks, ruks takes bath and says to jodha can you call jalal here, I know its weird but I want jalal to be here as he is father of my child, jodha nods and ask dasi to call jalal here. jalal comes there, jalal says to jodha that you called, I was coming to you only, ruks says I called you not jodha, she just sent my message, jalal ask are you fine, ruks says when jodha is serving me then I must be fine, ruks ask jodha about beauty cream, jodha says its getting ready, ruks ask jalal to sit near her, jodha looks on, ruks says my neck is aching, jalal says let me see, he sees her neck and says I know one remedy and says jodha’s remedy, jodha makes face, jalal looks at her, ruks ask jodha to make it, jodha says this remedy is cold in nature, she says her remedy, jalal says yes yes I also know this remedy, ruks ask jalal to rub her neck, jodha feels bad, ruks says pain is Lessing, you have magic in your hands, jalal says magic is not in my hands but in your thoughts and you need my support only, jodha recalls how she said these words to jalal. she smiles.

Scene 3
jodha and moti are in garden, jodha ask where is Rahim, moti says salima has restricted him to be in room only, jodha says he is kid only so he will do naughty things, moti says yes but she is his mother. jalal comes there, jodha says I came to collect flowers for making remedy, you must know as you said infront of ruks that you know about remedies, jalal says yes but I don’t know remendy of one aliment, jodha ask what, jalal says heart aliment, jodha says you now got heart and even got love aliment, jalal sys you make realize that I have heart and you only gave me heart aliment, jodha says I thought you got this aliment in battke field, jalal says you made me realize that everything is not achieved in field, you made me human from warrior, you made me realize that I have heart, when you have given me heart then you have to treat me. jalal puts his hand around her waist, jodha says what are you doing, there are soldiers here, jalal says you are right, we should not talk about this in open, lets go inside, jodha says I have to collect flowers for ruks medicine, jalal says you also have to treat my aliment so come, he takes her inside.
jalal brings jodha in room, jalal says after that night you are not even looking at me, yu are not taking time for me, I know you are busy with ruks but try to take time for me, jodha says I try, jalal says if you try then everything is possible, he says I just want to spend some quality time with you, he looks at jodha and comes closer to kiss her, jodha gets shy and closes her eyes, jalal smiles and stops, he says I want to gift you that will give you happiness, he brings gift and its gold coin with kahna graved on it, jodha gets happy and says its beautiful, jalal loves her smile and hugs her. jodha says to jalal that I wanna give you one gift, jalal ask what, jodha says for that you need to close your eyes, jalal closes his eyes and ask should I open it? jodha is shy and says no, jodha comes closer to her to kiss him.. jodha kisses him on cheek, jalal gets stunned, jodha runs from there, she turns and says I gave you your gift now I am going to ruks, jalal is happy and ask jodha to stop but she doesn’t.

Scene 4
bakshi comes to meet ruks, ruks is happy to see her, she ask her to sit, she says bakshi you are looking beautiful, bakshi says becoming mother is tyring thing, ruks agrees, bakshi gifts her painting of healthy child, she says your kid will be healthy if you see healthy kid’s oic, bakshi says its beautiful to be a mother, it gives goose bumps when your child kicks you, ruks says you look good smiling, ruks ask can she touch her bump of belly, she says why not, ruks touches and says he kicked me naughty kid, jodha comes there, she says bakshi how are you, bakshi doesn’t answer her, ruks says jodha is taking care of me theses days, bakshi says I will leave now, jodha says sit for some time have talk with us, I made remedy for ruks so you also take it, bakshi says no need and goes out, jodha goes behind her and says why you didn’t answer me, did I do some mistake, bakshi recalls sharif seeing jodha in lake and saying to bakshi I am seeing jodha she is looking beautiful, fb ends, bakshi says to jodha that I don’t wanna talk to you, jodha ask why, we are good buddies then why are you saying this, bakshi recalls how sharif was praising jodha’s painting, she says to jodha that I told you that I don’t wanna talk to you, cant you understand, she leaves while jodha is confused.

PRECAP- zakira reads letter for jodha, letter says that jalal my life is danger save me- from chand begum, jodha says why this letter was in my palanquin, who is this chand begum.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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