Sasural Simar Ka 30th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 30th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jhanvi says bhagto is not like what she looks. I should talk to siamr and roli bhabhi about this.

Juwala and rest of the people are on theri way. Sid says its madam food time lets go somewhere to eat first.
Prem orders the food for simar and roli at the restaurant. He orders for himself and Sid all teh desi food. Prem asks birju will you eat something ? SImar says we are on diet usually we don’t each much. But our gaurds eat a lot so they can protect us well. Sid takes out his phone and texts sankalp whether the actors are ready or not? The waiter comes with the food and serves it. Simar says the food tastes doos here. Juwala says in her heart that they are wasting so much time. It feels like they are alive for food. I ahve a lot of stuff to do. Simar says Juwala devi come to our America we will make food for you. You will like it.Roli says I have to do something. Can’t stay here for food anymore. I have to do something that wil make them stay her.e She says I am going to washroom. She goes out and punctures the tire. She says now i will see how they reach in time. Someonme comes and puts a hand on her back. Its sid. He says i am proud of you. It feels like khushi will reach on time there She says lets go in before juwala comes here.

Scene 2
Sankalp says how can we get so many actors in so small time. Sujata says how will we save our hosue. We have to do something. Jahnvi comes there. everyone is shocked to see her foot. Sujata asks what happened to you? Jhanvo says nothing justa glass got stuck in my foot. She asks mata ji whats wrong. Mata ji says we will explain everything to you. Mata ji says sankalp tell siamr roli that actors have been found.

Scene 3
Roli says i am so scared what if khushi couldn’t find any workers. Simar says we are so late already they wil do something. They reach the site. Workers are there already. Simar, roli, prem and sid are satisfied.
Juwala syas everything is just as i thought. Khushi texts roli and says look at the truck. She makes the good luck sign at her.
Roli smiles.
Roli says Sign the papers now we have another meetings too.
Juwala says I have only acquired the small plots but now the biggest resort and hotel in dehli will be mine. Roli says from next month the work progress will be fast. Our target is to complete the hotel in a whole year. Juwala is so happy. Juwala says i wil arrange the inaugguration party so well. I will do all teh arrangements Roli says sign the papers and make the deal confirm.
Mata ji recalls mata ji saying that we all will go there disguised as constructors. They are all working there.
Juwala is about to sign she stops and says where is the company board ? Khushi says oh God i forgot it. Its such a blunder. Juwala asks the watch man.

Precap-Juwala is coming near the workers. Khushi says what is she doing ? Uma falls on the ground. Juwala asks her what happened?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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