Pavitra Rishta 30th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 30th April 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 30th April 2013 Written Update

Savita tells Manav that they will to find Ovi somehow. Manav says no need and everyone is surprised. He says I know very well what I am saying.. we won’t search for her. His father says, have you gone crazy? Manav says, what do you think Ovi left from here on her own? She talked with me before leaving.. and it was me who bought her tickets. I supported Ovi because I know she didn’t do anything wrong.. She needed to go away from Arjun.. I have seen what she went through in last few days.. is that why I brought her here from Canada? No.. I thought I will give same comfort as Canada to my children. He shouts at Arjun and says do you realize what your truth did to her? I thought Ovi will have a happy life with Arjun.. but no.. what did Arjun do? He betrayed her.. he gave her child of someone else. Arjun says, I didn’t know about that either. Manav now shouts at Purvi and says, she knew it.. What made you do this? You thought that you’re doing a big sacrifice? Didn’t you even think for once what will happen to Ovi when she finds out the truth? Arjun tries to support Purvi, but Manav cuts him off. Manav continues, my daughter would have lived without her child,, but no way with child of her husband and some other lady. Why did you do this? Arjun says, whatever Purvi did… Manav says, wah Arjun wah.. I said just little to Purvi and you felt bad? but whatever I said.. i said it right. Along with Purvi, you’re also responsible. After finding out truth, didn’t you think of telling all this to Ovi? Arjun says, i tried.. there was no point hiding.. but you all found out truth before I could tell you.

Arjun continues, I and Purvi were going to get married.. I agree that we made mistake unintentionally.. but we didn’t betray Ovi. Manav takes Arjun to a room and continues conversation there.

Manav says to him, okay let’s say you didn’t know anything as Purvi hid from you as well. I am ready to go to Ovi with you.. she hasn’t went too far.. she’s working at my friend’s modeling agency .. Let’s go.. I will explain to her that you want to save this rishta.. and she will cooperate as she is your wife.. she will forgive you.. as according to you.. you were never in the fault. Arjun doesn’t say anything. Manav says, it must be so difficult for her to live with that child who is of someone else. What she will have to go through? I don’t want her to go through all.. but still I will talk to her.. on one condition. Answer to my question.. do you really love Ovi? Because I don’t want to her to go to someone who doesn’t love her.. Arjun struggles. Manav asks him, why are you struggling to answer? Arjun says, I do love her. Manav then asks, and you don’t love Purvi, right? Arjun is quiet. Manav says, one man can’t love two women together.. so now will you tell everyone about this decision or shall I? Arjun asks what decision? Manav says, decision that you’re leaving Ovi on her own and giving her chance to find herself. Arjun goes out and tells everyone that Manav is right.. no one will ask where Ovi is and why she left. No one will try to find her. This doesn’t mean that our rishta is broken.. this just means that I want to give time to Ovi to think about herself and this rishta. After few months, if Ovi wants to return to me, then she can. if she is happy with her freedom, then I won’t stop her.

Savita says, it’s not your decision to bring her back or no.. it’s our decision. We will wait for a week.. we won’t go to find her or try to call her. I don’t want to repeat same mistake that I did 18 years ago with Archana. In our house, relationships don’t break.. there are no divorces in our family.. After a week, I will find Ovi and call her.. and try to explain her. If Archu was here, then she would do same thing.

Savita now discussing with Sulo. she says we will have to stop their divorce somehow. Sulo says, as long as we are here.. they won’t get divorced. Savita requests Sulo that Purvi and Arjun shouldn’t come close otherwise Ovi will never return. She continues, Purvi is matured and understanding girl.. she won’t let her and Ovi’s relationship break.. but still we will have to be alert. Sulo tells her, don’t worry.. I know Purvi very well.. she won’t do anything like this. Savita says, we both have to save our granddaughter’s marriage. Sulo agrees with her.

Soham and Varsha’s conversation. Soham tells her about Onir searching for a job and Pari living with Purvi and Onir now. He says all this happened after Pari’s kidnap. Varsha blames herself for all this. She says because of me Balan came in their lives and now as he is in the jail.. he won’t spare anyone. Soham says I will deal with him my way.. dont worry.

Sulo comes to Purvi’s house. She gets happy. Purvi asks did you forgive me? Sulo says. no.. i just came to tell you to stay away from Arjun. Otherwise it will create more problems for Ovi and Arjun. If you have any respect for your aaji, then do what I said. Otherwise I will think you have no respect for your aaji.

Onir knocks the door, but Purvi is lost in her own thoughts.. thinking about what Sulo just told her to stay away from Arjun. She finally opens the door. Onir is talking with her, but she is still lost. He asks her, what happened? You seem tensed. Purvi says nothing. Onir says, there is something for sure.. tell me what happened. Purvi says, Ovi returned to Canada. For now she went for some modelling assignment.. but no one knows what she is going to do after returning. Whatever happened is because of me. Onir says why are you blaming yourself? You just said she went for some assignment. Purvi says, that’s just an excuse.. I hope Ovi returns to Arjun soon and everything gets fine. Onir says, everything will be fine. Purvi says, I don’t know if Ovi will accept Arjun after finding out the truth? Pari cries.. Purvi says seems like she is hungry. Purvi checks her purse.. and she doesn’t have any money. Onir also doesn’t have any money left.

Precap: Arjun is at Purvi’s house. She tells him, I know you might be pissing Pari, but you shouldn’t come here. And I am told not to meet you.

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