Chanchan 30th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 30th April 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 30th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chhan Chhan getting a call from Himanshu. He asks how are they and asks everyone except Simple. He says he has some important work from her, as his aunty lives alone and wants to buy a doggy, so he wants Chhan Chhan to give some info about the dog breed, and help her out. Chhan Chhan says ok I will meet her. Himanshu says ok, I will fix your meeting tomorrow, and he asks her to wear a good dress, and he will text her the place and time. Himanshu prays that Umaben likes Chhan Chhan.

Chhan Chhan tells Poorvi that Himanshu is Simple’s boyfriend and Manav’s friend. Poorvi asks whose boyfriend is Manav. Chhan Chhan reacts saying not to tease her.

Manav meets Hitesh and suggests him what Chhan Chhan told him that we should make the mistakes right which our elders made. Hitesh says only Umaben is against this marriage, how to convince her. Manav says if everyone is ready for the marriage then you should not think about the third person. Manav says do you love Poorvi. He says yes. Manav says then there is no problem, you do not call the third person in the marriage. Manav suggests him to do court marriage. Hitesh says what. Manav says ust invite some close relatives and friends. Once marriage is done, then who will say what. Hitesh geels its a great idea.
Hitesh says he also wished a low profile marriage. Manav asks him to go to Poorvi and gain her trust as it is important as they cannot do anything without her yes. Manav says he will convince Umaben.

Manthan comes to his dad and says that the date has come for their old case. He says to tell Umaben. Manthan says I was thinking we should hire a lawyer this time. He says that our case is against whom, do you know. Manthan says yes, its against Tau ji. He says thats why this is not just a case, its about relations. They have lost everything, but it all came back because of Umaben. He says Umaben is the best lawyer than any other lawyer. Manthan says yes.

Chhan Chhan and Poorvi are shocked to see Hitesh. He says he has come to talk to Poorvi. Chhan Chhan welcomes him. Poorvi is silent seeing him. Hitesh asks how is she. She says I m fine. Chhan Chhan asks him to sit. He says he wants to talk to Poorvi alone. Poorvi stops Chhan Chhan from leaving. Poorvi asks him what. He says he is sorry for whatever happened. He was with his family at the time of marriage, but later he realised that Poorvi was right and he was wrong. He says he saw a ad and his family also saw it, and they got convinced and now they wish that he should marry her. He says if your dad gets convinced, then we can go ahead. He says the same lines which Chhan Chhan told Manav, which Manav told him. Chhan Chhan notices his words.

He says Poorvi that he will not pressurize her, she can take time and consult her dad and friends. He leaves.

Manav is seeing Chhan Chhan’s pic on his laptop. Suddenly Umaben comes, and he closes his laptop. She asks what he was doing. She says can’t she come in his room. Umaben says he is very smart, she asks him about marriage. She says she need a A1 bahu, who takes care of the household, and also takes care of society like her. Manav smiles and closes his eyes and imagines Chhan Chhan and says few qualities. Manav gets Chhan Chhan call, he disconnects. Ranjana comes to ask something to Umaben, Manav leaves and talks to Chhan Chhan, she tells him that his friend is Hitesh and he came to her home to propose her friend Poorvi. Manav is excited and happy to hear it. Umaben asks Manav whose call is it. Manav says its Himanshu. Manav saves Chhan Chhan’s number by Himanshu’s name. Manav leaves.

Chhan Chhan calls again. Umaben sees Himanshu’s name on the phone’s screen. She picks the phone, and says ya tell. Chhan Chhan’s dog barks. Umaben disconnects the call. Chhan Chhan thinks why Manav is disconnecting the call. Manav comes and asks Umaben whose call it was. Umaben says it was Himanshu but he did not say anything, she heard dogs barking sounds. She questions, but Manav lies.

Chhan Chhan and Poorvi have a discussion over Hitesh. Chhan Chhan tells Poorvi that she knows things are not easy for her, but she felt Hitesh was saying everything with a true heart. Poorvi also feels the same. Chhan Chhan says Hitesh realized his mistake and Hitesh is the best life partner for her. Poorvi agrees. She asks Chhan Chhan what type of life partner she is searching for. Chhan Chhan thinks about Manav and says few qualities she is looking for. She speaks about Manav. Poorvi asks her when did she think about this. Chhan Chhan smiles.

Chhan Chhan calls Himanshu and asks him where he is right now. He is with Umaben and tells her that they are coming. Himanshu tells Umaben that she called. Umaben smiles. Chhan Chhan is standing close.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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