Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 30th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 30th April 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 30th April 2013 Written Update

Jeevika tells them about the creamson hotel’s tissue. Manvi suggests that they should go to hotel and enquire. But virat suggests that they should go to viren and take advise from him. They hurry towards the jail.

Trio reaches jail. Viren asks whether they found anything. Jeevika shows the tissue and tells that a family belonging to lower middle class can’t afford a 5 star restaurant. We just got this. By the time we Reached, they evacuated the house. Viren says You are right. Virat asks sorry to viren for not believing him. But now i know you are being trapped. viren says even he thought riya’s murder happened because of his mistake. But now i know it’s all a trap. Manvi also says there is some big planning going on. They ask viren what

to do next. Viren asks them to find full details about both girls. The riya whom he met and the riya sambhav claimed to be his wife at court. Inder chachù can find the details about the girl from the documents sambhav submitted at the court. It’s difficult, but chachù can manage it. They Say they have only two days. And they have to find all details by then. Jeevika and virman leaves home hurriedly.

At home, all are shocked to know the findings of jeevika and virman. At the same time, all are relieved that viren is innocent. Vanshika says she knew it from the beginning. Swamini bua also says the same. Dadaji says but then, we had no proof. But now we have proof. We’ll bring back viren soon. Jeevika is happy that now everyone believes viren. All are happy for her. Inder chachù comes with the documents. He says this is really confidential. Police don’t reveal these documents usually. But from my sources i was able to get it. He tells them that according to this, in riya’s passport and driving licence address is some place in mumbai. But dadaji and inder chachù feels the documents must be fake. But virat says there is no harm in checking. They can make sure. Manvi says he need not go alone. She’ll accompany him. All agree to it.

Jeevika is resting in her room. Beeji tells her finally her trust won. She asks her never to lose her trust. Jeevika says until beeji is with her she’ll never lose her trust. Jeevika says now viren ‘ll be with them soon. Beeji says nothing wrong can happen with viren. Manvi comes there. Beeji is happy to see jeevika and manvi together. She asks them to trust each other till their last breath. Manvi says their trust will last even after their last breath. She says if you want, we’ll write in stamp paper. They have a fun moment. Manvi asks jeevika to help her with her packing. As she gotto leave tomorrow. Beeji asks her till when will she ask for jeevika’s help. She replies until she’s younger than her. Manvi hugs beeji. Jeevika joins them.

In the Morning, jeevika does the arti. All the family members are praying. Jeevika gives arti to everyone. Virman is getting ready to leave. Inder chachù tells them that they shouldn’t reveal their purpose of visit to anyone. Beeji asks manvi to take care of virat. Manvi tells jeevika that they’ll come back soon. After that they’ll go to creamson hotel. But jeevika systems she’ll go there today itself. And ask them not to worry about that. They just have two days.

Jeevika reaches creamson hotel. She sees a board of art exhibition there. She’s tying to read it when the receptionist comes there. And asks her that what’s she doing there. Whether she came to meet someone. Jeevika is confused what to say. The guy says there is some art exhibition going on today. So many vip guests will be coming. So there’s tight security. So he asks her to leave. Jeevika notices the guy whom they saw talking with sambhav yesterday Night. The receptionist gets busy with someone. Jeevika seizes the opportunity and starts following the guy. The receptionist sees her going inside and runs behind her to stop her. But jeevika without listening to him, goes behind the guy. One waiter is bringing food. And the receptionist collides with the waiter. And he falls down. And he lose track of jeevika. Jeevika runs and gets inside mens washroom. She hides inside a washroom. The guy comes inside washroom. And he washes his face. Jeevika is watching him. He wipes his face with a towel and throws the towel there. He gets out and jeevika goes behind him. She sees him talking with a girl, but she can’t see her face. She tries to follow them, but the receptionist stops her and ask her what is she doing. Whether she’s playing hide and seek. She says she’s the daughter In law of vadhera family. Jeevika vadhera. And asks him to leave her. She says if he wants he can call and confirm. But he lets her go. Jeevika goes behind them. She sees them leaving In a car. She gets in an auto and ask him to follow the car. She asks the guy to speed up. But the auto driver says the guy is driving very fast. This is an auto and not an aeroplane. The car stops near a market. And the girl gets out. Jeevika also gets out of auto. And follows the girl. She still can’t see her face. Jeevika loses track of the girl. But she finds her again. A middle aged lady opens the door and She goes inside home. Jeevika reads the name plate. sheetal khanna. She decides to wait there and check her face. After some time the girl comes out. But jeevika is looking somewhere else and she doesn’t notice sheetal leaving. When she sees sheetal she’s turning to other side and jeevika can’t see her face. Jeevika go rings the bell at home and the lady opens the door. She asks for sheetal. But the lady says there is no sheetal here. Jeevika is not ready to believe that. But the lady says it’s a rented house. But jeevika looks inside and she finds the photo of the girl whom viren said sambhav acquainted him with. Jeevika is shocked to see that.

Precap: jeevika tells viren at jail that she found the girl’s home. Whom he thought is riya. She tells him that there is some big planning going on. And many people are involved in this. But she’ll surely save him. Duo look at each other. Title music is played in the background.

Update Credit to: DesiTvBox

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