Pavitra Rishta 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ankita asking Teju to take Vaishavi for her friend’s marriage. Teju asks her to come to the wedding. Ankita says she will try. Naren brings the file and gives it to Ankita. Ankita checks the file. Naren signs her and says something is there on your face. Ankita asks what? Naren tries to clean her face. Pavitra Rishta music plays…….Ankita says, she will clean her. Ankita comes home. Rushaali blames Ankita for keeping Naren at office purposely. Ankita says, he has some work. Rushaali says Ashi is not well. Ankita asks, what happened to her and goes to her room. She checks and says she is having high fever. Rushaali says, she called the doctor. Ankita takes her and says she will take her to doctor. Rushaali stops her. Ankita says, nobody can stop her. Rushaali gets scared thinking what will happen if she comes to know that Ashi is her daughter.

Ankita brings her to the hospital. Doctor asks her to have faith on God. Rushaali comes there. Doctor asks her to stay outside and asks Ankita to complete the formalities. Rushaali says, she is not related to Ashi and I am her Aaji. Ankita says, Rushaali will complete the formalities. Rushaali goes with nurse. Ankita calls security officer and asks him to inform Naren that Ashi is unwell. And asks him to come to City hospital. He says ok.

Ankita gets sad and waits anxiously outside the ward. She looks at the baby who is crying and recalls the past with Naren. She takes the baby from nurse making him quiet. Nurse informs Ankita that Ashi is conscious now. Naren comes to the hospital and asks the nurse. She says I informed your wife that your girl is fine. Naren is surprised to see Ankita and thanks her.

Doctor tells Naren that Ashi is fine now. She is brought to the hospital at right time. He asks him to thank his wife. Naren says, he thought Pari came and thanks her. He goes to Ashi and kiss her. Doctor says, I don’t believe that she is not this girl’s mother. I have seen a mother’s love in her eyes. Naren says, she is family and gets sad.

Pari tells Naren that she was in the party. Naren tries to make her understand that Ashi is their daughter. Pari says, she has only a fever and asks him not to make an issue. Naren thinks she doesn’t know what is Aayi’s love. She can’t understand.

Vaishnavi calls ghost seeing Kinnari having a face pack. Everyone come and laugh at her. Kinnari scolds Vaishnavi. Savita tells her that her face is like a ghost plus this face pack making her a perfect ghost. Kinnari says, you chawl people don’t understand face pack. Teju tells Vaishnavi not to get sad. Kinnari gets ready and applies cream on her cheeks. Vaishnavi thinks to do mischief with her. Kinnari starts shouting because of the chilli powder in her face pack. She wonders who added it in the face pack.

Savita says, you made the paste. Don’t blame others. Kinnari says, how can you say that. Savita asks her not to speak in english and says you won’t understand my high standard Marathi. Kinnari says, someone added chilli in my paste. Neena says, I saw Vaishnavi going to your room. Vaishnavi accepts to have done it. Kinnari gets angry. Savita scolds Kinnari. Kinnari asks her to keep quiet. Savita gets angry. Kinnari says, she is like Ankita. Ankita left her to trouble us. Savita asks her not to make her angry. Kinnari goes. Savita makes Vaishnavi understand not to repeat it. Teju looks on. Teju tells her that Rushaali and Kinnari are after Ankita. Savita says, our Ankita is not like that. She won’t do anything with Pari.

Rushaali comes to Pari and closes her laptop. She asks her to take care of Ashi. Pari asks why? Rushaali says, because Ankita is staying here. What I am seeing, you can’t see. Ankita helps Naren even in smallest things. She wants to make a place in Naren’s life. You are not giving any attention to Naren or Ashi. Pari says, honestly speaking she can’t be Ashi’s mom. Naren gives more importance to Ashi than me. Rushaali says, Naren did so much for you. You relation with Naren is at risk. If you don’t give attention to Naren and Ashi then Ankita will snatched everything. You have to make her weak.

Pari tells Naren that she don’t want to lose him and that’s why thought to celebrate and spend time with him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  3. PARI IS A b*t*h

    1. AGREED!

  4. now that teju knows that kinnari and rushali are after ankitas life she must work with others to break the plans

  5. Pari is really a b*t*h women. Her right place is prison.(jail)

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