Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anjali worrying for Astha and hopes everything gets fine between Astha and Shlok. Niranjan wonders where is Shlok and asks Sita. She says, she don’t know. Astha and Shlok comes back home together. Niranjan gets shocked and tells Shlok that he really felt good to see them together forgetting their differences. Shlok tells him that he went to Jyoti’s house and Astha also went there. Jyoti came outside to bid them bye and that’s why he brought Astha home. Niranjan asks him to sleep. They go separate ways.

Shlok looks at Astha’s anklet and recalls the moments spent with her. Astha looks at him from a distance. Shlok turns and sees her. She comes inside and hugs him. She says sorry to Shlok. I know I was wrong. Please we will stop this fight as I can’t live without you. We will forget everything and start afresh. Shlok says, he wants the same from her and expect her to trust baba. He says, you believes me then why don’t you believe my trust. Whoever goes against my baba is my enemy. I don’t want you to say or do anything against my baba. Astha says ok, I won’t say. She hugs him again. Music plays. It is only Shlok’s imagination. He looks angrily.

Anjali comes to the room and sees Astha sleeping holding her wedding photo album. Anjali thinks Shlok is really lucky to have Astha as his wife. Soon the differences will be cleared between you both. She smiles and goes to sleep.

In the morning, Shlok and Astha hold the newspaper at the same time. They argue that they will read the paper first. Astha says, she has half right on the paper. Shlok tears the paper and gives her half part. Astha says, she don’t want to read and throws it. Shlok says she is impossible.

Varad comes to temple to meet Mansi. He asks, why did you call me here? Mansi says, why can’t I come here. Varad says, you comes here only 2 times and recalls she is having her birthday today. He apologizes to her. Mansi says, she thought he will surprise her. Varad apologizes to her and promises to spend a day with her. They go inside the temple. Mansi and Varad pray infront of Lord. Panditji gives them prasad and asks Varad to fill her maang with sindoor. Varad takes the sindoor and tells Mansi that he will take it home as Sojal uses it. He says we will spend a day. Mansi feels bad and makes an excuse that she has a meeting to attend. She leaves.

Mansi comes back home and recalls Panditji asking Varad to fill her maang and Varad saying he will take it home. Mansi gets angry and says she doesn’t know that a wife has so much importance in his wife. Varad doesn’t love her even. She thinks she has to be strong and says I won’t cry. I won’t lose him.

Laundry man and milk vendor come to get their money. Sita tells Niranjan. Niranjan says Anjali used to see the calculations. Anjali comes and asks Sita to go. She checks the calculations and asks them to wait for 2 mins. She thinks where is Astha as she has sent her to withdraw the money. Astha comes back and tells her that she is unable to withdraw money from her atm as her atm card is blocked. She asks her not to worry as she have some money. She goes inside to bring the money. Anjali asks them to wait as Astha is getting the money. Astha gives the money to Anjali and she pays to them.

Anjali asks, how the card is blocked? Astha says, I asked the bank employee. As your and baba’s account is joint account, he blocked your account. Anjali says, he can’t do it as he knows I am not a spendthrift. Astha goes inside. Niranjan calls Anjali and goes near the rope. He says, do you need my help? Anjali says, my Atm card is blocked. I gave the money to milk vendor but….

Niranjan says, a man works and gives the money to his wife. When you are not taking care of my home and children then why shall I give you money. When you went to the other side of house, I don’t have a single rupee to give you. Your brain will start working when you have nothing to eat. He shows 4 fingers and says after 4 days you will plead infront of me. Then may be I will give you 1000 or 1500 Rs. Astha hears everything and tells Anjali not to worry as Niranjan will repent for his sayings.

Niranjan tells Shlok that today’s meeting is important. Astha and Anjali come to office shocking Niranjan and Shlok.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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  1. Awesome!!!waiting for tomorrow’s episode!!!

  2. oh iam waiting for tomorrow. astha , i expect that you will create some scenes tomorrow. because you are the symbol of a real girl.go ahead astha, best wishes…

  3. Wow!eagerly waitin fr 2morow’s epi

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