Sadda Haq 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
SAnyu leaves. Ranshir says please saty sanyu I am really sorry. SAnyu goes inside her room. Randhir turns Agarwal is there. rAdhir says uncle please forgive me. Agarwal says how dare you to come here. Randhir says I am just here to apologize. Randhir says I said all that in anger. Agarwal says you said my daughter is burden on me. she is my pride and respect. SAnyu comes running out. Agarwal says daughters are burden for low class people like. You have no respect for daughters and mothers. Randhir says I accept its my mistake. Agarwal says I was quite due to guests. Your parents should be sorry to give birth to you. Randhir says enough. Don’t say a word about my mom dad. Randhir says you are elder that is why I am quite. I can hit you. Agarwal says you will hit me in my house. Randhir says if you say a word about my dad I will. Agarwal shoves him and says how dare you. Randhir says your family has no class. Which dad gets his dfaughter married to a man like Samir.
Randhir says congratulations sir your daughter will never be happy there. Your family is low and cheap not mine.

Scene 2
parth is teaching the juniors. his hands are shaking. The juniors laugh at him. he leaves.
Vidushi says you people are juniors stay in your limit. If you wanna stay here respect parth it will require two minutes for me ruin your image.
Randhir goes to his room and hits the punching bag.

Randhir gets a call, someone tells him that harsh has met an accident.

Scene 3
Harsh asks randhir how did this happen ? Ranhdir says stop asking me those question. harsh says I was coming to meet you. Randhir says you were coming after drinking. You drove when you were drunk.
Randhri sees the card in his pocket of rehabilitation for alcohol addicts. Randhir says why didn’t you tell me ? He says I was coming to tell you. I want to leave the habit that makes you sad.

Randhir says why were you coming ? you wanted to meet me to support you in the court. Harsh says no I just want you to know that your mom was wrong. I want to tell the world that your mom is not a good woman. Its up to you whom you choose in the court.

Agarwal is being checked up by the doctor. he says Agarwal is fine. He is just having some stress.
Agarwal says don’t worry sanyu its not your mistake its the mistake of that guy.
Sanyu says I heart I know I am responsible for this.
Randhir says I will support you dad I will always be there for you.
Sanyu says I will be here with you. I will forget all my dreams and live for your and your happiness only.

Scene 4
Agarwal wakes up next morning and asks anju for tea. SAnyu comes with the tea and says sorry I am bit late. Sanyu and anju smile. Agarwal says tea is so good. I am drinking such a good time after so long. Thank you so much. Agarwal says I was wrong the my daughter has forgot making tea and all this. She remembers everything you taught her. she will never change.
Anju asks sanyu are you happy because your dad is happy ? SAnyu says off course. I will make vegetable for him for the lunch. I over cooked it last time.
She says all the spices are not here. We will renovate our kitchen. anju is quite first. she says I was scared that will you ever do this ? But now you handled all this. You don’t have to change yourself this much. SAnyu says I can change myself in minutes. I will work from now. You don’t have to work.

Randhir says to the lawyer I will be with my dad in the court. And Ms saniyal he never drank and never neglected me. Sanyal says you know he was a drinker and he ignored you. randhir says you can impress judge with these workds not me. Lawyer says we have rpoofs we will win the case. randhir says yeah you will see who is gonna win. You will remember Mrs. Saniya for ruining your career.

SAnyu is working with anju is the kitchen. The stove is not working. Sanyu checks it. She stops with a shock and says I don’t get it. aanju says you can’t get it ? Sanyu says I am not Einstein. Call the mechanic. Anju says why can’t you get it when the mechanic can ?

Scene 5
Saniyal comes and says to the lawyer what is this now ? you said we can easily win this case. whats wrong now ? Lawyer says Since randhir is with him its not easy for us o win the case. Saniyal says all I know is that harsh was never was good dad and husband but I am a good mom. I have to win this case.

Sanyu gets a call. A man says I am lawyer of Saniyal. you are randhir’s friend and you have to be the prime witness in the court. sanyu says I don’t know randhir and I don’t interfere in anyone’s personal matters. don’t ever call me again. Sanyu says in heart my life’s worst day was when I met randhir. why is he not going from my life ? why should I care if his parents are getting divorced or whatever. She recalls when harsh scolded at her.

Scene 6
next morning sanyu wakes up and gets ready like a girl. In her makeup drawer she finds a screw driver. She trashes all the tools. She cleans the grease form her hands. anju says you loved this grease’s smell. now you have it. sanyu says I just applied moisturizer and this ruined it. now your and dad’s happiness is in my hands so there is no place for these things.

harsh says to randhir the lemonade was so tasty. I never knew before maybe because I never focused on good things before. Randhir says you don’t have to worry about the case. we will win it harsh says why are you sad then ? Randhir says just tensed about the case. Harsh hugs him and says you are young go enjoy with your friends. Randhir recalls his and sanyu’s days.

Precap-Samir asks sanyu when did you decide to become engineer ? SAnyu says I can’t do this anymore. He says what are you saying ? Sanyu says do you love me ? Samir says yes I do. Sanyu says can you let me complete my engineering please. She is crying. Samir says Agarwal ji come out I wanna talk to you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Well,aaj ka epi sabse boring 🙁 🙁

  2. Jst dnt wnt to waste my wrds by describing tdys epi as i knw dis wk nd also may be nxt wk shq will be vry vry boring nd disgusting

    1. To say enough half part is interesting and half is boring if agree like it

      1. tumne mere kal ka question ka jawaab nahi diyaa!!! y

      2. I gave it as sashi it’s sasshi or sashi

      3. Pls check it

  3. This whole week sadda haq is gonna be boring according to spoilers

  4. sadda haq was not like this !! this was the superb serial up to last week since it has begin . i really hope next week is going to be intresting 🙂 because i really love this serial

  5. wat has happened to sanyukta???? i mean if she really wanted to bcome daddy’s girl den y did she join FITE??? disguisting…… dont even feel watchin d show dis week……

  6. its getting worst day by day

  7. ) – mon- sanyukta is devastated when randhir insults
    hercfather. He tries to apologize. However , it is too late
    as her father suffers a heart attack. Will she ever be able
    to forgive him?
    2- tues- Sanyukta decides to go back to college and
    complete her studies. Will she be able to convince Samir?
    Meanwhile, Randhir’s parents’ hearing date has arrived.
    3- wed – randhir’s mother wants Sanyukta to support her
    against Rd’s father.Sanyu realises this an opptunity to get
    back at rd for her faimly humilation.
    4- Thurs- Sanyukta is initially hesitant to support Renuka
    but seeing Randhir feeling no remorse the way he treated
    her father, she decides to go against him.
    Friday – same as thursday.

  8. mujhe bohot deep pain hua heart me precape dekh kar.sanyukta ke liye nahi sandhir’s relationship ke liye.kitni buri tarikhe se tor diya sandhir ko.alag kar diya sandhir ko.Randhir ne ek bar bola tha FITE ki koi larki uski layak nahi hai,he was right.sanyu v FITE ki larki hai or bo v randhir ke layak nahi hai.

  9. URGENT —– pls someone clarify my doubt… v all know for sure sanyu wl convince samir and he in turn wl ask her parents to send her to FITE.. she is going to b back… my question is, give me 1 just 1 good reason as to y n how sanyu can break off her alliance with samir??? he has bn calling her at FITE as early as 4 am., giving her gifts, kissing her, hugging her, hovering about her, telling her 143 and now he is going to allow her to continue her studies.. what more does sanyu wants…. her priority has always been engg. sanyu papa ki ladli bhi hai, she gives priority to her family and now when she gets that thro’ the BG that her dad has chosen, y
    wld she reject samir who has done her a huge favour(?)…. i need just 1 genuine reason… samir does not looks like he has any other affair…. he smokes, otherwise….????

    1. i think it will be a case of dowry or sanyu’s dad will overhear samir’s conversation with her mother that after mrriage he will bring sanyu to the right track !!!!

      1. i so wish it is this way!!

  10. I also agree with @anamika

  11. Agree with u anamika…Ughhh felling vry bad yr jst 5 days left for param’s bday..isss shw ko issi wk itna ghatita hona tha jab psb ka brthday hai….its nt done at all 🙁 🙁

  12. What is this yaaar…..? What is going on……”sanyuuu plzzz realise randir’s pyaaar” .
    Love you randir…..
    Iam waiting for sandir’s romantic scenes….
    “Sanyuuu…go FITE….please

  13. Rds dad in rehabilitation center!!! hope that is not fake just to win the case against his wife Renuka Sanyal.. joke of the day was when Renuka called herself “acchi maa” lol!!! Randhir was soooooooo adorable when his dad pulled his cheeks… i have a question fr u PSB – y the hell r u sooooo cute????? y y

  14. Tdy shq cmpltd 200 epi

  15. i jst hope ..that next week shq would be interesting……….i cnt see PSB like this :(:(

  16. game changer

    @anamika well u r rite bt u know wat sameer is a mcp his priority is his own happiness he is a very narrow minded prsn wat du u think he is doing all dis 4 sanyus hapiiness no actually he is doing al diz cuz he want sanyu at any cost…..and u r saying he is doing sanyus favour bt at the time wen his family came 2 knw sanyu is doing engg they askd him bt he did nt supprt sanyu jab k use pata tha…bt he said no… banda aj sanyu ko supprt nahi kiya family k samne wo banda sanyu se luv kaise kr sakta
    aur rahi baat kiss and hug krne ki to hamre rd bhai isse bahot aage hai ab tak sanyu ko 10hugs aur 2 kiss kr chuke hai wo… 😉

    1. seriously u hv bn counting their hugs n k*****!!! maanaa padegaa, u r a true sandhir fan!!!!

    2. i said favour bcoz all that sanyu desperately n ultimately needs is engg.. at this point of time, it can only b that chomu more than anyone else as he is the guy fixed by her family as her wld b better-half (sincerely hope that it never happens)

  17. game changer

    and one more thing sameer may be a gud guy bt sanyu ko ek aazad life chahiye ek aisi life jis me wo apne drmz k sath jee sake jo sameer k sath reh kr nahi ji sakti bt ……..this is the rsn for which she should rjct sameer

  18. game changer

    no dear @anamika ye hugs mai ne count nahi kiye bt kisi aur ne count kiye……well to aapko aapke question ka ans mila?

    1. btw, was it me (earlier) by any chance????

  19. game changer

    may be

    1. me n my memory!!!

  20. game changer

    have almonds evrydy…. 😉

    1. i am not rich to hv almonds e/day…. a/thing cheap n best??? dont tell me memory pills… kahin aisaa naa ho that i forgot the place i keep them!!!! that wld b drastic….

  21. God save me all those hated and boring episodes. I want that sanyu come college and start their international dream team competition I am totally exhausted to see all these boring episode in next week.khuch to kareei ya mareai

  22. Vt rubbish yr.. Hw boribg epi…

  23. Anamika 2 almnds a day z nt bd deaL… 🙂 🙂

  24. I knew it that itni jaldi to randhir sanyukta Sandhir nhi banenge. these kind f situation enters our lives when both persns lose faith in each other. life is nt so easy n misundrstandings creep up often. n since ths show is reality orientd so all these situations r justified. let them solve ths problem together jst lyk that time when they did a problm givn by vardhan sir.we know manzil se v zyada khoobsurat n interesting manzil tak pohochne ka rasta hota hai thats d reasn that sandhir hv been torn apart so that they cn again come together n again fall in love. ths is wots gonna b more interesting. how they wl ovrcm ths situation. their fire n ice combo is going 2 b back. its better than the sugar coated scenes which would hv cm if ths hd nt happend.

  25. Hello everyone !!!!!
    Did anyone notice someone is disliking almost all comments I am ssly is the person mad or wht????
    Meera di , saddahaqrox ,an etc. Pls atleast ek comment har roz kar do …..r u guys really busy????

  26. what is hppnin ???? yeh sanyu apni engg chod rahi hai aur woh bhi apni papa ke liye wah kya pyaar hai apni dream ke liye agar esa hi karna tha toh kyu ghar se bhagi thi aur kyu renuka mama ko yeh kaha ki agar mujhe apni dream ke liye bhagni padi na toh mein zaroor bhagungi …

  27. shq ke bhagban to serial ke creatives and story writers hai.unko jab lagega tab bo sandhir ki beech sab kuchthik kar denge.jaiye pehele parth or sanyu ki itni pakki dosti achanak tor di thi ,because hum use pasand nahi kar rahe the .hum rd or sanyu ko sath dekhna chahate the ,or unhone baisahi kia be positive.

  28. Hey bhagawaan!
    I seriously dunno what to say…..
    No nila, i m noy busy. Bas ganapati ke liye society me dance performance tha n then meri bharatha natyam exams( which went off very well,thnks to ur best wishes) so thodi nervous thi. Par ab sab khatam n ganpati hols bhi hai toh only shq!
    Kuch jyaada hi bol diya shq ke baare mrin. I hope this is just a PHASE n they r not gona turn this into a saas bahu serial. I mean,sanyu bcuming like a typical bahu! They hv hit rock bottom now( n that too wit params bday round the corner!) Hope they dont begin to dig this rock bottom. Obviously,kahaani pehle se is a lot better!
    Guyz,tumlog mere ffs padte bhi ho kya? I ended it yesterday n NO ONE commented. Aur achu toh gayab hi ho gayi! That hurt……..
    Sorry fr long cmmnt. :'(

  29. @anamika sorry yar mai ne aise hi mazak se aapko advice di thi……….well bt agar such me apni memory strong krni hai to meditation will hlp u….kr k dekho…gn

  30. gud morn’ sandhirians!!!
    @ gc – arre yaar… i tuk ur comments in a sportive manner…mujhe bilkul bhi buraa nahi lagaa… so u nd not feel sorry.. waise my memory is not that bad. haan, i tend to forget now n then…. ur pt on meditation – wl see to it…

  31. Sunday ki episode dekhane ke baadh mere dimaakh me kuch scenes atak gaye hai sameer ki frds discussion:mujhe eken nahi ho raha hai sameer ki engagement ho rahi hai.hume peena padega thabi hum es such ko maan lenge. Rd ye discussion sun kar un logon ki picha jaatha hai mujhe lagtha hai rd ne un logo se sameer ki sachchai janta hi. Esliye o sanyu ki zindagi ruin hone se bachana chahta hi.

  32. Sameer ki sister sanyu engagement ko record kar rahi thi. O kuch our bi record karegi uski waja se kahaani me twist ayegi. meri hindi weak hi mistakes ho to maaf karna.

  33. kya ghaati epi tha!
    @rimzim, u r right. All this certainly has sum connection wit d future epis…… for now,lets just hope zis is a phase…….

  34. Utterly dissappointed, so much so that it made me comment for the first time. I just wish to see Maya save the dream team (as she handled kabir) and shove it in Vardhans face for butting in messing everything for sandhir and ruining their chance at the international competition.

  35. Dumb sanyukta..! Dumbest her prnts !! Wndr randhir ko kaisa feel hoga whn sanyukta will supprt her mom juz to take revenge frm him..only revenge..nthg else !! Damn she is going to frgt evry thng..cmmn juz finish dis crap nw! Its gtng hell boring…main toh uske baad hi dekhugni sadda haq..bhale hi 1 mahina lagjaye….

  36. I just saw on Tata Sky that bahut jald ek aur special episode aane wala hai. It’s called-“Sadda Haq-Girl In A Man’s World-Sanyukta” and it will air on Saturday, 6th September at 8pm on Channel V. I just hope ki it’s not like the much-hyped and promoted ENGAGEMENT episode! Double yuck!!!

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