Pavitra Rishta 2nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 2nd May 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with nurse informing Archana that she can take Sulochana home. Sulochana sees Pari and says was remembering Pari since she was admitted, but she is coming now. Pari says she came late, but she has brought happiness for her. She says she wants her to meet someone and calls Shekhar. Shekhar asks how is she. Sulochana says she is fine and it is because of him. She says Pari that she has met Shekhar many times. Pari says Shekhar was my lawyer before, but now he is my future husband. Archana and Sulochana gets happy hearing that. Pari says she will marry Shekhar they permit. Sulochana hugs Pari happily.

Sonu and her brother promote about ZEE cinestars talent hunt. Prashanth join them and promote the show and asks audience to give audition. Shashank brings his injured parents home. Shashank sees his father bleeding and says should be re-band-aid. Mansi asks Shashank to call doctor and goes to bring turmeric paste. Sonu says turmeric paste is very good and it will heal their wounds fast.

Manav goes to Shekhar’s house and meets Shekhar’s parents. Shekhar’s parents say they are very happy that Pari is becoming their bahu. Naren says he and Ankita should also get a credit as they are the ones responsible for Pari and Shekhar’s allowance. Ankita says she is happy that Pari is getting such a nice life partner. Shekhar’s mom says Ankita should help in Pari’s shopping. Naren says he will help in Shekhar’s shopping. Shekhar’s mom says we should get them engaged and married soon and gives sweets to Manav as a ritual.

Damodar and his whole family is happy about Pari’s marriage and say her marriage will be done lavishly and we all will enjoy. Pari says she wants to marry in a simple way. Savita says she should not hear Pari and we should enjoy marriage well. She will shop with Ovi. Archana says we will call Ankita to help in Pari’s shopping. Manav says Ankita only can handle Pari’s complicated shopping. Pia gets a call. She speaks on the phone and informs her family that she had applied for a chef position in 5 star hotel and is being selected, but she has to join tomorrow. Pari says she knows this job is very important to her and should join the job tomorrow itself. She says she can come to her engagement and marriage with her boss’s permission, she is happy that her sister got what she deserved.

Shashank’s father asks him to read news headlines as he cannot hold news paper. Shashank says he will ready the paper. Mansi says Shashank’s mom that she will prepare tea for her. Shashank’s mom get angry on her and says she can handle her own work. She tries to tear milk packet and feels severe pain. Shashank asks her to rest. Mansi brings tea for her, she does not take it at first, but takes it after Shashank after he insists.

Ankita and Pari go on shopping and eat roadside pani puri. Ankita says she is very hungry. Pari says they can have proper food. Ankita says they don’t have much time as they have a lot of things to buy, Manav said she takes much time. She then says Shekhar and her mom told to buy best dresses and other items for you.

Shashank asks sorry to Mansi for his mom’s misbehaviour. Mansi says she is happy that his parents are staying with him as she could not get her parent’s love. Shashank says he is lucky to have her. Mansi says she is lucky to have him instead and says it would have been nice if Soham would have been with them. Shashank says though he is not with them, he calls them regularly and informs about his well being.

Soham mneets his kids and gives them vada pav. Kids say why does not he say with them. He says he cannot, but they can stay with Shashank and can take money from him, but he cannot. Kids says he often takes money from Naren and Shashank, but why is hesitating now. He says he cannot do that. Kids says even this vada pav must be from Naren or Shashank’s money. Soham says he bought it from his money. Sonu asks if he stole money and bought vada pav. Soham thinks even his kids are ashamed of him now so should earn money in a proper way.

Precap: Shashank’s mom alleges Mansi that she is trying to kill her in her son’s absence.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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