Raghav and Kalpi or Raghav and Pakhi in Zee’s Ek Mutthi Aasman?

As seen recently, there has been a lot of confusion in Zee TV’s Ek Mutthi Aasman. Raghav and Kalpi have already expressed their feelings to each other, but they have not been able to talk to Kalpi’s parents directly.

All will get more confusing when marriage preparations start taking place, and Raghav and Kalpi will think that preparations are for their marriage. On the other hand, Kamla, who takes Pakhi as her daughter, will be getting ready to marry Pakhi with Raghav.

Next week, this confusion will finally come to end when they all come face to face in an hour special mixed episodes of Ek Mutthi Aasman and Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke.

Will Raghav and Kalpi speak up for their love? Or will Raghav get married to Pakhi?

Keep watching Ek Mutthi Aasman on Zee TV to find out all the answers.

  1. I think I will stop watching if love doesn’t win BC then this serial would not be speaking of poor persevering and winning. It would be about poor people always having to sacrifice! That is not the message of ema

    1. i so very much agree wid u !!!! i’ll also stop wtchng this shw if love dsnt win !!!!


    3. Im just kidding I agree with you .. don’t take it to heart wat I said

  2. I don’t know what to say ,but I now I love raghna can’t c them separate

    1. shut up fool

    2. im just kiddin I agree it u 🙂


  3. Raghna is the best Jodi, love will win.

  4. why writter canot think some new ideas they showing old track to us jabki ema unse alag serial tha . aur ku nahi raghav aur kalpana ko saath rakh kar kapoors se revenge nahi liya ja sakta and finaly asi kamla maa milti kha hai. hare serial me ya to bhut selfish mother hoti hai ya phir kamla jaisi bambo kya ye log normal mother nahi dikha sakte jo apne bachoo ki khushi aur gam dono mai saath de use paakhi ku chaiye pyar lutane ko

    1. i dont know what to say.i want give best words to abuse writers.disgussting.how can they do to RAGNA & play with our emotions just because they want the serial go on years together.even EMA run years together we are ready to watch- if at all story is different from Bubble gum guru- EKTA serials. simple story makes so much difference to common people who are struggling every day to sustain.

  5. Raghav worked very hard to win Kalpana’s heart &.Kalpana also took time to accept love of Raghav ,She spoke of her differences & explained all the facts to Raghav.
    She has been very honest & humble, They are made for each other,Their love has strong understanding.Kalpana has changed Raghav to loving guy; & because of
    Kalpana Raghav’s office won big important project, They both are perfect for each other, Raghav is great actor & kalpana is also very graceful,she has beautiful smile.

    1. Me too.raghna the best

  6. i srsly want Raghav and kalpi to get marrd ……… oh god ek haafta chale ga ye maaha sangam wala episode ….. i wish i could have fast forwarded and seen the 9th may wala episode …….. yaesterday they gave this Maha sangam ka add and i started gettng tensed …. i cant eat , cant study , raatoko neend udh gayi hai yarr !!!! ganapati bappa ab aap hi kuch madat karo !!!! Hey Nat i agree wid u ……. agar raghav se kalpi ki shaadi nahi hui i’ll a;lso stop watchng the show !!!! if pakhi bcums his wife then EMA will nothing dffrnt than Uttaran (colors) …. and the srl will also not speak about the poo ppl gettng their ek mutthi aasman !!!

    1. ofcrse kalpi luv has 2 win… agar pakhi ke saath shaadi huwe tho ye serial flop hoga is serial ka cncpt tho revenge aur poor people ka struggle hi toh hai.. accrdng 2 me raghav aur kalpi ke shaadi hi sabse bada revenge hoga, kyunke pakhi ke shaadi raghav se huwe tho woh kappors ka son-in-law he tho hoga tho kya kaas revenge le payega 1 day raghav ko bhi kapoors (mainly pakhi kapoor) ko accept karna he padega.. thn as alwys poor kalpis family hv their routin.. if raghav later ditch pakhi nd marry kalpi den ter vl no diff between othr zee tv serial lke qubool hai, sslp, pavithra rishta,etc…. v wtch dis shw 1ly cz its diff frm other if pakhi marg happen i vl stop wtchng dis ema..

  7. Trina, I agree with you too. I wish I could fast forward just to see who is going to get married and not have to see all the bakvas that will be going on next week. I don’t even like gunjan so that whole thing about merging the two shows next week is making me upset. I just want to see ragna and that is it!!!
    I know Kamla is supposed to be the main character and the serial revolves around her but the writers have got to know we all hate her and want nothing to do with her! Gauri is more of a mother to kalpi! I hope gauri and Raghav can get reunited and make kalpi their bahu and take care of her.
    Also, Kamla’s tears do nothing for me anymore-she whines and is disrespecting her own blood daughter!!

  8. yes kalpi and rahave made for each other i aso agree with you Nat and Trina. i hope writer will no decied to marry pakhi and raghav otherwise he will lose trp of this serial a lot. yes its possible raghave will not marry anyone this time but letter he will be with kalpi due to kalpi wish to fulfill by her own gudes and hard work so that no one can say that she took raghav favoure to get this sucess i think this will happen but dot know. ager pakhi ke shaddi raghav s huwe its worst part ofthis serial becasue neetu win and raghav again lose everything this time he should not be he has to take decision if not kalpi then no one and say to pakhi i dont love you undertand bevkoof pakhi.

  9. Raghav told kalpi that uske kalpna ko koi usse nah cheen sakta wo asia nahi hone dega i hope he will do it

  10. Raghav should marry Kalpna and not Pakhi….if he marry’s Pakhi then he is not true to his love which is not a right message.Also its about your life and what you want .If you are not true to yourself how can you be true to anyone .Writer sir plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do not send out a wrong message.We watch the serial as it so far depicted real life and struggle that people go through and was not a melodrama like others .So pls show Raghav and Kalpi getting married and helping each other to live a good ,happy life

  11. yes dd i also agree that may raghna marriage will not happen this time but all the confusion should get cleared he has to tell whole world that he loves only kalpana not idiot paaji and he should try to convince kamla in following epi also writer can show us that kalpi reveal the truth of his mother in front of him somehow many thing are there to show in the serial but for sure not the marriage of raghs and paaaaaaaaaaji

  12. come to Mumbai in search of Pihu (Akansha Gilani) who has been kept captive by her stalker, Vicky, comes to the chawl with Kamla Tai on her invitation…Amidst all this, kamla and family have been thinking of Sammy as the groom for kalpi which is later revealed and shocks the entire Jadhav family that kalpi’s groom is none other than Raghav Singhania. Kamla is caught in a dilemma of choosing the happiness of Kalpana & Pooki but with the timely intervention of Shail (Vaishanavi Mcdonald) & Gunjan, she is convinced that Raghav & Kalpana truly love each other and should get married. The celebrations of Raghav (Ashish Choudhary) & Kalpana’s (Rachna Parulkar) Sakharpuda ceremony are in full swing. In the meanwhile, Gunjan gets some clues about Pihu’s whereabouts but will she make it in time to find her and save Pihu from her captor, Vicky?
    The much in love couple Raghav-Kalpi manage to surpass the odds and finally look forward to tie the nuptial knot with everyone’s blessings. The Jadhav household is gearing for their marriage and there’s naach gaana galore…But there is no love story which is completed without its fair share of complications…as you head into the finale of this Mahasangam week, the audiences are in for a surprising turn of events that they would not have imagined in their wildest dreams!
    With so many parallel stories and nail biting twists & turns happening in each of the character’s lives, viewers can look forward to some high octane drama for a week with their favorite characters.
    On being a part of the Mahasangam Shilpa Shirodkar says “I was extremely thrilled to shoot for the week long Mahasangam that brings together artistes from two shows, blending their tracks in an interesting manner. It is the first time that I am a part of something like this and I am thoroughly enjoying shooting with the star cast of Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke. I hope viewers will enjoy the double dose of entertainment”
    An equally excited Roopal Tyagi says “This Mahasangam will spell entertainment galore for the audiences as they will witness the intersection of the two most intense gripping tracks from two of Zee TV’s popular shows. The fact that it will not be executed for just a stand-alone episode but run for a week is surely going to enhance the entertainment quotient for the viewers. I had an amazing time shooting with the cast of Ek Mutthi Aasmaan”
    Will Gunjan succeed in her search for Pihu and save her from Vicky’s clutches or will she return empty handed? What surprise fate has in store for Raghav & Kalapana…Will this celebration culminate in a blissful marriage for the couple?
    Watch your favorite actors coming together in a unique Mahasangam of Ek Muthi Aasmaan & Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Kefrom Monday-Friday only on Zee TV at 7-8pm.

  13. will not vote for this show because it is heading towards another qubool hai high voltage drama and i dont think raghav and kalpi will be married…..so i have given up on this show to………all indian serials are the same…boy loves girl boy decides to marry girl boy ends up marrying another girl…….NO CREATIVITY….

    1. Hai,u said u dont understand hindi.r u from ap?

  14. cvs r creating more confusion day to day…..wht is in her mind…….ufff it is nw too much……..

  15. Ok here are my thoughts rag and kalpi will be taking the nuptial rounds when he thinks he sees Gauri and stops dead in his tracks confusion is on his face then pooki comes running In her bridal attire (late as usual )think she is late for her own wedding she stops and is shocked to see rag and kalpi on the podium. The wedding continues and they at married just then Gauri calls recalling her past and calls out Rahgivs nick name when he was a kid and the collapses in his arms he’s is even more shocked to see her ( as for pookie somthing in her snaps and stats she will get Rahgiv at any cost
    This is only my opinion ☺️

  16. Disgusting.i can’t see dis serial anymore.they r trying to drag dis serial.

  17. Hi RK,
    The story that you have written is it just your opinion or has it come from any serial source. I wish what u have written happens..

  18. I jst luv raghna jodi if they get married maybe pakhi will take revenge

  19. I don’t care if Raghav finds his mom and stops the wedding. But if they separate ragna then that is sad! They can do wedding later but they should still be together and paaki wil never come between them no matter how much she tries!

  20. We are still together trying our best to make Writer,Producer, Zee Tv Who ever may be related to produce EMA UNDERSTAND,we all got addicted to this beautiful show but now in midst of every thing ii is taking terrible datour (turn) full of misundertanding & confusions,For almost two months Raghav was trying his best to get Kalpana’s attention & love,During holy celebration, during bus ride, at work in office Alibagh trip Where Kalpana took care of Raghav ,after all this when kalpana gave her Positive response,writer are making a confustion in the Drama
    Pakhi ‘s so called is sefinfected, Raghav never admitted to her that he loves her,not even likes her,Her family Neetu & Sahil have only hurt raghaiv finnaccially & moraly,
    They have MURDERED his Father,& TORTURING his MOTHER, writers pl. think
    Marriage bring two family together in good faith.Tell me How Raghav will fit in Kapoor’s family, Its really beyond my unerstading,Pakhi is taking all the signals in own favour as stupid selfish teenager,her character did not mature at all,Her parent are crupt & they see Raghav as BANKACCOUNT.
    In last few months Kalpana & Raghsv;s grew strong with help of Sammy,they have great chemistry, made for each other, Pl. do not SEPARATE them.Bring Gouri back to chowl no need of kapoors to keep her ,They will only hurt her,We love Ragana are only for them, Dumbo Kamla is out her mind & blind she can not see her own daughter’s need, But she is falling for Neetu’s daughter for no good reason,,,Only because of Pakhi Zidd &illusion of having Raghav,she is aways droolin over him makes me sick…… Pl.clear the mess which writer have crated, Because we are really getting tired of this dirty tircks & confusion,,I will celebrate & have party with my friend when R & K get married, iknow its only a soap but it has entered our home & heart………Try to understand what it does to Ragana’s fan,,,,

  21. Well said, sneh!

  22. Sneh like your comment
    That’s why love raghna frnds

  23. Him sub raghna ki shaadi me like pray jar rage hai and telly buzz me dey told or wrote DAT raghav forced to marry puki. How could a bro marries sis. Little raghav when came to kapoors home after his father’s death neetu and sahil told prem DAT raghav is now onwards like his big brother den how can he marreys puki.

  24. Writers & all raghana’s friends The song chosen Tumi oh is very good song,,i do like it
    BUT i wll like to suggest another song which is english have great lyrics & it goes very well with RAGHAV & KALPANA’s emotional feelings of love & comintments
    Its Whitney Houston’s song
    ” you never stand alone”
    All my friends check this song on line ,U tbe, I am sure you will enjoy
    Have a great WK/End

  25. Sorry T.O mistake song title is
    “you will never stand alone” by Whitney Houston check on u tube

  26. please vote for kalpana -love will win.

  27. I m keep voting since Friday

  28. all who love ema should vote for kalpi love will win

  29. pathetic ZEE tv has disappointed 88% viewers by getting pakhi married to raghav…unbelievable
    go to HELL you ZEE morons


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