Pavitra Rishta 29th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 29th November 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 29th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the meeting of Arjun and Purvi representing their respective companies in the conference. Arjun says I believe Purvi wants to go to Canada soon and asks his employee to do the paper work fast. He asks his employee Anand to talk with Purvi’s manager and then they will sign the deal. Arjun congrats Purvi for their partnership and says it might be a last day for our life partnership. He is talking about Pari but just then Anand comes and asks him to sign the papers. Arjun says Naren and Rushaali will sign the papers as witnesses. Purvi says she will take the papers to Canada as Aayi and baba is there.

Archana comes and says no need. Arjun and Purvi get happy. She says sorry to Arjun and says this deal will be sign after some days. She tells Purvi that they will go to Canada after some days. She says she didn’t come alone but with all the family. She asks Purvi to come along with her. Anand tells Arjun that deal stopped for a while. Arjun says it is a good thing as Purvi will stay back here for sometime. Purvi comes to the house and says it is same as it is. She calls for Manav. Archana tells her that he went to Bangalore. Purvi asks, whether she came here to unite her with Arjun. Archana says are you mad? We didn’t think about it. We came here as we didn’t see Mumbai since long. After Purvi leaves, Archana thinks she couldn’t say the truth else she would have go back to Canada.

Prashant beats Soham as he tried to steal Ankita’s necklace. Ankita shouts at Prashant to leave Soham. Other neighbours intervenes and take Soham with them. Archana comes in her car but missed to see Soham. Savita asks, who is he? Some neighbour says he is drunkard. Ankita asks Prashant, why did he do this? Prashant gets angry on Soham. Door bell rings, Ankita opens the door to find Archana, Savita, Teju with Purvi. Savita is surprised to see Archana’s lookalike. She says Archana used to look like her when she got married. Even Mansi, Prashant, Pranav and Sonu are amazed to see Archana. Ankita invites them inside. Some neighbour comes and gives the bangle to Ankita. She says she dropped Raghu very far and says they will help her in the wedding preparation. She leaves. Ankita asks Deshmukh to sit comfortably. She says sorry to Archana for whatever have happened. Archana says Purvi told them about her family. Ankita introduces her siblings to Deshmukh.

Archana tells Ankita that she wants to say something. She says your don’t have Aayi with you and says that’s why we want to take up your marriage responsibility. Ankita says no. Sulochana says we want to relived our past once again. Savita says we will enjoy at your wedding and will recall Archana and Manav’s wedding. Ankita hesitantly agrees. Mansi asks Prashant to get chairs from the shop. Prashant is decorating the house with flowers and sees Ankita tensed. Ankita tells them that it is not good. She says Deshmukh family coming and taking up the responsibility. She says may be they felt bad and took the responsibility. She says they are doing it forcibly and says they shall talk to them. Mansi says they are good people.

They goes to Archana’s home. Archana says it is not burden for them. Ankita says she don’t want to burden them. Sulochana says they thought to marry her off as she don’t have any family and they want to do the kanyadaan. Ankita says please try to understand and says she will take care of everything. She asks them to come for her marriage. Archana says kanyadaan is the good thing and asks her to agree. Sulochana tries to agree her. Ankita doesn’t say anything. Archana says it is decided that we will do the marriage. They leaves.

Archana tells Sulochana that Ankita is not looking happy and she is just pretending to be happy. She worries for her. Sulochana says marriages are made in heaven and says everything will be fine. She says Ankita has Archana’s strength to fight against all troubles. Rushaali sends the gift for Ankita through her driver. Kids gets happy seeing the gifts. Ankita thinks she can sacrifice for their happiness. She thinks Naren’s truth shall be hidden from them until her marriage is done. She thinks she don’t want to snatch their happiness.

Arjun and Purvi asks the viewers to watch Zee Rishtey awards as they are dancing in the show. Arjun/Rithvik is anchoring the event.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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