The Buddy Project 29th November 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 29th November 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 29th November 2013 Written Update

Piddi and Rukmini run into KD and Kiya while searching their way back to camp are relieved. Rukmini asks them if Ranveer and Panchi reached back as well. KD gets shocked hearing this and says that they were supposed to be with Rukmini and Piddi. Piddi tells him that they got separated in the forest. They get worried and KD says that they should go and search them.

Ranveer and Panchi are eating at the old lady’s house. They keep bantering and teasingly pushing each other and the lady just smiles at them.She gives them a herbal drink.She says to them that they look good together, as if they are made for each other.However , they just laugh at this.Ranveer explains her that they are just very close childhood friends and there friendship is very deep but nothing else.He adds that nothing like that happen between them. The woman replies that ever thing has a right time and that their time will come soon.Panchi asks her what she means by that but the woman just excuses herself to bring water for them.

The remaining buddies are still searching for them , Kiya a little way ahead of the rest. Suddenly she hears the sound of a wild animal and turns around . She is shocked seeing a scary ghost and runs to KD . She hugs him tightly looking scared. He assures her that nothing is wrong and pulls off the mask of the set guy.Piddi , Rukmini and the set guy leave to find Ranveer again and Kisha stay behind. KD tells Kiya that she shouldn’t keep relying for help on him as she will leave for US in a few days time.He leaves off as well and Kiya is thoughtful.

The old woman’s house. Panchi is acting all drunk singing and swaying ,while RV holds her. He STTC that its the herbal drink acting upon her.Panchi shouts saying that ‘Auntie, aapki stak gayi hain.’ She adds that RV doesn’t love her, he loves Rukku baby. RV tries to shut up and puts his hand over her mouth.Panchi hugs him tightly and continues blabbering . She says that RV is so cute, he cares for her just like a boyfriend. She asks him if he is her soul mate? But immediately says that no, he is her bestest friend.RV begins to feel drunk too. Someone knocks th door and RV opens it to see the old woman . He asks her what kind of herbal she gave them that they both got high? She says that they will be fine soon as it was purely ayurvedic and its has no side effects. She tells them to drink water and go to sleep.

After she leaves, Panchi behind pulling RV’s cheeks and continues saying that he is so cute. RV gets angry and pushes her off saying that why does she always pull his cheek? He takes the water and goes out while Panchi just tells him to stop and apologizes.RV splashes his face with water and thinks about all that Panchi and the woamn said. He remember his moments spent with her. (FBs of camp scene and Jaane Kyun)After he returns inside, Panchi hugs him tightly while crying . She asks him why did he leave her ? She telle him to promise and sya that he will never leave her alone and go. He promises her so. She sleeps off on his shoulder and he lays down on the bed and goes to sleep on the floor.She suddenly gets up and goes to sleep near RV who is pretending to be asleep.He puts his arm around her and thinks about the old lady’s and Panchi’s words.

The buddies are still searching for them worried. Piddi finds RV’s wallet on the ground and gets extremely scared thinking that a wild animal must have made him its snack. However, KD finds a visiting card on a tree and the stone on which RV wrote his initials. He tells the others that RV has left markings for them to follow and reach them. The set off again , looking for more markings to trace.It dawns in the forest whiel they are still searching for them. The decide to split up and go in two different directions and go back to camp if they don’t find Rahi till afternoon.

RV wakes up before Panchi tells her to wake up saying that the buddies will be waiting for them. He gets up and leaves. Panchi STTC asking why is RV looking so cold early in the morning?The old lady show them the way back to camp and They thanks her and set off .Rv is hurrying forward while Panchi is follows him looking confused. Rukmini and Piddi reach the house Rahi stayed the night and ask the old woman if they saw their friends. She tells them that just left . Piddi thanks her and they set off again.

Rv and Panchi are walking while Panchi asks him what happened. He doesn’t reply so she catches up to him but he shoves her off and she falls on ground hurting herself near the elbow.He gets down to help her and apologizes. She says its okay. She asks him what did she do wrong so that he wasn’t talking ? Rv replies that she didn’t do anything and that he was just engrossed in his thoughts. He apologizes again, and slowly blows at the wound on Panchi’s arm.

Precap: RV falls in quick sand and is sinking. Panchi gets frantic and tries to pull him out with a branch. She succeds at last and Rv is safe.RV kisses Panchi and Rukmini and Piddi see them.

Update Credit to: Crazy_Life

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