Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th November 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th November 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Radha asking her bhabhi were is “kesar”, to add in the srikhand sweet she made. Bhabi seems jealous and says, “you could have asked me before making na, Umang doesn’t like sweets.” Radha says she will bring it back while umang stops her,he asks her why she is taking it away,she replies that bhabi said she doesn’t like sweets, umang says if she made it for him, then he will definitely have it.. Bhabi comes out from the Kitchen, and she is angry. She drops pickle onto her saree wantedly and apologises, Radha goes to change her saree.

Radha’s parents, Gopi and Ahem and Kinjal, Urmi, Jitu Bhai arrive at Umang’s house and are outside. Bhabi gets irritated and asks Umang if he started to like sweets also, then she also says to have it from radha’s hands, she mentions she made his favorites today. Umang smiles and tells her to feed. Urmila rings the bell but the door is opened and they enter. Bhabi is feeding umang but as usual the whole team doesn’t see, Madhu calls out “jamaiji”. Bhabi and Umang are shocked and wonders why did they come. Madhu says that they don’t have any suspicions on Umang and they have come to accept the relation. Radha comes running and hugs madhu and says she is very happy seeing them here. Jayanti bhai apologises to umang and tells him to forget everything and they have come to accept him. Bhabi and Umang shocked.
Precap: same as yesterday, Gopi showing the missing photograph of umang and his bhabi.

Urmila tells that they have realized before it is not too late and who would not accept crorepati son in law. Umang replies saying relationships are stronger and he is happy that his parents like inlaws have accepted him. Radha goes to bhabi and says she was right that her parents would come soon to her. She smiles. Umang goes to ahem and says that he is happy that ahem forgave him and made a relation with him! He hugs ahem, though hesitant at first ahem hugs back. Bhabi tells radha to hug gopi and forget the past. They hug and madhu ben and jayanti bhai happy. Urmila blabbers something high about umang while gopi observes the missing photograph and tells the same to ahem. They look keenly. Madhu ben asks bhabi to get kumkum to do tikka for umang. She does the tikka and gives the suitcase of money as shagun. Umang is surprised to see money. Bhabi seems happy. But umang takes the bag and gives it back to jayanti bhai saying they have given more precious gift in the form of Radha as kanyadan. Urmila happy and she picks the bag that she will take care of it. Radha holds her and stops her. She says Umang didn’t take his inlaws money but she cant leave her parents blessings.

Urmila sweetly tells her to leave as she cant manage so much of money and moreover her husband will give ten times more amount. She retorts saying she can mange urmila as well along with the money. Ahem wonders what drama!

Precap: Umang says to bhabi that they must do something about pagal’ radha. She asks how and he says, didn’t you hear what her mami said? Today so many people are there that even if anything happens they wont straight away suspect them. They smile while gopi calls her.
Bhabi invites for them for lunch and though madhu declines, gopi agrees to have. Kokila and rashi run into each other and Koki warns her to be careful. Both of them are lost and they run into each other again. Umang asks if radha doesn’t trust him that he would take her of her needs, what was the reason to take money. Radha replies saying, if she doesn’t take money, Urmi would keep them with her. And whenever her parents need they will give them. Umang again questions if he wouldn’t help them when in need, she says her parents would touch her husbands money so they will give them this.

Gopi and bhabi in kitchen and she tells bhabi that umang takes care of her as brother and not brother in law. Gopi asks how many years have been passed from the time her husband expired, and bhabi starts yelling and crying asking gopi what topic she brought. She says it was difficult for her forget them. Umang and radha come and umang asks why is she crying, and she tells gopi asked her about dead husband. Umang and radha looked angry. Umang says gopi not ask her about his dead brother’. Madhu consoles her. Gopi apologises but radha and urmila leave few words on why she is always interfering with others life. Ahem looks irritated.

Madhu tells her to forget everything and urmila tells her that Radha will be take care of everyone and she also happened to do something and the fuse in Modi Bhavan goes away. Bhabi and umang laugh, radha uncomfortable. Umang gets some idea. He tells them that he needs to make a call and leave. And also bhabi leaves saying she will wash her face. They meet outside near the door and she says, that the family accepeted him and whatever his plans were failed. She taunts him that he will stay as radha’s husband now. He says he cant accept defeat so quickly. Umang says to bhabi that they must do something about pagal’ radha and that the work with her is over. She asks how and he says, didn’t you hear what her mami said? Today so many people are there that even if anything happens they wont straight away suspect them. They smile while gopi calls her. They look worried but Gopi apologises and bhabi says she forgave her. She thanks her. Kokila calls Gopi and asks if they found out anything. Gopi says no but she says that the photograph she showed her yesterday is missing. Koki says this is clear about his evil intentions and asks Gohem to keep an eye on him. Umang omes to washroom and does with geyser and says its time for radha’s death. Koki tells Gopi that they will definitely find a solution and gopi puts the phone. The episode ends on Koki’s face.


Precap for Monday: Umang puts a geyser wire into the bucket and closes the place through which water flows. He says as long as water is in here, none can save radha. Gopi is present there! ( wonder if CVs put that she or she didn’t)

Update Credit to: MADHU.BARUN

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