Pavitra Rishta 27th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 27th January 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 27th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankita talking to Prashant on phone and says I will come there after Kinnari’s grah pravesh and asks him to take care of everything. Sunanda comes and scolds Ankita for being on call. She asks, do you know what to do at grah pravesh. Ankita says yes. Raunaq and Kinnari’s comes, Rushaali does the rituals. Naren says, second bahu is ready to enter Karmakar’s house and Ahana is welcoming her. He does the commentary as Ankita is welcoming her. Rushaali asks Kinnari to push the kalash and step inside the home. Kinnari comes inside. Naren says, welcome to Karmarkar’s family. Manav is watching cricket. Teju is going to her room. Manav asks, Did Pari is still awake? Teju says she is working. Manav asks, did you talk to her. Teju thinks to talk to Manav. She

says, Pari is disturbed with Purvi and Arjun’s marriage. Manav says, you are her aunt and you have to take care of her in Purvi’s absence. He says, if you think we can solve her problem then surely tell us. We always loves Pari. I have seen pain in her eyes. She didn’t do any wrong thing. He asks Teju to take care of Pari.

Raunaq’s friends ask him to drink but Raunaq refuses. They pull his leg and asks him to drink. Raunaq says, I don’t need anyone’s permission to drink. Raunaq drinks. Kinnari hugs her mom and says don’t be emotional. She says, I will come to meet you whenever I miss you. Ankita says, we will take care of her. Rushaali says, she is like a daughter now. Raunaq tells his friends that his wife is always on call with her friends. He looks at Kinnari and thinks of Mansi. He sends message to Mansi. Mansi thinks it is an unknown number. She reads the message, did you wear the dress sent by me. She thinks, jiju can’t send this type of messages. She calls Naren and says I wore the dress sent by you. Naren wonders and goes to asks Ankita. Ankita tells Mansi that Naren sir didn’t give any dress. Mansi says, don’t worry, I will see. Mansi wonders, who have sent that dress. She opines that the caller have sent this dress. She thinks to change the dress as soon as possible. Shashank’s mom calls Mansi. Ankita asks Kinnari to say if she needs anything. Kinnari speaks badly with her and says our standard is high than you. Naren comes and asks Ankita to come. Ankita says, I have to do some work. Naren says, we are getting late for Mansi’s sangeet.
Ankita smiles as Naren is talking. Naren asks, did I crack a joke that you are smiling. Ankita says, no, I was smiling to see your concern. Naren says, she is like my younger sister and takes Ankita. Sunanda looks on. Kinnari is talking on phone and says I am very tired of the rituals. She asks Raunaq, are you drunk? Raunaq says no. Shashank’s mom introduces her relative to Mansi. Mansi gets Raunaq’s message saying you are looking hot. She gets his messages one by one. Mansi wonders what to do? Whom to tell about him. She thinks what this man wants. Raunaq calls Mansi. Mansi picks the call and asks, why you are messaging me? Who are you? Raunaq says, you didn’t recognise me? I am yours and only yours, Raunaq. He asks, are you missing me? Mansi says, I am not missing you. He asks, did you wear that dress? He asks, how are you looking? I am sure you are looking hot and beautiful. Raunaq says, I came here for the suhaagraat but I am feeling only about you. Mansi says, aren’t you ashamed? Raunaq says, marriage is a licence to flirt with other women and I got it. Ankita and Naren comes. Ankita praises her dress. Mansi says, I need to talk to you. Ankita says, you are upset with me as I couldn’t come early. Mansi says, I don’t want anything.

Soham asks the waiter to serve water with lemon. Naren goes on the stage and announces Shashank and Mansi’s dance. Mansi and Shashank dance on the song Tune Pal Bhar Me Chori Kiya Re Jiya…..Everyone smiles as they dance together. Everyone clap for their romantic performance. Naren praises their performance and says it is magical. Mansi touches his feet. Naren says, I am not old. Mansi says, whatever you have done, can’t be done by anyone else. She says, you have fulfilled everything. Naren says, your husband shall touch my feet too. Shashank bend down, Naren hugs him.

Mansi comes to the terrace and calls Ankita. She sees Raunaq smirking. She is shocked

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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