Tumhari Pakhi 27th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 27th January 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 27th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anshuman covering his act infront of Pakhi. Pakhi does not get to know his truth from the chef. Anshuman looks at Tanya and asks the chef to make them taste the special dishes. Pakhi says so you have party at office and you want me to decide the menu, so you left your wallet at home so that I can come after you, why are you so complicated, I would have helped you if you told me directly. I m not like you. Anshuman says you are right. Pakhi thinks she is not annoyed with Anshuman anymore. Lavanya gets ready to meet the guy she called for meeting.

Pakhi goes to washroom. She meets Tanya. Tanya says I will have to spend much time with Ansbhuman as I m writing his biography. Anshuman says what a pleasant surprise, come, sit. Pakhi talks to Tanya well and smartly

and calls her a third person saying we will solve our problem. Tanya says it means you both are still fighting. Pakhi says its a husband and wife’s entertaining fight, you won’t understand. Tanya meets the chef and he starts showing the dishes. Pakhi gives her suggestions.

Tanya gets angry on Pakhi. Anshuman gets a call from Maa ji and is shocked. Lavanya is waiting for three hours. She comes to know someone came to meet her. Lavanya meets the guy, he is Surinder Singh from Jalandar. Lavanya is shocked to see him. He is a simple and sweet guy. Lavanya does not like him at all. Anshuman and Pakhi come home and the doctor checks Ayaan. Anshuman asks what happened. The doctor says he will be fine soon. Maa ji says Ayaan fell off the chair, his bone broke and its a fracture. Ayaan says the doctor said it will take one month to get well, now I can’t get up from my bed.

Pakhi says I will take care of you. Tanya hears all this and leaves. She meets the doctor ans asks is it really a fracture. The doctor says its real. Anshuman asks Ayaan what was he doing. Its Ayaan’s plan to skip the hostel. Anshuman scolds Ayaan. Girish comes and asks Lavanya whats all this going on. Lavanya says what did you think I will do, I have realized I should move on in life. Girish is shocked and says you will not get anyone who would love you more than me. She says are you jealous. He says no, you will regret about this.

She says everything has finished. He says nothing finished, our relation did not break, you know I will not let this relation break. Anshuman sees Tanya and she is tensed. Tanya says Ayaan might be in so much pain. Anshuman says Ayaan needs bed rest for two months, it means he won’t go to hostel, it means Pakhi will be here. He says it won’t be for 15 days now. He says she has to go, but if she does not, she won’t go leaving Ayaan in such state. Anshuman says see, look at her, what is she doing. Tanya says she is taking care of Ayaan, you should be happy.

Anshuman says you have a big heart, you are happy that she is taking your place in this house. Tanya asks him to spend some time with Ayaan. Anshuman leaves. Tanya says an invitation to a charity function. Ayaan is jumping on the bed fooling Pakhi. He talks to Maa ji. Pakhi comes to him and he rests in his bed. Maa ji leaves. Pakhi brings haldi milk for Ayaan.

Ayaan does not like the taste of the milk. She insists. Anshuman comes. Pakhi asks Anshuman to drink the milk and show it to Ayaan. Anshuman drinks it. Ayaan and Pakhi clap. Pakhi says come on Ayaan, now you drink it. Tanya is at her home, angry. Mr. Rana talks to her and asks her to hold her temper. Tanya says its happening because of Ayaan. She says I know he is acting, I felt like slapping him. Pakhi says I will take care of Ayaan well. Tanya says Pakhi is always after Anshuman and Ayaan, she wants to bring them closer. I won’t stay with Ayaan after marriage, he is not my son, Ayaan has to go from here.

Mr. Rana pacifies her. She says whatever I will do, will not be seen by anyone, but its effects will be seen, tomorrow Ayaan’s truth will be out, then he will go to hostel and Pakhi will go to her village. I m sure Anshuman will be away from Ayaan once he knows the truth. Mr. Rana asks how will this happen.
Tanya tells him her idea and shows him charity function invitation. She says Pakhi and Anshuman have to go. I will make sure, then I will be with Ayaan, I will bring out his truth. Anshuman says the milk was bitter, but I did not say it infront of Ayaan. She thanks him.

Pakhi asks Anshuman to thank her sweetly. Anshuman looks on. She says I will add honey in the milk from tomorrow, it will be sweet. Its morning, Anshuman comes to see Ayaan and finds Pakhi with him. He sees Tanya and asks you here. She says I brought his fav game new edition. He says Pakhi is sleeping inside and Ayaan did not wake up till now. Anshuman gets a reminder call about charity function. Tanya insists and asks him to go as its his company’s charity function.

Pakhi comes to them and Anshuman says we have to go to a charity function now, so get ready. Pakhi says what about Ayaan. He says anyone will see him. Pakhi says family members should be with Ayaan, for moral support. Anshuman insists. Tanya says I will stay with Ayaan and asks them to go. Anshuman says we will come back before Ayaan gets up. Pakhi agrees.

Pakhi gets ready. She talks to Anshuman about Ayaan and calls Tanya a stranger. Tanya hears this and is angry. She holds Anshuman’s hand. Anshuman asks tell me are we going or not. Pakhi is confused. Tanya calls her dad and says I hate her, and Ayaan. Mr. Rana says calm down, tell me what happened. Tanya says Pakhi is so clever, she knows Anshuman loves me still she does not say anything, she acts to be good, but she is jealous, she is trying to keep me away from this house. She says Anshuman is coming in her talk, she is doing his brainwash taking Ayaan’s name. He says I told this, come back home, I will see Anshuman.

He says else you stay there, I will come, we will decide. She says don’t come, I will manage. Lavanya and Girish comes to Anshuman’s house along with Naina. Lavanya is upset that they did not tell them about Ayaan’s fracture. Pakhi thanks them for coming. Tanya says I will spend my day with Lavanya. Pakhi and Anshuman leave for the charity function. Tanya thinks I will prove Ayaan is acting.

Ayaan’s lie is caught as Ayaan runs to save Naina. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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