Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 27th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 27th January 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 27th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with shail doing the preparations of haldi ceremony. She asks seema about the haldi and she says that it’s all ready. Then gunjan comes and tells shail that she wants to help everyone in marriage and she really means it this time and wants to accept vikram and charu. Shail thinks what gunjan had said earlier to seema and she asks gunjan whether she really means it or she is doing this to make her happy. Gunjan says that no she really means it this time. Shail allows her and asks her to do the work and gunjan starts with the preparations. Vikram with mayank and other men go out for the haldi function and on the opposite side with a curtain charu is also there. Everyone puts haldi to vikram and gunjan looks at mayank but he doesn’t look at her and leaves from there with vikram after his haldi is done. All the ladies start with charu’s haldi. Shail and seema put haldi on her and then gunjan also puts haldi on her and charu in her mind says that now gunjan will see what mistake she did by snatching her mayank from her.

Mayank and vikram are in the tailor’s shop and vikram tries his sherwani to check his dress fittings. He tries it and then gives it to the tailor to alter and both mayank and vikram leave from there. Then charu call that tailor and tells him to deliver both the sherwani’s to her and he agrees with it. At home gunjan is doing all the preparations and shail sees this and is touched with this gesture. Shail leaves from there and rachna comes and tells gunjan that she is going to KT’s office to complete her final work and it will take only little time and if there is any work so can she handle the work. Gunjan asks her not to worry and she will handle all the work in the house. A man comes with a parcel and gunjan receives it and its vikram’s sherwani and she is searching for vikram for his sign but doesn’t find him so she goes to vikram’s room and finds charu there doing her makeup and tells her to sign on the papers which are for the sherwani and she signs and goes from there. Rachna goes to KT’s office and she wishes nitya good morning. Nitya asks her why she has come as she had taken a holiday so rachna tells her that she has come to complete her final work. Then KT comes and asks her why she has come. She then tells him that she has come to give the last two designs with fabrications. He is impressed with it and gives her some more work. Nitya sees this and says that now she has to do something to remove rachna as she is taking her place.

Vikram and all the family members are praying to god for his marriage and they are leaving but gunjan stops them and she does his aarti and tilak. Shail gets happy to see this. Seema asks about mayank and gunjan says that he has already gone to hall. Dayal asks everyone to leave for the hall and they all leave. Charu is getting ready and then she takes seema and shail’s blessings and thanks shail for letting the marriage happen. The baarat comes and seema goes and does the tilak of vikram. In charu’s room she gets irritated with seema and her friends and wonders if they don’t go how she will go to meet mayank. Then gunjan comes and she gives cold-drink to all ladies and gives to charu also but she refuses politely and gunjan asks her whether she wants anything else. So charu says that she wants to rest and gunjan tells seema that she should let charu rest as there is time for the marriage yet. Seema leaves from there charu says that she should call mayank and inform him that when should he come. Mayank is doing some work and he keeps his phone down and gets a call and goes to receive it but vikram says that he will receive it. He receives it and its some employee from his office. Then mayank relaxes. Again a call comes and mayank gets scared what if it’s charu. The screen freezes on his scared face.

Precap:- Mayank wears the sherwani and says to himself that charu wanted to see him in this sherwani so here she sees him but now her game will be over. He is going and he sees gunjan and vikram coming from the opposite side and hides.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

  1. wat does vicram wants at time i jus cant get him. btw mayank u could have done better. caps lock on you……………………………?

  2. Stupid epi as usual.I mean come on for how long r u gng 2 continue dragging d drama btw c m and g pls cut it out.and concentrate on rachna den end d blo*dy show bas

  3. Bibi Ameena Rafiek

    Gosh man y can’t mayank tell gunjan watz happenin and stop be rude to her

  4. @lami. I agree with you on the dragging out of the drama between charu, gungan, mayank. I am more annoyed about the general show. In what world/reality would any real person allow someone to blackmail with things that doesnt hold any real treat.
    We say the development of gungan’s character since her wedding we’ve seen her grown and become a strong person this mayank and the rest of the family knows. Gungan is strongest, boldest and smartest person in the house she asked mayank to promise to let her know everything pertaining to charu YET mayank would believe that gunjan would leave him if she found out the truth.

    Please write better shows for the people. we are not kids we demand more realistic script and direction.

  5. This show story line has died a horrible death.. please end the show instead of the stupid story line. It is not realistic… The shows should be insipiring and project good human values –

  6. Writers are stupid.

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