Pavitra Rishta 27th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 27th August 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 27th August 2013 Written Update

Arvi are sitting in the hospital hallway talking about business as Arjun has brought over files etc from work for them to look over. Archu comes there and says what are you guys doing here with work? Arjun gets up and tells Archu to sti down. Purvi tells her that she wants to stay here tonight with Archu because she wants to support her and meanwhile she’ll also get office work done. Archu asks who will take care of Pari. Arjun says he will and then Arjun leaves.

A little later that night, Purvi is working on her laptop and Archu comes over with coffee and Purvi is shocked saying Archu you haven’t slept yet? Archu said how could she, when her daughter is up working? Archu and Purvi discuss their purvi’s childhood. Purvi tells Archu to rest again but Archu said she can’t

because she’s so upset with the Manav sitution. She says she’s never seen Manav like this. She’s never seen him get so mad and violent. Purvi tells her that Archu you told me, we must support our spouse in every good and bad times and must fix everything with our love. Archu agrees and says, as long as she believes in their love and relationship, no one can separate them and that everything will be okay.

Arjun is in his bedroom at room taking care of Pari. She’s crying and he’s trying to calm her. he lays Pari down on the bed and then turns on a video on the TV. It’s Purvi holding pari and singing her lulluby. Arjun sits Pari in his lap and points to the TV for Pari to watch. Pari gets quiet and watches. The lulluby ends and Arjun is heard saying in the video to Purvi that pari fell asleep? Arjun says right when she gets to your arms, she falls asleep. Purvi says yes in the video and says you need practice for this. Arjun says he will play this video everytime Pari can’t fall asleep. The video ends and Arjun looks at Pari and tells her, your mother is right. You need practice but more than that you need your aai. I can’t take care of you like a mother can.

Then Arjun’s phone rings. It’s a client of Arjun who tells him they want to arrange a meeting in Goa for a bussiness proposal. He apologizes for the short-notice and calling so late. Arjun agrees and says he’ll be out there by the morning flight.

Archu is in the hospital talking to Purvi on the phone when a nurse approaches Archu to tell her to get some medicines from outside. Purvi overhears this and says who will get the medicine aai as Soham is also outside? Archu says she’s not sure because she can’t leave Manav. Purvi says she will come there and get the medicines. At first Archu says no but then she agrees.

Saccu is walking outside talking to a client about a case when suddenly Mittal appears and begins to taunt Sacchu for his confidence in winning the case he was talking about on the phone with the client. Sacchu doesn’t reply to him and Mittal says I’m your relative, at least respond to me. Sacchu says he knows he is but he’s also ruined the life of his sister Purvi. Mittal says people who live in the past ruin their today. Mittal says he’s here to talk about his future. Sacchu says WHAT RUBBISH! Mittal tells him he needs a good lawyer and he wants Sacchu to be his lawyer. Sacchu disagrees and says he ruined his family, he would never be his lawyer. Mittal says we should put our family differences aside and just be professional but if he wants to act that way, he’ll find someone else. He says he just came to him because the money is good and he’s a good lawyer. Sacchu says, what you think for a few lakhs, I’ll do this case for you? Never. Mittal tells him, well all the money you have, the cars, they’re all Manav Deshmukh’s. Sacchu stops him and tells him don’t say his Baba’s name with his dirty mouth. Mittal says Baba? He’s not your Baba. You’re not Soham Deshmukhe. Legally, you have no existance in his life. Your parents never married and in short you’re a illegitimate child. Sacchu gets angry and tells him BAS! He says whatever I am, however I am, I’m a part of the family and don’t try to interfere in my family’s affairs. Mittal says why are you so upset with me? People say this about you, not me. Mittal taunts him more and says he just came here to offer him a job and if he takes this job, he won’t regret it. He tells him to think about it.

Gauri comes into Sandeep’s hospital room. Sandeep gets happy to see her. She informs him that he’ll be discharged and she’s prepared all the necessary paperwork. He flirts with her by praising her work etc. She ignores him and asks the nurse if everything is ready for Sandeep. She says yes and she just needs Gauri’s signature. While she signs, Sandeep purposely falls off the bed and hurts himself. Gauri runs to tend to him as he starts bleeding from one of his dressings. He grabs her hand and begins to rub her hand inapporiately. Gauri pulls back and tries to act professional and tells him another doctor will take care of the dressing and they’ll cancel his discharge. Sandeep begins to beg for the cancellation of the discharge. He flirts with her more, and Gauri just leaves from there.

Arjun is in a business meeting with clients and Purvi is in the hospital and is calling Arjun’s secretary asking about Arjun and she says she is unable to reach him. She hangs up and Onir comes there and they greet one another and Onir says he got new cases in this hospital. She tells him that it’s great. Onir says it’ll because of you that I got my license back and I’m able to work again/ Purvi says I want to tell you one thing, I think you’re a great human being and now you should find a nice girl and settle down. Onir refuses and says he’s married to his work and that’s it. He laughs and Purvi smiles and then they go their separate ways.

Arjun calls one of his clients who is very upset because this client was supposed to be given a presentation by Arjun’s company for a bussiness deal. Arjun apologizes and thinks his co-workers was supposed to be there but the client says he doesn’t want to work with them anymore and that this is unprofessional.

Manav decides to go for a walk in the hallway of the hospital. Gauri is in Sandeep’s room and Sandeep is flirting with her again. Gauri is doing some work and Sandeep gets up and wraps his arms around Gauri from the back and holds her. Gauri gets upset and is telling him to leave her. Just then a nurse walks in but she’s quiet and Manav is walking by the room and sees Gauri struggling in Sandeep’s arms. Manav comes in and pushes Sandeep off of Gauri and begins to choke Sandeep. Gauri tells him to leave him.Some gaurds come in and separte Manav from Sandeep. gauri explains Manav is not well mentally and one of Sandeep’s people say then get him out of here. Gauri takes Manav into his room where Archu and Soham are. Manav is screaming he’s a dissgusting man, a low life! Archu is trying to calm him down. Manav screams that Sandeep misbehaved with Gauri. Soham is shocked to hear this and leaves the room in anger. Archu is trying to calm Manav and tells him to think of happy moments. He calms down and begins to tell Archu of the first moment he saw this girl in the rain. He’s talking about the first time he ever saw Archu. He’s calm now and smiling and so is Archu.

Precap: Gauri is telling Soham that I didn’t tell you about this on purpose because I don’t want the Vishnu Lala in you to come alive again. Archu is listening to their convo from the side. Soham is frustrated she didn’t tell him and says Vishnu Lala is dead and will never come back in anger. Archu smiles when she hears this.


Update Credit to: Soniiyaa

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