Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 27th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 27th August 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 27th August 2013 Written Update

Vasu makes Bala read the letter. Bala reads out a letter addressed to Naina , which says that “I, Vasu Rajwardhan want to make one thing clear that I want to keep no relation with a woman like Aai. She stole my father from my mother. After his death she wants me to run the gang or transfer all my property in her name. I will die before I transfer anything to her. I don’t want to keep any relation with Aai. Your brother Vasu Rajwardhan”

Vasu and Bala are stunned. Vasu asks if it is his name on the letter. Bala confirms it. Vasu asks Megha where she got the letter from. Vasu asks Bala how he could have written it when he doesn’t know Marathi. Vasu gives the letter back to Bala and is really worried. Vasu walks away.


tells real Vasu’s picture that she doesn’t need him anymore as she has made a Vasu for himself. She throws the picture.

Vasu goes out shouting out for Aai. Vasu asks Megha to speak up if she is playing a game else he would not leave her. Uncle comes there and Vasu asks him where Aai has gone. Uncle says he doesn’t know. Uncle starts shouting at Megha. Vasu twists Uncle’s hand and asks him who Naina Bhonsle is. Vasu reminds him that he doesn’t remember anything from two years back and he wonders why no one tells him what happened. Uncle says only Aai knows about it. Uncle says all he knows is that Aai got him from Manor a few years back. Vasu tells Bala that they should go to Naina’s house.

Aai is car thinking that she kept all of MB’s stuff in case she had to prove that he is not Vasu. Aai says now it is important for her to prove that he(Vasu) is Vasu. Uncle calls up Aai and tells her what transpired. Aai is worried.

Megha, Vasu and Bala arrive at Naina’s house and start looking around. Megha finds a file which has a bunch of papers. Megha calls out to Mohan and asks him to come and see what it is. Bala and Vasu are stunned. Megha realizes her folly. Vasu asks her what she said. Megha shows him some property papers which have Vasu’s name on it.

Aai arrives in a car to pick up Uncle. Uncle questions Aai on Vasu and Naina. Aai asks Uncle to shut up else he would meet the same fate as Sridhar. Aai asks the driver to take the car to Naina’s house.

Megha & Vasu realize that the papers are in Marathi. Bala reads and tells Vasu that it is property papers. Bala says the papers state that his father Mr. Rajwardhan has bequeathed his entire property to him. Vasu says what is wrong in that. Vasu asks for a pen and tries to write. Megha says the writing doesn’t match. Vasu is frustrated and says the papers are about my property. Mega says it is not his name but Vasu’s name.

Aai arrives at Naina’s house along with Uncle.

Bala asks Megha what she means. Megha says he is not Vasu. Bala and Vasu are shocked. Bala warns Megha not to make such big statements. Megha says how big statement is no one would know more than me. Vasu tells Megha that he swears if anything turns out to be truth then he would murder her. Bala wonders why Megha would lie and what she would get. Megha thinks that she might get her life back.

Aai and Uncle walk inside the house.

Megha says whether or not Vasu is Vasu can only be resolved when they reach Naina and he husband. Megha says they can get information from only one place which is Manor where Aai got him from. Megha says they shouldn’t delay any further.

Aai and Uncle come inside the house to find it empty.

Vasu , Bala and Megha walk to the car. Vasu asks Bala to go talk to Ruku. Megha tells Bala to take care of RJ as well.

Bala goes to meet Ruku who tells him not to repeat the same thing as she is now engaged to Vasu. Bala tells Ruku that she is not engaged to Vasu and that Vasu is not Vasu. Ruku asks him what nonsense he is talking.

Uncle and Aai keep looking around in the house. Uncle says there is no one around. Aai tells Uncle to go inform Ruku and her mother that the wedding would be in 2 days and asks him to go check if Megha is also there.

Megha in a temple with folded hands says “please”. Megha turns around and imagines Mohan in the jeep/car(Abhi mujh mein kahin playing in BG) Megha imagines Mohan asking her to come sit in the car. She breaks out of reverie when Vasu clicks his fingers to call out to her.

Precap: Aai arrives at Ruku’s house and asks RJ where Megha is. RJ tells Aai that Megha has gone to search for her mother Naina Bhonsle. Aai is shocked and says Naina Bhonsle. Uncle is shocked/surprised.


Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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